Monday, January 30, 2017

Eli - 4 years, 45 weeks; Ava - 3 years 30 weeks; Mae - 1 year, 5 weeks: Happy Thanksgiving!

We always spend Thanksgiving with Brian's family in Birmingham.  We usually go down the day before to help Granny Reba and Pawpaw John get the yard ready and food started and this year was no different.  We stayed all the way through until Sunday and enjoyed spending some time with family celebrating the holiday and watching the Iron Bowl. 

While the grown-ups clean up the millions of leaves from the yard, the kids get to play in the leaf piles! 

Cousins are for fun!

Some hands help prep the food

And there are usually enough people to keep babies entertained.

This is Granny Reba's happy place. 

Nothing in the fall says possibilities like a yard full of leaves.

On Thanksgiving Day we dressed back up in the same clothes we work for our photos a couple weeks earlier.  My hope was to get a great picture of the whole family to use for our Christmas Card.

 But it was too dark in the shad and too bright in the sun.  With the help of photoshop I ended up with this... not great but good enough as long as the photos of the kids take center stage.

And in the middle of everything we caught these too goofing off.

We watched the Iron Bowl at Aunt 'Lissa and Uncle Woo's house this year.  Mae enjoyed spending time with her two cousins Haddie and Finley.  Haddie and Finley wear bows lots.  Mae rarely wears a bow.  We put Haddie's bow on Mae for a few minutes and she made pretty quick work of it.

When we headed home on Sunday, everyone was tired but happy.  The kids napped most of the way home which made the drive easier on Mom and Dad.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Eli - 4 years, 44 weeks; Ava - 3 years 29 weeks; Mae - 1 year, 4 weeks

This week I got a last minute mini session with a photographer for fall photos.  Brian already had plans to go hunting so I thought I'd settle for some good pictures of the kids.  But my kids were moody and didn't want to be dressed up on Saturday morning so what I hoped would be our family photos for the year turned into a "Mommy and Me" session.  We hadn't used this photographer before but I knew her work and figured it was worth a shot.  When we left, I was certain that we had NOTHING! I couldn't get the kids to stop hanging on me, no one wanted to smile or play, and I was exhausted.  Even when I first got the pictures, I didn't think they were that great.  They were okay, but nothing terribly special.  Looking back as I finally get around to posting these, I think they are (for the most part) lovely.  It has taken me some time to appreciate the beauty of these photos.  They aren't perfectly posed but nothing about our family is perfectly posed right now.  We are messy, at times moody, and always in a state of total chaos.  And when I look at these pictures, I can see the love.  I wouldn't trade these for a dozen perfectly posed photos where we look like the generic family in the picture frame you buy at the dollar store. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Eli - 4 years, 43 weeks; Ava - 3 years 28 weeks; Mae - 1 year, 3 weeks

Goofy kiddos on the way to daycare.  Not all mornings are this happy but when they are we are grateful. 

Mae has decided that she must feed herself... This means that mealtimes are now even more messy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Eli - 4 years, 42 weeks; Ava - 3 years 27 weeks; Mae - 1 year, 2 weeks: The Pumpkin Patch and Halloween 2016

With Halloween right around the corner, it was time for our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  To add to the fun, we met up with some of our favorite cousins there.  Loads of fun and cuteness ensued. 

One of the kids' favorite things was the bouncey thing.  (I have no idea what this should be called.)  It doesn't matter what it's called, they loved it!


Then a couple days later we had Halloween. Eli wanted to be Spiderman, Ava wanted to be a Mommy with a baby, and Mae was a pumpkin because she's little and mommy still gets to pick! They had a party at daycare on the Friday before Halloween and then on Halloween night we went trick or treating.