Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ride the Bull!!!

Sunday Brian and I went with some of his family and one good friend whitewater rafting. It was INCREDIBLE!!! The weather was perfect and the water felt great. We had a blast and got plenty wet. Our guide, Jeffery, made the trip down the Ocoee completely amazing by helping us to surf the rapids and making sure we all got plenty wet along the way. He even managed to throw a couple of us from the boat more than once (only when it wasn't dangerous). It was possibly the most fun I've ever had and I can't wait to do it again! If you want to go rafting, I'm definately in!
One of the first rapids of the day. Brian and I each had our mouths wide open as the wall of water came at us. I know I ended up with a mouthful and was completely underwater on more than one occasion during our adventure.
Lacey "riding the bull" or sitting on the front of the raft and holding on for dear life. Eventually, Brian and I would each take a turn at this little trick as well though, sadly, there aren't pictures of our turns on the bull.
Lacey and I are taking a face full in this pic. I was amazed that the boats had holes in the floor to drain the water out so that they stayed afloat.
We all got very wet. I don't think there was a dry spot on me after about the first 2 minutes. Perfect on a hot July day.
Whitewater rafting is like being on a roller coaster with lots of water. Only hopefully, you don't go upside down.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So I'm Not Losing My Mind!!!

Yesterday I got some fabulous bad news.... I learned that my thyroid is still not functioning correctly. So here's how it all happened. In January and February, I felt horrible. I was tired all the time, I was extra emotional, I just knew that my thyroid meds needed to be increased. So I called the doctors office to set up an appointment to get things checked out. The nurse who answered the phone was completely rude and treated me like some psyco just wanting more meds. After 10 minutes of convincing, she agreed to do the lab work. Well the day after the blood test when I called to get the results I was shocked that the girl answering the phone didn't even have to put me on hold. She simply said hang on a sec, typed something, then said "Your levels are normal and they DO NOT want to increase your dosage." I'm a trusting person, so I believed the lady, but I was not at all appreciative of the tone she used and was suspicious that she had gotten the results so quickly. But I went on thinking that I was just overly stressed because of the schedule that Brian (my husband) and I had been keeping. He had been spending two weeks at a time working in Louisiana and I was trying to keep up with everything here (January to March is an especially crazy time of year for me) and only getting to see him once every couple of weeks. So I pressed on thinking this was all in my head, working out like crazy but still not losing any weight (in fact I had gained about 10 pounds since January). By May, my life had regained a little normalcy, but my mind had not. I was becoming a complete emotional basket case, I was still not loosing weight, and I was beginning to think that I was going crazy because, after all, my thyroid levels were normal right? So this was definately not medical... so I thought. Well after I put on another 10 lbs in 2 weeks at the first of May, I was done. I couldn't even take the dog to the vet without breaking down in tears. My family agreed that I had to go see a doctor and talk about whatever this was. I called my regular doctor (who has been my doctor since I was a kid) and was told that it would be August before I could get an appointment for that kind of thing. Well that wasn't going to be good enough so I went to my backup doc. She is actually a nurse practicioner which means she can do everything except surgury. I knew I had to see either my normal doctor or her because they've known me my whole life and would listen when I said that something was wrong. She did the full workup, listened to my heart, lungs, everything, and most importantly, listened to ME. Her statement was that it was possible it was my thyroid, but if it was just checked in March perhaps I was dealing with some sort of anxiety and needed something for that. I was hesitant, so she agreed to do a full thyroid panel screening first and then go farther if everything checked out normal. When the lab work came back, my thyroid suppresent hormone level was 19.4 when the normal range is 0.4 to 4.0. This was way out of the ballpark and meant that my thyroid was almost not functioning. Additionally, my iron levels were low.... Whew!!! I'm not losing my mind!!! Well since then, I've been taking the increased dosage of meds, but knew that things still weren't top notch like they should be. So Friday I had my scheduled appointment to recheck the bloodwork and see how the new dose was working. Again, I had this fear that it was going to be normal and I was going to be crazy because I still didn't feel right. Well it turns out I'M STILL NOT COMPLETELY CRAZY!!! My level had improved to 5.3, but was still too high. So now, I've been given even more meds which I hope will make me feel like a million bucks. So, since March when I was taking 50 micrograms and was told everything was normal (not that I believe that now), my dosage has needed to be increase to 88 micrograms. All this keeping in mind that they usually only like to increase the dosage by 12.5 micrograms at a time. Moral of the story, from here on out I'm demanding to know the number that I got, not just that everything is normal. Because I don't see any way, that in 2 months I could have gone from completely normal to non-functioning. So yay, that's my good news for today!!! I'm still not crazy even though a couple of stupid people at the doctors office tried to convince me that I was.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blog Nation

So today my good friends at work and I were talking and we had all started or were starting a blog in the last few weeks. I'm loving it!!! So thanks to Tiffany for being my first follower.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Very Own Blog

So, wow! I've finally gone and done it... started a blog. My hope in starting this is to give friends and family a little insight into what's going on with Brian and Myself as well as have somewhere to post pictures of our travels and provide news about what we're doing and where we're going.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

One day, about a year into our marriage, we decided to drive the old red truck to Home Depot to pick up some lumber for a project we were doing. It had been a while since we had driven the truck, so we weren't too surprised that we had to jump the truck off to get it started. Apparently, we needed a new alternator, because when we finished at Home Depot and came back out to go home, the truck wouldn't start again. Not really having a plan and unable to get in touch with any family to come rescue us, we lifted the hood and hoped that we would be able to flag someone down coming out of the store to give us a jump. It wasn't long at all before a nice older man driving a big truck stopped by before going into the store to see if we needed help. We thanked him and accepted his offer and within a few minutes Brian had the cables hooked up to our truck and the gentleman was beginning connecting the cables to his battery. Just as he was connecting the second cable, his truck hood slammed down and latched with his arms now caught way above the elbow. I was in shock! I couldn't move and I'm certain that my mouth was wide open. My only thought was that this guy's arms had to be broken in multiple places and that he had to be in excruciating pain. After what felt like an eternity (though I'm sure it was only a few seconds), the man told Brian to get a big pry bar out of his truck and pry up on the hood. The only other option would have been to push down on the hood hard enough to allow us to release the latch, and I'm sure that would have hurt very badly. Within a couple minutes (though it felt longer to me and I'm sure it felt longer to him) Brian had him free. The kind man took a couple of moments to compose himself and allowed Brian to finish the cable connection (holding the hood up) and start our truck. We pleaded with him to allow us to take him to the hospital for x-rays, but he assured us he was fine. After many more inquiries about his arms, we offered him some cash for his trouble, which he refused, we thanked him multiple times, and then we went to the parts store to buy a new alternator. I still cringe when I think about the poor guy's arms stuck tight under that hood. It just goes to show you... no good deed goes unpunished.