Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year

Well, we managed to survive Christmas (almost) complete with 5 separate celbrations (so far). Our celbrations included (my mom, Brian's mom, Brian's Dad, My paternal gradmother and extended family, and my mom's brother and his daughter. I think we just one more to fit in with my stepfather's oldest son and his four kiddos. Now we are looking forward to the new year and to a much more restful long weekend after the 3 day work week. Goodbye Christmas and hello New Years! We are already looking forward to a very busy first three months of 2010. I (Susan) have 2 business trips scheduled thus far, one the second week of January and one the second week of February. We will soon be beginning preparations for the annual Fabulous Fifties Show in March to raise money to aid cancer patients, a long standing tradition in my family and who knows what else will crop up in the mean time. May you and yours have a very Happy New Year and fabulous end to the holiday season!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Early Christmas Presents

Monday night, Dec 21st, we recieved some early Christmas gifts. One of the coon dogs, Daisy, had 10 puppies sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday evening. We found the first 7 puppies Monday night and then the last 3 were discovered last night as we were cleaning out the dog house where Daisy birthed them and moving the very large family into a larger kennel. This brings us to a grand total of 17, yes that number is seventeen, dogs. These little ones are very tiny and from the looks of it are fathered by the formerly stray dog, Duke, that has since taken up permanent residence in our yard. It looks like we'll be taking care of them until they are 6 weeks old then working to find each of the 10 a wonderful new home. Free puppies will be ready just in time for Valentines Day! If you know someone who wants a cute little puppy, be sure to let me know! I can provide a half dozen or so free of charge.

Our pretty little Daisy Bell when she was just a puppy. She was the fattest little doggie that I've ever seen. In this picture you could really see her Budha belly!

Now she's a mama dog. Pictures of the new pups later.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Last Merry Christmas

I wanted to offer everyone one last Merry Christmas before the holiday is upon us. I saw this video going around facebook and couldn't help but share it with you. So for the last time in 2009, War Eagle from us to you !

2009 Lights On Merrimac Ridge Animated Lights from Merrimac Ridge on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Christmas Season Update

So I know it's been a while since I last updated and I'm really sorry. We've been so busy during the months of November and December that I haven't had time for much anything that wasn't listed on my calendar. We had a great month of November filled with family celebrations of Thanksgiving and all the typical joys of fall including those last few beautiful indian summer days. We did a good bit of coon hunting and lots of running up and down the road to Birmingham to see Brian's family. Our niece, Kylie, had her first birthday party and was a cute as a bug eating her cake and we even managed to find a minute or two to enjoy each other's company. Thanksgiving, as every holiday, was especially busy for us. We alternate years celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving with Brian's family and my family. This is a result of having family spread out over the majority of two states... it makes it impossilbe to be everywhere for every holiday. So this year we spent Thanksgiving in Birmingham and will do Christmas with my family in Tennessee. The day before Thanksgiving we drove down to Brian's grandparent's house to rake all the leaves with the cousins before the family decended on the place for the holidays. Then we went back on Thursday for Thanksgiving, first with the Hamiltons, then with the Allreds. Once we had celebrated and eaten two lunches (ugh...I'm full just thinking about it!) we got in the car and drove back to Tennessee for supper with my family (yes big meal number 3). We were completely stuffed and so exhausted from all the traveling that we had just enough energy to go home and crash. On Friday we did manage (with the help of my 11 year old cousin) to get the house all decorated for Christmas and watch the Iron Bowl. Somehow the weekend disappeared in the blink of an eye with visits from Brian's brother, Wes, and Wes's girlfriend, Melissa, and we were back at work trying to make it to Chirstmas. Last Saturday we were blessed with a little snow and I awoke Brian at 6:30am Saturday morning saying, "Get up, get dressed, we are going to make Christmas pictures." He was kind and humored me and we ended up with a couple of really neat shots for our Christmas Cards (Don't you just love our new blog title?). So that pretty much brings us up to the present with Christmas 2 weeks away and us rushing around trying to find time to get everything done. So incase I don't update things again... Merry Christmas!