Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Return to Normal.

Today was a great day for us and a big step toward getting back to normal.  Brian returned to work and I worked 5 hours from home.  Then we made the drive up to Franklin to have the staples taken out of my head and we got to see the doctor a whole week earlier than expected to recieve the pathology on the thing they took out of my head. 

Dr. Sills (my neurosurgeon) said that they had the pathology back early and that we could talk today and cancel the scheduled appointment next week.  The pathology came back very favorable.  The doctor had some incrediby long medical term for what it was, but basically said that what they had taken out of my head was a benign cyst.  It was basically some extra brain cells that had replicated over and over and caused a little thing to develop.  He said that these were fairly common in young women and that he felt I had a better chance of being hit by a meteorite than ever seeing this thing again.  There should be absolutely no other treatment necessary for me but I will stay on the anti-seizure meds for a few months just to be safe.  I'll also have to stay on the anti-coagulants (blood thinners) for a few months just to be sure that the pulmonary embolism has disolved. 

Getting the staples out of my head might have just been the best of all.  It was like instant relief from a ponytail that was just too tight.  Then I got to come home and wash my own hair.  It has truly been a fantastic day.  So good in fact that we stopped a Chick-fil-a on the way home and bought a milkshake to celebrate. 

We really have been very lucky and blessed during this entire process.  Dr. Sills said today that I made it look easy.  I assured him that it was him and his team that had made the process so easy for me.  We can't thank everyone enough for all the messages, cards, thoughts, and prayers sent out during the surgery, recovery, and throughout the entire month that this process has been going on.  We have been exceptionally blessed to have been surrounded by such wonderful family and friends during this process and have been well taken care of by everyone we love. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Week's Big Progress

Thus far, the week has been HUGE for me.  Yesterday (Monday) I was told that I could wash my hair for the first time since surgery provided that I didn't just soak the incision with water.  Thanks to a great friend and hairdresser, I now have clean hair for the first time in 5 days and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels for it not to be matter to my head in blood and goop from the surgery.  When I got the word that I could wash it, my first call was to Denise (my hairdresser) who volunteered to take time out of her day off to wash my hair at her shop.  Brian was wonderful and helped her hold things out of the way and watch really carefully to be sure that we were being gentle on the incision and not getting too much water in or around the staples.  We used baby shampoo so that it would be extra gentle and afterward, my hair smelled wonderful (like a baby's bottom). 

Today I get to reduce the steroid dosage by half and Friday it drops by half again.  I'm hoping that means that this swelling will go down some in the next day or so and that I'll actually start sleeping through the night again soon instead of sleeping until 3:30 am and then lying awake trying not to move until 6am. 

Then next Monday I get to go have the staples taken out of my head.  The staples aren't as uncomfortable as you would really think and the incision doesn't hurt too bad.  It's kind of like having a ponytail that is too tight in.  Just a little uncomfortable.  I also miss being able to run a brush through my hair or scratch my head (both of which are big no-no's with these stupid staples in my scalp). 

Last night after a wonderful supper provided by some really nice friends who cooked for us, Joey (my mom) took me in to Fayetteville for a 50's show meeting.  The 50's show is an annual variety show that I've participated in for the last 12 years to raise money for cancer victims.  We sing, dance, play music, and entertain crowds of people to raise funds for an organization that provides financial support to local families who are undergoing cancer treatment. 

It was great to see all my friends from the show and even better to get out of the house for a few hours.  I have a feeling that I'm not going to take too well to spending all this time at home.  I believe that I may just go stir crazy if I don't get out and about some.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get some friends to come by and hang out with me for a while, or get whoever is babysitting me to take me out somewhere from time to time just to get out of the house. 

Overall, I'm feeling great this morning, no pain, no pressure, no problems.  Yesterday I managed to get out of the house and go for a walk, and I'm looking forward to doing that again today.  I may even convince Brian to let me work from home for a couple hours after while.  It would be really nice to feel like I have a purpose in life again.  Hope wherever you are you are having a great day too. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Surgery Update

So everything went really well yesterday. With the neurosurgeon running the show, the day went off like clockwork. I was on the table and had the filter placed at 7am (as scheduled). I was in the pre-op holding area by 8:15 or so, and on the operating table at 8:30. By 1:00 I was in a room in intensive care, awake, and answering questions. I wasn't feeling completely top notch at first, I had a little pain, a bad headache, and some severe nausea caused by some morphene. But after I got some food in me, I felt about a million times better. As we learned on Thursday, I don't do well when I miss meals.

The neurosurgeon said that they took the entire mass and that things simply couldn't have gone better. Personally, I couldn't be more relieved for the entire process to be finished. Right this second I'm sitting up in a chair in the ICU room and am hooked up to a machine that monitors just about everything and checks my blood pressure every hour. I'm told that this afternoon I'll be asked to walk around the floor and moved to a step-down room where I won't have to be hooked up to quite so much equipment all the time. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that. I've told the nurses that if I had a pair of wire cutters they would be in trouble and I would be free.

I'm really looking forward to getting unhooked, cleaned up a little, and back in my own clothes. I'm a little dissapointed that I've been told that I can't wash my hair until Monday, but I'll cope. I did manage to get some of the goo at the ends of my hair brushed out and I washed my face and brushed my teeth. So I feel pretty good overall. I'm really looking forward to feeling even better as the day goes on and hopefully getting some real good food tonight.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PE Exam Update

After 9 months of studying, I'm finished (for now).  On Friday I sat for my PE exam.  Overall it went reasonably well and I was able to learn alot about the exam and perhaps gained some strategies in the event that I have to take it again.  I think I managed to get about 75% of the morning correct and perhaps around 55% on the afternoon.  That averages me out to around 65% total on the exam which I figure is just about boarderline.  If I'm right and a little lucky, I'll pass.  If I'm wrong and a little unlucky, I'll take it again.  Either way, it's nice to be able to go home from work and not feel like I need to be studying myself into oblivion every night. 

Brian and I actually managed to watch a movie one night this week and I've been trying to get back into the routine of cooking some actual good-for-us supper rather than just throwing something together as quickly as possible so that I have time for studying.  I'm having a little difficulty adjusting to this new, old routine since I've now become accustomed to filling every minute of every day.  I just can't seem to find anything on television that is worth watching and it's getting dark so much earlier now (and about to get worse) that taking the doggies out to play is almost impossible after work.  Hopefully, I'll find some new and exciting hobby to keep me occupied.  I have a reward in mind for myself should I pass that would involve getting back to my scrapbooking (which is terribly neglected) but I refuse to make this purchase until I know that I've passed my exam. 

This Friday is the big surgery so say those extra few prayers that everything goes to plan.  Brian and I are both very ready to have the entire thing over and done so that we can begin to work our way back to normal.  We feel like we've been in a holding pattern for a month now, so making any progress along the road to recovery will be a great relief to both of us.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2010 Season Tix


Can I just say how much Brian and I have enjoyed our season tickets to Auburn football this year???

Brian and I in the stadium prior to the victory over LSU!   (Note my chipmonk cheeks - thanks pre-op steroids!)

Jorden Hare Stadium's Main Entrance
(for players and coaches).  This is where
the fun begins.

We have had an absolute blast getting to see our Tigers win and just getting to spend so much time in the loveliest village on the plains.  This year was our first to purchase season tickets and we have definately gotten our money's worth.  We have been in those seats for every second of play in Auburn thus far except for the Louisiana-Monroe game (and even we have to rest occasionally).  Auburn has put on quite a show for us this year and it has been an absolute blast thus far.  We've been on our feet yelling and screaming until the very end. 
So in honor of our last in-stadium viewing experiance for the season, I'm sharing a few of the pictures I've taken this year.  Not that I've taken many... I get too distracted by the game to remember to take pictures!

Head Coach - Gene Chizik at TigerWalk.  I love how excited he is! 
(Yes the picture is out of focus, but, hey, it was a picture of Chizik!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Quick Note

So, incase you didn't know, Brian and I have had a crazy couple of weeks as I've experianced some bad luck in the health department.  On September 29th, I had two seizures during the night, was taken to the hospital, and admitted for a luxurious 2 night stay at the Lincoln Medical Center in Fayetteville and then 4 more wonderful nights in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. 

To make a long story short, the doctors found a 2 centimeter diameter mass in my brain which is suspected to be a cyst (no tumor, no cancer, just a cyst).  At some point, the docs also found a blood clot on my lung (which helped to extend my stay in hotel Vanderbilt).  Basically, we don't know what caused either of these issues and I've been exceptionally lucky not to have shown the first symptom of either other than the initial 2 seizures. 

We have neurosurgery scheduled for November 5th to have the mass in my brain removed.  The doctors expect it to be a completely routine operation and for me to recover very quickly (back at work within a couple of weeks).  The hardest part for the moment is the waiting.  Fortunately, we are both back at work and trying hard to resume some semblance of a normal life for the next 3 weeks. 

Brian and I have been completely humbled throughout this experience by the outpouring of love, thoughts and prayer that we have recieved and are exceptionally greatful for the continued support of our friends family and community.  Please keep us in your prayers as we work our way through this ordeal.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

War Eagle!!!

   Football season is finally upon us! I can't begin to tell you how excited all of us in the Hamilton house are about that. As most of you know, Brian and I are both Auburn Alumni and love to watch Auburn football. This year instead of taking our anniversary trip and exchanging gifts, we decided to buy season tickets for football season. So this weekend, we finally began enjoying our anniversary gifts as we went to Auburn for the first game of the season against Arkansas State. We had an absolute blast! We did some light tailgating, some heavy shopping, and really enjoyed watching the game from the seats we'll be sitting in all season.

I love shopping in downtown Auburn. I can always find just the thing I've been looking for. In fact, I finally found a piece of art to hang over our bed. I've been looking for 3 years and I finally found it right there near Toomers Corner at Auburn Art. Check out the webpage, Tiger fans! I think this is just perfect. It is a beautiful old picture of Toomers Corner and the famous Toomer Oak Tree where Auburn fans celebrate a victory. Auburn is where Brian and I met so it's really nice to have a little piece of Auburn watching over us day by day.

So after we spent all our money at Auburn Art and then the few pennies that were left at Anders Bookstore, we headed to the game to find our seats. We sit in the North endzone 3 rows from the top. If they are ever showing the small scoreboard on TV be sure to look for us. We're pretty much right under the bottom right corner of it and on the aisle. We are really quite pleased with these seats. We have a great view of everything and can really see how the plays are developing. It can get a little tricky to tell whether or not we got the first down, but when it's scoring time, we are in the place to be.

Saturday's game didn't end until around 9:30pm so by the time we made it back to Calera around midnight, we were pretty whipped. We happily went to bed with the sweet taste of victory still fresh on our breath. This week we play away against Mississippi State on Thursday night. Then next week we'll put on our blue shirts and head to Auburn for another late night when they play Clemson. Have a great week and War Eagle!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our 3rd Anniversary

Three years ago today Brian and I married. Looking back on the last three years I wouldn't change a thing. It's been a fun wild ride so far and I can't wait to see what the next 50+ years brings.  Part of me can't believe how fast 3 years has passed and another part of me feels like we've been together forever.  So in honor of our 3 year anniversary I have a special message for Brian. 
I Love You, Sweet! And I couldn't be prouder to be your wife.  I love the little house and 6 acres that we live on with the 7 cars that are currently sitting around.  I love our doggies (Spanky and Rocky especially).  I love that we are supremely odd and have anywhere from 2 to 15 additional dogs in our yard.  I don't love but will tolerate the cat only because he lives outside and kills mice and truly believes in his heart that he too is a dog.  I love that we drive together in one of our 7 cars to work everyday because it save money for more dog food and gives us an extra 2 hours a day together.  I love working in the same building with you because I know that when I have a rough morning I can come and tell you all about it and somehow feel better.  And most of all I love you for all the love and support you give me in spite of my craziness, hectic schedule, and hair-brained schemes.  Happy 3rd Anniversary, Sweet. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Proverbs 12-10

"A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal."
- Proverbs 12:10

Around 10:30 pm Sunday July 4th I saw this verse on the wall at the vetrenarian as we were preparing to leave following an emergency visit for Rocky.  Given the fact that we are not regular customers at this particular vetrenary office and that it was after 9pm on the 4th of July when we called about our "Baby Rocky Dog" I thought it was an especially appropriate choice to hang on the wall of the only emergency vet within 30 miles of our house. 

After spending the whole day Sunday working in the yard, I came in just after 9 pm and prepared to shower and go to bed.  Our 2 year old Golden Retriver, Rocky, and I have a special routine for when I prepare to take a shower.  I turn on the bathtub faucet and let it run for a minute to get the water to the right temperature.  Then Rocky comes running and drinks the water as it splashes off my hand.  It's weird, but it's our thing.  But Sunday night, he did not come running.  He came kind of stumbling into the bathroom while he tried to paw at his face.  But when I got him to stop, I realized that something was terribly wrong.  His face was swolen so badly that his eyes were barely open and his nose was 2-3 times it's normal size.  His lips were so swolen that I couldn't even lift them up to see if there was something in his mouth hurting him. 

After a couple of moments of panic over what to do, Brian came in and we started making phone calls.  First to our parents to see if anyone had any suggestions (I guess we're still not too old to run to the folks for help), then we grabbed the yellowpages and started dialing every vet listed.  We left a message with the only emergency vet listed and within 5 minutes were called back.  As we sat in the floor cuddling Rocky, trying to assure him that he was going to be okay, we talked to the vet who suggested that we give him a couple of Benedryl and then bring him in for an emergency visit.  So at 9:30 pm we loaded up the doggies and headed to the vet (bringing Spanky along just in case and to keep Rocky company). 

The lady we met was Dr. Holly Andrews at Fayetteville Animal Clinic.  She was very kind and gentle with Rocky and got him patched up quick and easy.  Our best guess is that he got stung by a bee, wasp, or spider while he was playing outside Sunday night, but we really can't know.  After a second massive dose of anti-histamine and a steroid (both shots), we were packed up and headed home.  By the time we got home, Rocky was looking much better though still very swolen. 

We kept him on small doses of Benedryl every 12 hours yesterday and by this morning, he appears to be back to his old self.  We are so very grateful that he made it through his ordeal unscathed and only a little worse for the wear.  Hopefully, he learned that whatever he thought looked fun to eat or play with is not something to be messed with.  Here's hoping that we never have to make another emergency trip to the vet, but if we do we are very grateful to know that there are kind people who live by the writing on their wall. 

Thanks again Dr. Andrews! You may just have some new regular customers on your hands.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's All Worth It!

This morning on the way out the door I tried to get a couple of quick shots of my newly completed flower beds, but the humidity was so high that my camera lense kept fogging up.  So here's what I have anyway. 

The front looks really nice but still needs some more mulch.  (Almost nothing here got moved)

After a gruling weekend of labor and another late night on Tuesday, I can finally say that I'm completely finished with about half of the flowerbeds.  For the other half, I'm only one more truck load of mulch away.  Which will just have to wait until we get back from vacation.  I'm sure that once I'm finished all the hard work will be worth it.  (Maybe by next year anyway) 

Unfortunately, I think it will be next summer before things are looking really good again.  I'm afraid that I've come close to killing some things since I had to dig them up to move and then leave them sitting in the super hot sun (sometimes for 36 hours).  Plus, for things like my hostas, I went ahead and took the opportunity to divide them up and thin them down.  Things that spread can get really out of hand without being cut back every few years. 

I'm hoping that with watering almost daily I'll be able to save everything.  Then in late october, I'll cut everthing way back and let it start all over next spring.  That's easy to say now, but it probably won't get done.  In any event.  Here are the newly re-designed and re-controlled flower beds.  

The hostas (small plants on the front) look kinda thin but will grow back.
 My poor iris (to the right of the downspout) got left in the sun for two whole days before I could get them back in the ground.  They are going to need some healing time.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beat Down but Victorious

Well we've had another long hard weekend of yardwork at our house.  We are sore, tired, and definately ready for our vacation (just 5 days away).  Brian had his summer camp for Air Guard last week and this week (Tues-Friday) so I've been working long days then going home to work long nights in the flower beds to try to finish up.  Yesterday around lunchtime I finally finished (less the clearning up and spreading new mulch).  All of my flowerbeds are now smooth and sloped to drain away from the house properly.  My sprinklers are actually above ground! And (I hope) things are planted so that all I need to do is a little weeding along the way (no more plants growing over sprinklers).  I don't guess that I need to tell you how sore my back is from all the digging or how my feet and legs ache from squating, crawling, stooping, etc.  But the pain I'm in today will be way worth it tonight when I get home, turn on the sprinklers, and go inside. 

While I worked to finish up the flowerbeds, Brian rebuild a rearend on the truck.  Every weekend gets us another day closer to finished with the Truck project and (hopefully) another day closer to removing the old junkers (I mean part trucks) from our yard. 

Now I must accomplish some work for my paying job so that I can head home this afternoon and get started on cleaning the house.  I can't stand the thought of going on vacation and having to come home to a dirty house.  Hopefully, Brian is making a little progress at home today while I'm working.  Victory in the Gardening War, now on to the War For Clean Homes.  

Monday, June 7, 2010

Post Weekend Update!

No progress this weekend on the flower beds thanks to this guy (well, one of his distance cousins at least).  After a very fun day Friday playing softball with the coworkers, and getting paid to do it!!! We stopped by Sams Club to get our new memberships (Thanks, Mom!) and do some shopping for things we buy super frequently.  We saved $10 on dog food alone!!!! We also bought lots of diced tomatoes and green beans (other staples at our house). 

We got up Saturday morning and were going to take our latest doggie addition, Jethro, to the vet.  Unfortunately, our truck still needed some mechanical work so we had to try it in my Jeep.  The instant Jethro go in the car he started freakin' out.  So we aborted our vet mission and will try again next weekend in the truck.  Once we returned from the parts store we changed clothes and got ready to head outside.  Brian was going to finish up what he could on the truck and I was going to tackle some more of my flower beds.  I had my shoes in my hand and was walking through the garage (sock footed) to sit down outside and get my old ratty tennis shoes on.  I was almost outside when suddenly my foot exploded in pain.  In the midst of saying a few choice words I looked down to see a huge bee fly off very much wounded. I had stepped on this huge been nearly barefoot and was now pretty much out of commission for the rest of the weekend. After an hour of an ice pack and rest I tried to "man-up" and get back to work.  I managed to get the front yard cut and took the time to blow all the grass out into the road on one side and into the hay field on the others.  Take that neighbors!!!! I then hobbled around in the yard trying to help Brian work on his Jeep for a while before I was in severe pain and went inside to elevate my poor foot. After a while, Brian and I rode to my parents house so that he could do a couple of things around the house for them (because I sure wasn't going to be any help).  And my wonderful mother even fed us supper.  By the time we had finished supper my foot was swelling profusely and the Benedryl I had taken before supper combined with my glass of wine was making me super sleepy.  So Brian took me home and put me to bed with my foot elevated.  Fortunately, by Sunday I could stand to walk again, though there is still some minor discomfort.  I hope whereever that stupid bee is who thought he belonged on my driveway he is hurting at least as bad as I did.  I've also resolved that it doesn't matter how dirty my shoes are I would rather put them on in the laudry room and risk tracking in a little dirt than to risk stepping on another bee.  One of my favorite things used to be walking barefoot in the grass.  I may now be permanently traumatized and unable to take the risk.  Here's hoping I can recover.  Happy and Safe Walking!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Redneck Sprinklers

So what are my redneck sprinklers???? Well basically it's the entire sprinkler system without the automated parts.  The most expensive parts of a sprinkler system are the labor (for paying someone who knows what they are doing to come set things up) and the timers and pumps (that make the sprinklers automatic and tie into your main water line).  The timers and pumps are also the most difficult part of the installation.  Plus you have to find a way to tie everything to the same point in the yard which means a lot more pipe than just in your flower beds. 

Fortunately, I am semi-proficient at laying and connecting PVC pipe (it's really easy).  And I found this awesome tutorial that helped me determine how many sprinkler heads I could put on one run of pipe.  So I went to the Home Depot, bought a pressure guage ($6), hooked it up to my water spigot, and Boom! I know what pressure I have available for going into the system.  Then I went to and picked out this sprinkler head and the accompanying 10 ft nozzle (total of $3.50 per sprinkler head).  In the online specifications I was able to find all the information I needed for the sprinkler design tutorial.  Then it was a simple process of measuring my flowerbeds and going step by step through the tutorial to do my design.  Once I had my design, I could order my sprinkler heads then pick up all the rest of my pipe and fittings at the local Home Depot.  We also rented a trencher to make installing the pipe so much easier on our backs.  So basically, one we put our pipe and sprinkler heads in the ground, I ran the end of the pipe to the surface near our hose spigot and stubbed it out so that I could attach my regular garden hose to it.  So basically, when I want to run my sprinklers, I go out and hook up a short garden hose to my spigot and sprinkler head.  The sprinklers run and I walk away to do something else!  Plus, you can feed everything through the system using the old-school miracle grow feeder system and another short hose. 

I'll admit that I'm just dying to automate this further with one of these.  Ahhhhhhh someday! Got more questions? Leave me a comment.

Happy Be-lated Memorial Day

Hello All!

I hope everyone had as great a Memorial Day as we did.  We had a very productive day ourside and are now completely sunburned, exhausted, and sore.  Brian made some incredible progress on our truck project this weekend and I can now officially say that it is moving again under it's own power.  Whoooot! That's not to say that we are finished by any stretch of the imagination.  We have reached the point in the project where there seem to be a million loose ends to tie up, but those will soon be done too.  At least we can take our trash to the dump again without borrowing a car (by the way, thanks Joey and Rickey for loaning us a truck from time to time).

While Brian worked on the truck yesterday, I continued (or barely got started on) my massive gardening project. Two summers ago, we added landscaping all the way around our house. Last summer, we rented a trencher and added redneck sprinklers (I'll explain in a sec).  Well by the time we finished with the sprinklers we were so exhausted that we just threw everything back in where it was, filled the holes pretty much full, and dumped mulch on everything.  This left my flower beds with hills and valleys, big ole' monkey grass plants right on top of my sprinklers, ugh! Everything was just a mess underneath the new pretty mulch.  So this year, my project is to clean up the mess we left last year.  I started by removing all the mulch and landscaping fabric. Then I did the backbreaking labor of scraping/hoeing/digging/raking everything down to a nice neat level surface. And finally, I'm finishing off by moving things as needed so that my sprinklers work better, replacing some bushed that I didn't like, and laying new landscaping fabric and much.  So far I've finished the front of the house (half a couple of weeks ago then the othe half yesterday.  My goal is to get one more side done every weekend, which leaves me with 3 more hard days of work.  As sore as I am, seeing the results make it all worth it.  Plus I get the benefit of knowing that it will, at last, be finished a semi-maintenance free.

Hope your weekend was as productive as ours.  See the next post for my redneck sprinkler plan. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Toys, Toys, Toys!!!

I just wanted to share my excitement over the new toy that came in the mail last week.  My NEW LAPTOP!!!  This is a major upgrade from the one I've had since college and comes complete with Windows 7.  I'm slowly beginning to tinker with it enough to learn the settings and how to use it.  Thus far it hasn't left the house because my laptop sleeve hasn't yet arrived.  Of course, I'll still be blogging from work because we live in the boonies and don't have internet.  We're hoping to make the leap into the 21st century sometime in the near future though.  I've been stalling on the purchase of satalite internet for almost 3 years now and I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to put Brian off! If we do get internet in our home anytime soon, you can bet that I'll be blogging somewhat more frequently and getting more and more into the blog design thing.  It's just so dang interesting.   For now though, I'll be sticking to blogging during my lunch break or during an occasional 5 minutes of down time between meetings.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Where Did April Go?!

Hello Again!! It's been a month since my last post and things have been busy at the Hamilton house. We've been enjoyig the Spring and trying to keep up with all the chores associated with this time of year. After a very wet winter, our yard has been growing like crazy. We have clay soil and I suspect that it is holding quite a bit of water that our grass/hay has been loving during all this warm weather. On the 10th our cousin, Nici, married her high school sweetheart. So we enjoyed those wedding festivities and even did some decorating for the reception.

Last weekend (the 17th) was my birthday and we spent the day working. But not your regular working. We went to Nashville to see a radio tower be demolished. So we got to see something really cool and earned 10 hours of extra vacation time. I had a fantastic birthday overall. Brian got me 3 crystal glasses to match the rest of the stemware we got as wedding gifts. He was so sweet and ran to Belk on his lunch break Friday to be sure he had something to give me when he picked me up. And today I got to order my real present... a new laptop!!!

I'm so excited I can't stand myself. I've had my current laptop for 4 years, but it was a piece of junk warrenty replacement for the one I bought when I started college. Brian is excited because he is inheriting the piece of junk and hopes that with some cleaning out and defragging he can keep it going a while longer.

This weekend, we are going to be at home all weekend and are really looking forward to getting some more things done around the house and doing some serious sleeping in for a change.

We're also hoping that we get a few more parts we ordered in today's mail so we can do a few more things on our big truck project. With a little luck we hope to be up and running again soon. Wish us luck! Happy weekend everybody.

Here are a few pictures of the decorations I did for Nici and Clint's wedding. The galvanized flower buckets are my absolute favorite!!! We did the arrangements and then hung them with ribbon on shepard hooks along the walkway in. It was to die for cute!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yay for Spring!

We seem to have survived the winter! I hate winter with all the yucky cold weather, no leaves on the trees, being cooped up in the house all the time, and having very little sunshine.  So, no one is ever happier than I am when spring finally arrives!

In Lincoln County (where we live) spring is always signaled by two things.  The first few days of beautiful warm weather (of course) and the Fabulous Fifties Show.  The Fabulous Fifties Show is the primary reason for the long delay between postings here.  What is the "Fifties Show" you ask???? Well, the best way to describe it is a musical variety show.  We gather together Lincoln County's finest talent and have them sing, dance, act, and do what they do all to benefit the Multi-County Cancer Support Network (MCCSN).  MCCSN provides support to local families whose lives are currently being touched by cancer.  MCCSN provides financial aid, emotional support, and anything else that is needed to the families of those undergoing cancer treatment.  It is a fantastic organization that helps many people right here in our local community.  Each year we manage to raise several thousand dollars for MCCSN all while doing things that we enjoy. 

I've been involved with the "Fifties Show" for 12 years now, and couldn't be prouder of how far it's come or what we've accomplished.  We plan for the show year-round, start rehersals in January, and then run the show for a week in March.  It is a very long, tiring, wonderful process.  For me, spring just couldn't come without the "Fifties Show". 

During the midst of the busy January to March season, we have indeed had our first few days of warm weather and I am planning on cutting the grass for the first time this weekend.  I'm beginning to get very excited about doing my spring yard work and making everything around the house look nice and neat and clean again.  I bought some new hedge trimmers the other day and am really hoping that I can get out and get everything trimmed back one good time before things warm up too much.  We are still finishing up our truck project.  Unfortunately, all the snow and ice we had this winter slowed us down a good bit.  But we are getting close and are really looking forward to finishing that up.  That's all for now.  Enjoy the 50's show pics and check back again soon.  I'll add more to the slideshow soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waiting for Spring

It has been almost 2 months since my last update and I have very news except to say that there is little to update. 

We have had an exceptionally active winter this year here in Southern Middle Tennnessee.  I heard the weather man say the other day that we haven't had any really nice weather since Thanksgiving.  It seems like it snows or ices once every couple of weeks and when it isn't snowing or freezing it is raining.  I think we can safely say that we have had enough of winter here at the Hamilton home. 

We did finally manage to get some gorgeous weather last weekend.  The temps were in the high 60s and the skies were clear for the first time in months.   I have to say it was so absolutely gorgeous that I spent most of the day Sunday outside enjoying the day with the dogs.  Unfortunately, Brian had drill and wasn't at home to enjoy the day with us.  But the doggies and I got so into the beautiful weather that we enjoyed it for Brian too.  Spankey, Rocky and I even spent about 15 minutes just laying in the soft warm grass, me rubbing their bellies and them enjoying a cat nap in the sun.  Life was good. 

The weather man is predicting clear skies, but cool temps for the upcoming weekend.  I'm sure we'll spend most of the weekend outside working on our big truck project as long as the rain holds off, but I feel pretty sure that it won't be as beautiful or perfect as last weekend.

When I have something interesting to update, I'll post again.  Not that anyone reads this anyway.  Looking forward to spring and hope you are too.