Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waiting for Spring

It has been almost 2 months since my last update and I have very news except to say that there is little to update. 

We have had an exceptionally active winter this year here in Southern Middle Tennnessee.  I heard the weather man say the other day that we haven't had any really nice weather since Thanksgiving.  It seems like it snows or ices once every couple of weeks and when it isn't snowing or freezing it is raining.  I think we can safely say that we have had enough of winter here at the Hamilton home. 

We did finally manage to get some gorgeous weather last weekend.  The temps were in the high 60s and the skies were clear for the first time in months.   I have to say it was so absolutely gorgeous that I spent most of the day Sunday outside enjoying the day with the dogs.  Unfortunately, Brian had drill and wasn't at home to enjoy the day with us.  But the doggies and I got so into the beautiful weather that we enjoyed it for Brian too.  Spankey, Rocky and I even spent about 15 minutes just laying in the soft warm grass, me rubbing their bellies and them enjoying a cat nap in the sun.  Life was good. 

The weather man is predicting clear skies, but cool temps for the upcoming weekend.  I'm sure we'll spend most of the weekend outside working on our big truck project as long as the rain holds off, but I feel pretty sure that it won't be as beautiful or perfect as last weekend.

When I have something interesting to update, I'll post again.  Not that anyone reads this anyway.  Looking forward to spring and hope you are too.