Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yay for Spring!

We seem to have survived the winter! I hate winter with all the yucky cold weather, no leaves on the trees, being cooped up in the house all the time, and having very little sunshine.  So, no one is ever happier than I am when spring finally arrives!

In Lincoln County (where we live) spring is always signaled by two things.  The first few days of beautiful warm weather (of course) and the Fabulous Fifties Show.  The Fabulous Fifties Show is the primary reason for the long delay between postings here.  What is the "Fifties Show" you ask???? Well, the best way to describe it is a musical variety show.  We gather together Lincoln County's finest talent and have them sing, dance, act, and do what they do all to benefit the Multi-County Cancer Support Network (MCCSN).  MCCSN provides support to local families whose lives are currently being touched by cancer.  MCCSN provides financial aid, emotional support, and anything else that is needed to the families of those undergoing cancer treatment.  It is a fantastic organization that helps many people right here in our local community.  Each year we manage to raise several thousand dollars for MCCSN all while doing things that we enjoy. 

I've been involved with the "Fifties Show" for 12 years now, and couldn't be prouder of how far it's come or what we've accomplished.  We plan for the show year-round, start rehersals in January, and then run the show for a week in March.  It is a very long, tiring, wonderful process.  For me, spring just couldn't come without the "Fifties Show". 

During the midst of the busy January to March season, we have indeed had our first few days of warm weather and I am planning on cutting the grass for the first time this weekend.  I'm beginning to get very excited about doing my spring yard work and making everything around the house look nice and neat and clean again.  I bought some new hedge trimmers the other day and am really hoping that I can get out and get everything trimmed back one good time before things warm up too much.  We are still finishing up our truck project.  Unfortunately, all the snow and ice we had this winter slowed us down a good bit.  But we are getting close and are really looking forward to finishing that up.  That's all for now.  Enjoy the 50's show pics and check back again soon.  I'll add more to the slideshow soon.