Wednesday, September 8, 2010

War Eagle!!!

   Football season is finally upon us! I can't begin to tell you how excited all of us in the Hamilton house are about that. As most of you know, Brian and I are both Auburn Alumni and love to watch Auburn football. This year instead of taking our anniversary trip and exchanging gifts, we decided to buy season tickets for football season. So this weekend, we finally began enjoying our anniversary gifts as we went to Auburn for the first game of the season against Arkansas State. We had an absolute blast! We did some light tailgating, some heavy shopping, and really enjoyed watching the game from the seats we'll be sitting in all season.

I love shopping in downtown Auburn. I can always find just the thing I've been looking for. In fact, I finally found a piece of art to hang over our bed. I've been looking for 3 years and I finally found it right there near Toomers Corner at Auburn Art. Check out the webpage, Tiger fans! I think this is just perfect. It is a beautiful old picture of Toomers Corner and the famous Toomer Oak Tree where Auburn fans celebrate a victory. Auburn is where Brian and I met so it's really nice to have a little piece of Auburn watching over us day by day.

So after we spent all our money at Auburn Art and then the few pennies that were left at Anders Bookstore, we headed to the game to find our seats. We sit in the North endzone 3 rows from the top. If they are ever showing the small scoreboard on TV be sure to look for us. We're pretty much right under the bottom right corner of it and on the aisle. We are really quite pleased with these seats. We have a great view of everything and can really see how the plays are developing. It can get a little tricky to tell whether or not we got the first down, but when it's scoring time, we are in the place to be.

Saturday's game didn't end until around 9:30pm so by the time we made it back to Calera around midnight, we were pretty whipped. We happily went to bed with the sweet taste of victory still fresh on our breath. This week we play away against Mississippi State on Thursday night. Then next week we'll put on our blue shirts and head to Auburn for another late night when they play Clemson. Have a great week and War Eagle!