Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling Old

I'm no computer expert, but somehow I seem to have become the local computer expert for family and friends.  I just spoke with a friend who needed to wirelessly connect a desktop computer to a WiFi connection where there weren't any available LAN (ethernet) drops.  I knew this could be done, but the last time I did this (in college 6 years ago), it involved removing the cover of the CPU and adding a big WiFi card to the machine.  I hopped online and did some research on Walmart.com thinking I would be sending a link to one of those cards that he could pick up in the store and WHOA! I see that there are now little USB WiFi adapters.  I was singularly amazed at the technology and appaled by how quickly I had become as outdated as the dinosaur computer I used in college.  Time marches on.

For future reference, this is the little diddy that has replaced my dinosaur methods.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Part II

On a side note that cannot yet be published (because of our big secret), I'm super nervous that I'm going to spill the beans this weekend.  Some of the family are coming up from Birmingham to see some property we are about to purchase and I believe we are going to have at least one overnight guest.  I must make a point to put away the baby books and hide the prenatal vitamins.  Then it's just left up to us to keep our mouths shut.  The good news is that I think we've decided to officially spill the beans over Father's Day weekend.  That means just 3 more weeks until we can spread the word.

It's been very difficult, especially on here.  I can hit the publish post button out of habbit and I've had to turn around and immediately delete a post I shouldn't have published more than once. 

Memorial Day Weekend!

The beginning of summer is upon us.  The weather is beautiful and warm and I, for one, can't wait to see what the summer brings.  I'm somewhat behind on my yard work and fear that as the days continue to get hotter I may be less and less motivated to go out and do any real work.  Nevertheless, I shall make my best effort to finish up some of the outside chores that need to be done this summer.  I still need to weed one flowerbed and need to do some mulching in all my gardens, we have a large garden that needs weeding, and I'm certain it won't be long before the grass is in need of another cut.  I have some rocking chairs that I need to finish sanding and painting as well.  But, for now, I'm going to simply try to enjoy the weekend, accomplish what I can, and ignore the rest.  May your holiday be peaceful and relaxing or as exciting as you want. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bursting at the Seams

I can't begin to tell you how hard it is to keep this pregnancy quiet.  This weekend, Brian and I went down to Birmingham and spent an evening at the comedy club with his whole family.  The seating was especially tight, and once we got in there, I was terrified that I was going to have to use the restroom every 30 minutes and ask everyone to move.  Fortunately, I was able to just occasionally sip my glass of water and keep it down to one time about 15 minutes before the show started.  It worked out well because a few of us decided to go all at the same time.  When it came time to order drinks, I was certain that I was going to be found out.  It is exceptionally typical for me to order an adult beverage with dinner, especially when there are quite a few other people ordering mixed drinks and beer.  Fortunately, I was able to order a glass of water without anyone noticing anything... or at least without saying anything.  Brian had the same thought and thinks it's going to be a real hoot to take me out with my parents and watch me squirm as my step-father tries to get me to have a margarita with him.  I may just be trying very hard to be so busy the next few weeks that we don't have time to go out for supper. 

At work, it's exceptionally difficult as well.  Given the recent nature of this discovery, there are quite a few doctors offices to speak with trying to coordinate prenatal care, my endocrinologist's office (thyroid is a big thing to watch when your pregnant), and the neurosurgeon (I had an MRI scheduled in August - cancelled now).  I find myself attempting to discretely duck into an empty office (with a door) everytime my cell rings.  Living in cube land would make it exceptionally easy for someone to overhear my conversation.  Then comes the issue of the fact that we are completely overworked at the office.  One coworker and I are currently funded for approximately 3 man-years.  We need a new employee to train and we've known this for a while.  Unfortunately, now I see that I am going to be out for 3 weeks or so in January (a busy month for us).  Basically, I need a new employee to start training now, so that they can be ready to be of some assistance by the time I need to take some time off. 

We are expecting Brian's family to come up for a visit this weekend and we'll probably end up seeing some of my family over the holiday as well.  Yikes! I feel like I'm walking through a mine field.  Only instead of blowing something up, we're going to blow the lid right off of this thing. Let's hope I can continue to tread gingerly.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is It True???

Shhhh.... I have a little secret.  This morning I took a home pregnancy test and it came up positive.  I had noticed about a week and a half ago that my boobs felt huge and hurt and that I was smelling everything, but I thought it was possibly just PMS.  After a couple more days I thought that certain events that were due to happen this month were running a little late so I took a home pregnancy test - negative.

I thought to myself, "Alright then, this is just some severe PMS and we'll get through it."  Well here we are more than a week later, I'm still smelling everything, and I still haven't seen any sign of my monthly visitor.  This morning when I got out of bed, my chest was really hurting, so I decided to try the "pee stick" again.  After 2 minutes there they were, two lines.... Ahhhhh!!! Now I'm a nervous wreck. 

Being the cheap-skate that I am, the pregnancy tests that I've been keeping stashed in the back of the cabinet were the Walmart brand.  Given all my other recent health issues and the fact that the birth control had to go when the blood clot came, I bought a box of home tests so that if I every suspected something, I could know as soon as possible.  So, this morning on the way to work Brian and I stopped in a Walgreens to pick up a name brand test.  Since we get to work fairly early, I was able to slip off to the restroom before things got too busy or too many people were around to re-test.  This time (with the name brand) was a little less clear than first thing in the morning with the walmart test, but we decided it was a positive result as well. 

Given all of that, I made an appointment to have a blood test with my primary care doc tomorrow.  We're not telling anyone anything yet, but it's possible that things could be about to become very interesting around here again.