Wednesday, December 28, 2011

36 Week Status Update

Well, we survived Christmas and have settled into our stay-cation.  I'm really loving having a week to get some things finished up around the house.  The goal for this week is to get the nursery as finished as possible.  I don't really expect that we'll have everything crossed off our list, but i do think that I can get it to the point that anything else that comes in for Eli will have a spot ready.  I'll do my best to post pictures at the end of the week.  I can actually do that again now since I got a new camera for Christmas!  I lost my last one in October during our trip to Arkansas. 

How Big is Baby: Still the size of a honeydew or a ukulele.

Total Weight Gain: Like I said last week, I refuse to get on my scale anymore because I hit a number that I don't really want to see.  I will admit that at my appointment last week my doctor fussed a little about me gaining too much weight between appointments.  I've really been trying to watch what I'm eating this week and stay away from sweets all together.  The doc gave me one more two week hiatus between appointments since things are going so smoothly and because of the holiday chaos so I'm hoping the next time I check in that I won't have gained at all.  We'll see...

Maternity Clothes: Still doing some of both. This week I'm pretty much living in my Old Navy Maternity yoga pants since I've got the whole week off work!  I did get a nice big bag of maternity clothes from my sister (who is now back in her regular wardrobe).  Those should help me to get through the last month. 
Stretch Marks: Still a no but I do have up to a full month to go.  I'm going to do all I can to avoid those things.

Sleep: I've either figured out how to deal with the iron supplements or my body has adjusted some.  I've started taking some Tums before bed and that seems to really help with the heart burn.  I've also discovered that I sleep really well after about 3am.  Apparently after that my bladder is nice and empty so I'm not up every 2 hours to potty.  The down side is that when I have to go to work I get up at 5am.  But this week while I'm off I've been able to sleep until almost 7.  Some of you know that is completely unlike me.  I'm typically up by 6 even on weekends. 

Best Moment this Week: The doc also told us that we had the most chilled baby in the world.  His heartbeat seems to be on the lower end of the normal range and the last few appointments he's been really still for her.  I know he can get really active in there from time to time, so I've seen his wild side.  But the doc did say that since I've stayed away from cafeene and I haven't done any drinking or smoking that the odds were good that we'd have an easy baby on our hands.  She said it's likely that he won't even have collic.  Yay for that!

Worst Moment this Week: Not really anything bad to report this week... oh yeah, I did have to mix the cocktails at the family Christmas party without being able to partake.  I don't think that's quite fair, but it'll be okay.

Food Cravings: Nope. Perhaps those are done with.

Gender: Still a boy.

Labor Signs: Still a no. 

Belly Button: My teeny tiny belly button is still present at the moment.

What I miss: I do wish that I could stop making those super frequent trips to the potty, but other than that it's not been too bad.

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery over the next few days. 

Weekly Wisdom: Things have been too busy this week for me to do much thinking... I'll try harder next week to come up with some wisdom.

Milestones: We are now into the 9th month.  Just 28 days to go and that is feeling pretty good right about now.  By the way, one more week and Eli will be considered full term.  Yay!

Baby's now the size of a honeydew!

Baby's skin is getting smooth and soft, his gums are rigid, her liver and kidneys are in working order, and his circulation and immune system are basically good to go. Hia lungs are the only organs that still need to fully mature, but every day he gets a little closer to breathing on her own.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

35 Week Status Update - Merry Christmas

I can't believe that we are just 4 days away from Christmas.  It seems like we were just doing this last year and it seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day with the family while keeping a big secret.  How quickly a year passes.  Things at the office have slowed down, but we have lots and lots of plans for Christmas.  We'll get started first thing Friday morning by heading to Birmingham to spend some time with Brian's family then get up on Christmas Eve and head home to spend Christmas with my family this year (we alternate years to keep things fair). 

In general pregnancy news, I got a call from my doctor's office this week saying that some blood work had come back and indicated that I was slightly aneimic.  They called in a percription iron supplement and I've been taking that twice a day.  Other than that, there isn't much to talk about... same old, same old here.

How Big is Baby: Still the size of a honeydew or a ukulele. 

Total Weight Gain: I have now gained between 26 and 27 lbs with this pregnancy and hit my magic number at which I promised myself I would stop weighing.  Given that this far along in pregnancies the weight gain slows down to about 1/2 a pound a week and I have just 4 or 5 more weeks to go, I'll call the total pregnancy weight gain 30 lbs and stop looking at the scale purely for my own sanity. 

Maternity Clothes: Still doing some of both. If I had more maternity clothes, I'd probably be wearing them, but I'm cheap so I haven't bought a ton of stuff and some of what I bought was geared more toward warm weather. So I'll keep stretching the regular wardrobe as long as I can.

Stretch Marks: Still a no... if I can just hold out for another few weeks I'll be super happy.  PS, I did notice some really light stretch marks at the top of my thigh the other day.  In my defense, I can't really see that part of my anatomy right now so they may be stretch marks or may just be varicose veins... regardless I may not have escaped entirely.

Sleep: Pretty much stinks the last week or so.  The iron supplements can cause heartburn and I think they are definately making the heartburn I already had worse.  It's typically the worst during the night when I lie down so the best way to get relief is to sleep propped up on a couple of pillows.  The problem then becomes that sleeping so crooked causes my back to hurt.  It's a loose, loose scenario, but I can tolerate it for a few more weeks.  Besides, it's probably good to get used to dealing without sleep.

Best Moment this Week: The other morning Brian and I were driving to work and Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion" came on the radio.  Eli must really love some Aerosmith because he boggied the entire song and really got his groove on when we turned it up.

Worst Moment this Week:  Being put on iron supplements... I was really hoping to avoid any problems at all and just have a perfect pregnancy.  Oh well.

Food Cravings: Nope. Perhaps those are done with.

Gender: Still a boy.

Labor Signs: None officially, but the other night after supper my tummy got really upset.  I don't know if it was indigestion or what, but when the pain and stomach cramping came on quickly I had to work really hard not to panic.  After a few trips to the potty and about an hour of resting, I realized that it was just tummy trouble. 

Belly Button: My teeny tiny belly button is still present at the moment.

What I miss:  Lots of things, but that will all be over in just a few more weeks and I can begin doing some things I used to again soon. 

What I'm looking forward to: Tomorrow we work a half day then go to the doctor... then we have 11 whole days off.  I can't wait.

Weekly Wisdom: Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.  I went and bought new hardware for the dresser in Eli's room and the bolts were too long.  Now I have to go back to Home Depot and buy shorter bolts. 

Milestones: Just 35 days to go based on the Jan 25th due date.  We are getting close to the end of this journey and the start of a whole new journey. 

Baby's now the size of a honeydew!

From now on, baby's growth is mostly in the plumping up department -- though he won't get much longer, he'll put on a pound or more of baby fat before birth. (He's about 15 percent right now and will be about 30 percent by full-term.) His hearing is totally developed (tip: baby responds best to higher pitches), and if he really is a "he," his testes have probably completed their descent.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Down on the Farm

It was a wonderfully unplanned weekend for the Hamilton house.  This was the first weekend in forever that we didn't have a single planned event that we had to make.  Everything was on our schedule as we decided that we wanted to accomplish it.  This lead to some wonderful time spend with family, some chores and projects accomplished, some play time for the doggies, and even some much-needed down time. 

Friday night we ate supper with my folks and my sister's family.  It was just a simple grilled steak and baked potato at my folks house, but it was super tastey.  Plus, we got the opportunity to spend some time with our nephew, Brady, and our new niece, Audrey. 

Saturday, we got the grocery shopping out of the way early then went over to the farm to burn some limbs and things that had fallen last summer.  We took the doggies and I threw the ball while Brian manned his fire.  Brian loves playing in a fire and I just enjoyed watching the fire and being outside in the nice weather.  Once the fire was complete and we were just waiting on the last few logs to burn down, we walked to dogs back to the pond so that they could get a couple drinks of water.  But with Spankey, it's never just a drink of water.  It took him about 2 seconds to decide that he was going to go swimming.  At that point, he was wet, nasty, and due a bath anyway, so we decided just to let him have at it.  Our game of fetch involved the pond for a while and both Spankey and Rocky ended up having a blast swimming just a week before Christmas.  After their swim we went back and put the fire out good then loaded two stinky wet dogs in the back of the truck and headed home.  About an hour and a half later, we finally had all the hitchhikers pulled out of their hair and both pups cleaned up.  Then we ate some leftover veggie soup, showered, and all four of us collapsed in exhaustion. 

Sunday we again had no plans (how weird was that).  So after we slept in some, we got the house cleaned up then Brian went out to finish painting the dresser for the nursery and I went out to give the dogs a good brushing in hopes of getting the post-bath shedding under control.  Now our yard looks like we shaved both dogs bald from all the hair that I brushed out, but it was definately worth it because that hair isn't in the carpet.  We finished up the day by having my folks over for supper so that Brian could get some help getting the dresser back in the house then we collapsed on the couch again.  I'm so glad that we got this one last weekend before Christmas to have some unplanned time.  It feels like we got lots and lots accomplished and managed to squeeze in some much needed fun for us and the dogs.  I hope we can find time for weekends like that after the baby decides to make his appearance.

Spankey and Rocky brinning the ball back after a nice long swim out to the middle of the pond. 

They got just a little wet, but they didn't seem to mind.

In fact, Spankey loves to get wet.  Swimming is just about his favorite thing.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week 34 Update

This was a great week overall.  Things at work have slowed down some.  For those of you who don't work for the government, know that absolutely nothing gets accomplished between Thanksgiving and the New Year.  My office is now a ghost town with the number of people not on vacation growing every day.  By the time Christmas rolls around the place will be virtually empty.  Though I'm always happy for a little break, I also get frustrated by the fact that I can't finish projects because I'm stuck waiting for input from others.  This year I'm especially frustrated because I have about 4 projects that are almost finished but I'm stuck waiting on someone else before it can be finalized.  I'm mostly frustrated because Eli could make his arrival at any point in January (especially since we don't have a firm due date) and I really wanted to finish up those 4 projects before being gone for 6 weeks.  Oh well... on to the weekly update.

How Big is Baby: Still the size of a honeydew (not that I have a grasp of how big that is).  By the way, I found a really cool "daddy edition" of the how big is baby thing.  Turns out that Eli is now the size of a Ukulele, those tiny guitars they play in Hawaii.  Now there's something I can kind of relate to. 

Total Weight Gain: I have now gained 25 lbs with this pregnancy.  I have a number in mind that when I cross I will stop weighing purely for my own sanity.  We're getting very close, so this may be my last official weight posting.

Maternity Clothes: Still doing some of both.  If I had more maternity clothes, I'd probably be wearing them, but I'm cheap so I haven't bought a ton of stuff and some of what I bought was geared more toward warm weather.  So I'll keep stretching the regular wardrobe as long as I can.

Stretch Marks: Still a no... if I can just hold out for another few weeks I'll be super happy.

Sleep: This week it's been a little more difficult.  For some reason I've been up more frequently to go potty.  Last night I was so tired that I went to bed at 8pm.  Today I feel much, much more rested. 

Best Moment this Week:  We were given a wonderful baby shower by some very loving and generous family.  I'm really looking forward to going back through everything this weekend and getting it all put away and ready for use.

Worst Moment this Week:  Any day at the office... things are slower and the break is nice but not having a million things going on makes for very long days.

Food Cravings: Nope.  Perhaps those are done with. 

Gender: Still a boy.

Labor Signs: Nope. Though I'm kind of looking forward to getting close enough that those become a possibility.

Belly Button: My teeny tiny belly button is still present at the moment.

What I miss: Bladder control.  I'm really getting tired of going to the bathroom every 40-60 minutes.  But I only have 6 more weeks to go (and maybe not that long). 

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas.  Even though I'm still not really hyped up about the whole chaos that our holidays become, I'm definately looking forward to being out of the office for more than 11 days.  Some time off is much needed at the moment.

Weekly Wisdom:  Pregnant people should not put their cell phones in their pocket and expect for it to be there later.  I seem to have lost my cell this morning... I'm betting it fell out of my pocket in the car on the way to work. 

Milestones: Roughly 40 days to go. And that is based on the late due date of Jan 25 so it could be less!

Baby's now the size of a honeydew or a ukulele!

Baby can recognize and react to simple songs...time to start practicing your lullabies! In fact, baby will recognize frequently sung tunes after birth and probably find them soothing. Less cute news: He now urinates about one pint per day. Get the diapers ready!

P.S. The Ukulele picture makes me understand why those kicks I've been feeling seem to be so powerful.  Little man is getting big in there!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Baby Shower

Yesterday we had a wonderful baby shower given by some of Brian's family.  These ladies went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect and we had a wonderful time.  Eli now has lots of goodies and will be exceptionally well dressed.  Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and to everyone who came and made it a wonderful day.  I know that Eli will be blessed to know each of you and will be very loved. 

Because it was so late (i.e after 7 pm) when we got home last night, we only managed to get all our gifts in the house.  At some point this week, I'll have to go through everything again and begin washing some clothes, organizing, and assembing some larger items like high chairs and bouncy seats.  It will be like getting to open all our goodies all over again! 

Hopefully, we can get the dresser in the house this weekend so that I can begin filling it full of clothes, get the changing pad in place, and finish up some other things like that.  I'm finding that every day I'm a little more aware of the fact that it won't be long before we're parents.  In the meantime, I'm doing my best to enjoy every single day and do something to help us prepare.  I'm really looking forward to the week between Christmas and New Years.  I'll have the whole week off work and, hopefully, will be able to finish up the nursery then.   

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

33 Week Status Update

Yet another busy week.  I had a cold and managed to pass it on to poor Brian.  We've been doing all we could to get the house finished up, but with Christmas around the corner that it easier said than done.  We've slowly begun to realize that we have very little time left before our son makes his arrival and that is freaking us out just a little.  Ready or not, our time is running out. 

How Big is Baby: We're up to the size of a honeydew... another fruit that I'm really not familiar with. 

Total Weight Gain: I was a bad girl and forgot to weigh again this morning.  Ooopsie.

Maternity Clothes: Still doing some of both.

Stretch Marks: Not Yet. Palmers lotion with cocoa butter is my friend!!!

Sleep: Much improved now that I'm just about over this cold.  Who'd have ever thought I would consider being up just 3-4 times a night a good night's sleep?

Best Moment this Week: Accomplished a good bit over the weekend... the nursery got some more cleaning and straightening, I hung up the artwork I made, and my sweet husband got a first coat of paint on the dresser we bought. 

Worst Moment this Week: Having a cold is never fun... having a cold while pregnant is intolerable.  I could not take any of the meds that normally help the most, I couldn't even drink my camomile tea to make my throat feel better, it stunk all the way around.

Food Cravings: Still not so much... though I did pick up some cinnamon rolls and the grocery store this week just because I wanted them.

Gender: Still a boy. 

Labor Signs: Nope.  Though I'm kind of looking forward to getting close enough that those become a possibility. 

Belly Button: Still just barely hanging in there as an innie.  If this kiddo kicks just right, it might turn inside out any moment.

What I miss: Feeling useful.  Poor Brian is having to do all the sanding and painting on that furniture by himself and he hates to paint.  I really don't mind painting, so I usually do the painting around our house.  I'm also impatient for the furniture to be finished, so it's especially frustrating that I can't get in there and just finish it myself.

What I'm looking forward to: This weekend is our first baby shower.  It should be super fun to celebrate our upcoming arrival and to get some more supplies. 

Weekly Wisdom:  Rolling with the flow is often easier said than done.

Milestones: Less than 50 days to go

Baby's now the size of a honeydew!

Things are heating up inside. Baby may grow up to a full inch this week alone, and his brain is developing like crazy. Pretty soon, he'll be able to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. Also, his bones are hardening, and he's started to keep his eyes open when he's awake.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Bit of a Scrooge

We had a reasonably productive weekend at our house.  Brian got to go hunting 3 times, I got the house reasonably straight, I did some more work on the nursery, Brian got a first coat of paint on the dresser, and I managed to get the Christmas Tree up. 

Of all the chores we finished off, the Christmas Tree was my least favorite.  I'm usually a little excited to get out all our Christmas decorations and transform the house.  I typically, put out what I consider a good bit of decorations and Brian puts "redneck lights" all along the house.  This year, we did well to put up a tree.  I don't know if it's nerves about our new arrival or stressing to get the house in perfect shape before January, or what, but I'm just not finding the Christmas spirit thus far this year.  I feel like there is so much to accomplish during the next month that I can't possibly get it all done.  Plus, being the size of a small mobile home doesn't make it easy to accomplish anything.  Honestly, I debated not even bothering with it at all. 

But we had some things that needed to go into the attic to be stored, so while Brian was up there I decided that he could hand me down the tree and ornaments.  I'm not doing any more than that this year because just doing the tree wore me slap out and I don't want to spend 3 days putting everything away come December 26.  I just don't have that kind of time this year.  The up side is that my Christmas shopping is almost finished and everything I have thus far is wrapped.  Yay me!

With Christmas festivities beginning just two weeks from this Friday, I'm just hopeful that I'll get in the mood in time not to be the world's biggest party pooper.  In the meantime, you can call me Scrooge.