Friday, March 30, 2012

Fat Free Fridays - Week 5

Overall I feel like this was a good week.  Things seemed to be a little more on track and I feel like my schedule is beginning to balance out. 

Total weight lost/gained: 5 lbs lost (1 this week ) Yay for more progress.  I've always heard that with diet and exercise you shouldn't lose more than about 1 lb a week.  Since it's officially week 5 and I'm at 5 lbs down I'll take it and be grateful.  I'm hopeful that if I can keep up my good habits I'll get lucky and have a couple of extraordinary weeks where I make it to 2 lbs for the week.  Anytime I've ever managed to loose weight, it's really come in spurts (if that's even a word).  I'll hold steady for a few weeks, then suddenly loose 4 or 5 lbs in a week.  This seems a little different than that, but I'm hopeful that there is still some of that in me.
How I'm feeling: This week I feel great.  I've made it to the gym 3 times so far this week and I've been right around my calorie limit every day. 
Food this week: Not too shabby! I've stayed pretty close to my calorie limits every day.  I avoided having a bad day by not eating either the cake or the cupcakes that were in the office this week.  I discovered I can still have homemade chili (one of my favs) but I really have to watch the portion control.  My recipe using 1 lb of ground beef, 3 cans of beans, and 3 cans of tomatoes yields about seven 350 calorie servings. 

Exercise this week: 3 workouts so far this week.  So far this week I've been focusing on strength training with some cardio mixed in.  I've done one circuit training workout and done a single 60 minute bodypump workout in two sessions.  I'm gong to try to go walk during my lunch break so that I make it up to my 4 time a week goal. 
Clothes: All my regular sized work pants are fitting very loose in the waist, hips, and legs.  I have one pair of petite size pants that still fit just right. 
Best thing this week: Having a little more time with my baby boy and not feeling quite as rushed as the last two weeks. 
Worst thing this week: More food at work taunting me.  If I knew which of my coworkers was responsible for constantly bringing in the sweets, I might follow them to the store and slash their tires so that couldn't bring that stuff back in the office.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bedtime Reading

For the last week or so, I've been working on establishing a bedtime routine for Eli.  Nothing elaborate, just a simple little routine that we do every night.  My goal was that every night we all 3 climb into bed and while we were feeding him his last bottle for the night we would read him a book.  Once he finishes the bottle, it's lights out and we all go to sleep.  This doesn't always work out but so far we've managed to do it most nights. 

Eli has been given a few childrens books so far.  Mostly Dr Seuss books and the Bernstein Bears.  So I've been trying to grab one of those or asking Brian to pick one and one of us will read while the other feeds Eli.  So far the Cat in the Hat seems to be his favorite.  I think it is because it's a fairly long book and he seems to like all the rhymes. 

We were doing really well and had kind of established a pattern for ourselves until the other night.  Brian deviated from the plan a little and decided that children's books were not going to do it.  When I asked Brian to get a book he pulled out his copy of the "1969 Corvette Stingray Guidebook".  Basically it's a book all about the car listing options, history, details, etc. 

Brian loves his old corvette and wants Eli to love it too.  Brian had been looking at classic Corvettes for a while when in September 2009 he found his car for sale in California.  I'm told California is a great place to buy cars from because the dry air keeps them from rusting.  California is a long way from Tennessee so we talked to the bank and scrapped up the money to buy the car and to fly Brian out to see it before he bought it.  We couldn't afford for Brian to stay in a hotel on top of the plane ticket so Brian didn't even stay the night.  He flew 7 hours out there, the car owner picked him up at the airport, the looked at the car and conducted their business, and then Brian flew 7 hours back on an overnight flight giving him a 36 hour day.  We had the car shipped home across the country.  Now this car sits in our garage (the garage I've never once parked in) waiting to be restored.  Someday I hope Brian and Eli can work together to restore it. 

Anyway, back to my original story.  Right now it doesn't so much matter what we read at bedtime so I told Brian to start reading.  We made it all the way through the chapter on VIN and Serial numbers before Eli feel asleep.  It was so sweet to see Brian excited about reading to Eli.  I think I'll keep letting him read his favortie book to his son.  Maybe Eli's first word will be "Corvette". 

Brian's 1969 Numbers-Matching Corvette.  On the day it was delivered.

Monday, March 26, 2012

10 Weeks Old

Eli survived another weekend filled with Fifties shows like a champ.  Yesterday he was a little cranky and tired so we're still a little off our schedule but hopefully in a day or so we'll be back on our regular routine.  Today Eli is 10 weeks old.  Are you getting tired of hearing me say that I can't believe how quickly time is passing yet?  Well, it's still true. 

Friday Eli and I took the day off and he went to his 2 month checkup including his first round of shots.  He is a very brave and strong little boy because he didn't cry at all for the first one and then only a few seconds for each of the second and third shots.  Within a couple of minutes he was back to his normal self.  .

The fun part of the doctor's appointment was the weigh in and measurements.  Eli weighed in at 12 lb 10 oz (54th percentile), measured 22 inches long (24th percentile), and has a 16.5 inch circumference noggin (97th percentile).  So he is average weight, a little on the short side (must be from me), and has a big 'ole gord head (definately from his daddy). 

Overall he didn't have too bad a reaction to the shots.  He did run a fever on Friday but the doctor had told us that we could give him some Tylenol for 24 hours after to help with the pain and to keep the fever down.  By Saturday morning his fever was gone and he was back to his usual happy baby self.  We had two shows again this Saturday and he made it through really well.  By late Saturday night I could tell he was getting tired of being held so we found a quiet spot out of the way and I laid him down on a blanket to do some stretching out. 

Saturday night we didn't sleep as well as usual but that was probably because he was so tired before bed (and all day Sunday) that he couldn't eat more than 3 oz without falling asleep.  We spent most of the day Sunday on the couch cuddling while Brian worked, cut grass, and studied.  It made for a nice day of recovery for me and he needed the extra sleep so I made sure he got it. 

This morning Eli slept in a bit but woke up right as it was time to leave the house.  I was 30 minutes late for work because I had to feed him before leaving the house.  Fortunately, my work schedule is flexible and allowed me to work longer this afternoon to make up the time.  I enjoyed the extra few minutes with him this morning as well as the opportunity to stay in bed until 6 while waiting for Brian to finish in the bathroom. 

That about covers it for this week.  Here's this week's picture.

Fat Free Friday - Catch Up Week 4

I missed Friday's post because I spent the day taking Eli to the doctor for his 2 month checkup.  So I'm updating a fews days late with information gathered a day early...

Total weight lost/gained: 4 lbs lost (1 this week ) Not quite my goal for a week, but  it's progress.
How I'm feeling: This week wasn't quite as busy as last week, but the weekend brought 3 Fifties Shows.  That in itself can spell disaster for a diet because you are so tempted to eat the sweets provided for the cast and crew or stop at the drive in to grab a bite on the way to or from a practice or show.  I didn't manage to get to the gym enough because life was out of sorts, but it will get better.
Food this week: I managed to stay reasonably near my calorie count for the week.  We had some really yummy hawaiian chicken cordon bleu this week which came in around 350 calories for the meal when paired with green beans.  I discovered that fresh pineapple is almost a free food at just 55 calories for a quarter of a whole fruit! Yay!
Exercise this week: Only really got in 1 official workout for the week.  Between complete exhaustion, making an unplanned run to a consignment sale, forgetting my clothes, finishing up a project at work, and taking a day off, things were just all out of sorts this week.  I'll try again next week.

Clothes: The black dress trousers that I wear to work are very baggy in my butt and legs.  That is where I carry most of my weight so I consider progress here a good thing. 

Best thing this week: Finding a great new recipe... we'll be eating chicken cordon bleu again. 
Worst thing this week: I let myself be jilted out of workout time by my schedule.  This will change soon.

Stumbled on this on Pintrest... more reasons to lose weight than looking good... gotta get healthy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

9 Weeks Old and Mommy's Little Trooper

Today Eli is 9 weeks old.  My goodness the time is flying by so fast.  I have to brag on my little man some this week.  I really believe that I have one of the best babies ever. 

This week has been so very busy with the 50's show and all that I'm not quite certain if I'm coming or going lately.  Eli was quite the trooper last week and made it with me to every single show so that Brian could stay home and study for his PE exam.  It was a long hard week on all of us.  I'd pick Eli up from daycare around 5, rush home to change clothes, work on my hair, and find something to eat, then leave again by 6.  We'd leave the show at intermission to head home so that we could get in bed around 10 the be back up at 5 am to start the next day.  The weekend didn't bring much relief as there were two shows on Saturday but at least we got to sleep in some on Saturday morning. 

Eli stole the hearts of all the ladies in the 50's Show and provided great entertainment in the dressing room.  He was a wonderful little baby all week.  He'd coo and jabber with everyone and was super patient with us given all that was going on and how out of routine the week was.  Just like when he was in the womb Eli loved all the music and really loves to be sang to.  The only down side is that when there's music around he doesn't like to sleep if he can help it.  Sometimes he was just too tired to take any more and he'd nap but for the most part he wanted to stay awake and see the show. 

When Sunday finally came, all three of us were exhausted.  We all stayed in the bed until almost 10 Sunday morning.  When we finally did get up and moving we went to the flea market to walk around in the beautiful sunshine then came home and Brian mowed grass while I did some things around the house.  Eli napped pretty much all day including the whole time we were at the flea market.  This morning when I dropped him off he was sleeping again.  I hope that he didn't get too cranky with the ladies at the daycare since he was extra tired today.

We have most of this week off but we do have a rehersal on Thursday then three more shows Friday and Saturday.  This week he has a doctor's appointment on Friday so we'll get to sleep in some on Friday morning.  Hopefully he'll get rested back up before we have to hit the road again for another long weekend.

I wrote this post yesterday afternoon before leaving work.  I had intended to take a picture of Eli last night and publish the post.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.  My typically easy go with the flow baby was super fussy last night.  He was fussing when I picked him up from daycare and he fussed on and off until we finally got him down in the bed last night.  He was more gassy than normal yesterday and I know he was still completely exhausted from the busy weekend.  I think he was just hurting a little and was completely out of patience with everything and everybody.  He didn't nap at all between his 3 pm feeding at daycare and going to bed at 9 last night.  In any event, we had our hands very, very full last night trying to help the little guy stay calm and feel better so I never got a picture. 

The good news is that Eli slept about 7 hours straight last night then got up at 4 this morning, ate, and went right back to sleep.  He managed to sleep about another 2 hours this morning before we had to get him up and get out of the house.  I think today will be a better day for him.  I promise I'll get a picture tonight and try to post it tomorrow.

Last night was a better night than Monday night.  Eli was back to his normal happy self.  He even played in his bouncy seat while I folded a load of laundry and started supper.  His good mood made it easy to get a picture.  Enjoy!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Week 3 of Fat Free Fridays

I've been doing my Fat Free Friday weight loss program for 3 weeks now.  This week was much improved from last week.  I ate pretty well and managed to get in a few workouts.  That isn't bad for Fifties Show week. 

Total weight lost/gained: 3 lbs lost (0 this week again... ugh)  I so wanted to see some progress this week.  After seeing that number this morning and feeling like a loser this comic seemed especially funny.

How I'm feeling:  It's been a super busy week and I'm completely exhausted.  I realize that a busy schedule is not really a valid excuse but I'm really just getting back in the swing of the whole workout thing.  At least my food has been good.

Food this week:  Managed to stay around 1200 calories every day since last Friday!  Given how busy I've been and how easy it would have been to swing through a drive thru and blow the diet or fill up on sweets and empty calories I consider that a major victory!

Exercise this week: Managed to squeeze in 3 workouts so far this week.  If I can just convince myself to get in a walk during my lunch today I'll be donig pretty good.

Clothes: No real change. 

Best thing this week:  I'm super proud of me for not using a hectic, crazy, completely out of the ordinary week as an excuse to sluff off. 

Worst thing this week: The cupcake that taunted me all week.  If you work in cube land like me you no doubt know how about the temptation of goodies left sitting on a secretary's desk.  Monday, somebody brought in St Patty's Day cupcakes.  My mouth literally watered every time I walked by.  The last one was still hanging around on Wednesday just laughing at me.  That mean cupcake wanted to hurt my diet.  I just know it.  The good news is that I won.  The picture below is not a pic of the actual cupcakes that were sitting out because by lunch Thursday someone had eaten the last one.  Thank goodness.  I don't know that I could have made it much longer.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hope for the Toomers Oaks

Toomer Oaks at the Northeast corner of campus on a sunny
afternoon.  Just 1/2 block from my last appartment in Auburn.

As you probably know, Brian and I are both Auburn alumni.  Our love of Auburn is deep for many reasons: it's the place where we met and fell in love, it's where we got the education that allowed us to have the jobs that sustain our family, and it's where we have many wonderful memories of fun times spent with great friends during the last days before adulthood.  To us, Auburn is much more than a school, a football team, or a place... Auburn is home and living life in a way to honor that home. 

You may or may not remember (but I'm sure you heard) that in early 2011 following Auburn's 2010 national title, the trees at Toomers Corner, one of the main landmarks on campus, were poisoned.  Following the discovery that this had occured, I created a header for this blog similar to the one you see today prominently featuring my rendition of a rolled Toomers Oak.  This will remain part of whatever header I place on this blog until the fate of the trees is known. 

Brian and I celebrating by rolling the trees after the the 2005
Iron Bowl victory.

Today while looking at the news, I found an article with an update on the condition of the trees.  Last spring and summer, the experts were saying that it would be this year before we could tell how much damage had been done.  I'm pleased to re-post this article below and let you know that the trees are showing positive signs of life.  This isn't to say that they are out of the woods yet, but there is hope.  

As an alumni, I would like to thank the University and everyone involved in the efforts to save the trees.  Regardless of how things turn out in the end, it does my heart good to know that we've done everything possible to save these historic beautiful oaks.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.  

Toomers Corner following the 2010 National Championship Game -- Wish I could have been there to see this. 
First tree on the right is the main one.
 Toomer's Corner oaks showing encouraging signs, leaf growth throughout canopy, experts say

By Evan Woodbery/Auburn Bureau, The Birmingham News, Press-Register, and The Huntsville Times

AUBURN, Alabama -- The spring has produced encouraging signs of life in the two historic live oak trees at Toomer's Corner, but Auburn horticulturists say more tests are needed to determine whether the powerful herbicide used to poison the trees has dissipated.

Gary Keever, the Auburn horticulturist who is leading the team of scientists working on the trees, strapped into bucket lift early Wednesday to get a birds-eye view of the two trees.

Police allege that Harvey Updyke laced the trees with Spike 80df, a potent herbicide that has made the trees appear gnarled and sickly.

Keever said the early assesment of the trees was positive. There is foliage growth over the entire canopy, and fresh, healthy shoots are growing. Leafs no longer show the visible signs of poison that were present last year. However, there are also many dead limbs that must be pruned, and soil tests are pending.

"That will give us an idea of how much herbicide might still be in the beds and also in the foliage of the trees," Keever said.

Keever said scientists will try two new methods this spring to prod the trees to rejuvenate. Every two weeks, the trees will be fed a liquid fertilizer with micro-nutrients.

On March 26, a company from Tennessee will come to inject the trees with a sugar solution. Keever compared it to a human getting Intravenous therapy, or an IV.

"Spike 80df inhibits photosynthesis, so the trees aren't able to capture that sunlight and over time they deplete any carbohydrate reserves that are in the tree," Keever said. "So we hope to inject this sugar solution into the trunk. The trees take that solution up, trans-locate it to the foliage and hopefully supply some of the food energy to sustain the trees for longer."

In the big picture, Keever said today's news is good.

"You look at our alternative. If we didn't have that new flush growth on the trees now, they'd essentially be dead," he said. "So we're not out of the woods, we're not clear of the herbicide, but it is encouraging that we're seeing as much new growth as we are on the trees and that it's not showing any signs of poisoning yet."

So should the grim prognosis that the trees are likely to eventually die be changed?

"I don't think so, not at this point," Keever said. "Let us gain more information. Once we have the soil tests back, we'll have a better indication of how much herbicide is in the zone where the trees are likely to be taking up water and nutrients. As we progress over the next 4-6 weeks, we'll have a much better idea of if we're likely to repeat what we saw last year."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

8 Week Picture

Eli was all grins this morning after a long night of not sleeping.  I think I got about 3 hours of sleep last night.  When we got home and got ready for bed he was wide awake and ready to play.  We finally got to sleep on the couch around 1 am and then in the bed around 3 am.  When we got up this morning at 5:30, he was still a super happy camper.  It's a good thing he's completely adorable or I'd be very angry with him for keeping me awake all night.  How could I be angry with a baby who is smiling and laughing and playing like that?

Monday, March 12, 2012

8 Weeks Old

Today Eli is 8 weeks old.  I can't belive how big he is getting and how aware he is of the world around him.  He is still mostly smiles and finds some things really funny.  Other things that I think should just make him crack up he doesn't seem to find amusing at all.  I guess mom is just not as funny as she thought. 

This is a very busy week at our house.  It's Fabulous Fifties Show week.  For those of you who don't live in Lincoln County or do live in Lincoln County but have been hiding under a rock for the last 25 years or so, the "Fifties Show" is an annual variety show that is held every year to raise money for the Multi-County Cancer Support Network.  The MCCSN provides aid to families battling cancer locally.  This aid can be financial, emotional, or pretty much any other type of help they can come up with.  My family has been participating in this show since 1998 so it's an annual tradition.  There will be shows pretty much every night this week then again all next weekend.  By the time the next two weeks are over we'll all be completely exhausted but very happy to have helped raise money for such a great organization.  Learn more on the Facebook Page.

Even though Eli is still too small to be in the show, he is definately a part of it.  He's been with me to several practices and really enjoys the music.  I figure it's a great idea to get him involved from the start.  This is what we do every year at this time and he might as well come with me and get to know all our Fab Fifities Friends. 

Due to the time change and the fact that we're super busy this week, I didn't get an 8 week old picture before leaving the house this morning.  I spent my extra few minutes throwing some supper in the crock pot and Eli slept until 5:45.  I guess he doesn't know that the clocks moved up an hour.  I'll update tomorrow with an 8 week picture.  In the mean time, here are a few more photos from our newborn session.  Have a great week. 

Loving my soft blankets

Spankie just had to get in a shot too.  We tried to get Rocky to be in this one too but he just kept laying down where he couldn't be seen.

One of my favs... My future Auburn baseball player!  What a catch!  (pun intended) 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fat Free Fridays - Week 2

Week 2 of my Fat Free Friday posts... We'll see if I can keep this up. 

Total weight lost/gained: 3 lbs lost (0 this week)

How I'm feeling: Not so hot this week.  Last weekend Eli and I both came down with the crud.  I don't know if it's allergies or a cold or what.  Eli seems to be about over it and I'm doing much better but am still very stopped up.  Next week the weatherman is predicting rain all week so that should help the pollen count.

Food this week:  Not great but not terrible.  Brian's been gone for work since Sunday night so I finished off the leftovers in the fridge this week and I've eaten lots of cereal.  I know I haven't had a very balance and healthy diet, but I don't feel like I've been eating too much or things that are especially high in fat or calories.

Exercise this week: TERRIBLE!!! I haven't been to the gym once this week.  I let my cold be an excuse.  But I did manage to work some extra hours so at least I'm re-building a little vacation time.  I must do better next week.

Clothes: Some of my pants feel like they are getting a little loose in the waist and hips.  They don't really stay up anymore.  But I don't think I'm small enough yet to go down a size either.  So much for that.

Best thing this week: Giving up some control.  Being a little sick I finally gave in and let somebody else take care of Eli for a night.  My mom came and stayed with me twice this week and took care of him so that I could get in bed a little early and sleep through the night.  I had to let go a little because I know next week is going to be crazy and I had to get over this crud fast.

Worst thing this week: Guilt.  I've skipped the gym every day this week and I feel completely guilty about it.  I'll try again next week and try to remind myself that it just has to be done regardless of how I'm feeling.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Project - Fat Free Fridays

Started this post over a week ago and just now getting it up and going... Perhaps I don't need another project. I'm going to try and do it anyway.  Especially after how bad this week was for my workout.

In addition to updating about how Eli is growing and what he's up to I've been looking for another project for the blog.  Also since going back to work this last Monday, I've been trying very hard to watch what I'm eating and get to the gym for at least 30 min each workday.  I've lost the weight I gained while pregnant with Eli, but I still have about 25 lbs to lose from being on steriods last year during my whole brain tumor thing. 

So, I've decided to combine the blog with my weight loss goals so that I have some accountability.  I'm not crazy enough yet to post actual weights, but I will post about pounds lost (hopefully there won't be any gains but those would be fair game too).  My goal is 25 lbs by July 1 (18 17 weeks of weight loss).  That is a little less than 1.5 lbs a week.  I'm fully aware that I may not make it, but it gives me something to work toward.  I did weight in on Tuesday this week so I'll take that as my starting point.  Then every Friday I'll weigh in and report to you in a form similar to the weekly pregnancy updates. 

I'm completely open to suggestions for exercise routines, diet tips, etc; so shoot me those comments as frequently as you can.  This is going to be really tough (especially with a newborn around) but life is hard.  There will be days when I get busy at work, am exhausted from being up most of the night with Eli, don't feel well, and likely times when I'm out of a routine and fast food is all that is available.  If I'm going to reach my goal, I'll have to put on my big girl panties and deal with whatever life throws at me. 

So here's the Week 1 update.  Hang on it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Total weight lost/gained: 3 lbs lost

How I'm feeling:  This week was a short week (5 days) for this project.  Since I decided to do this project late in the week and specified this week as the first week of the project, I feel like I'm starting a little in the hole.  Last weekend I think I started out well then fell victim to FLAMA (food left at my abode) and ORF (on the road food).  Look at that, I made up new words.  But I do feel a sense of accomplishment at having made it to the gym every day that I went to work and I did pretty good with my food on days that I was at work. 

Food this week:  I did okay this week except for Sunday and Wednesday.  Sunday I fell victim to FLAMA (food left at my abode).  My wonderful mother-in-law came to visit Saturday so that she could watch Eli while I did some house work.  Unfortunately, our friend the Little Debbie man had given her some freebies and on Sunday I discovered a partial box of honey buns on my counter.   Honey Buns + Diet = Epic fail. 
Wedensday, Brian and I both had doctors appointments in Nashville and had to spend a whole day driving around.  Enter ORF (on the road food).  We ended up eating 3 meals on the go (a bad day overall). 

Exercise this week:  This was my first week of trying to get to the gym and I did pretty well.  I made it to the gym for at least a half hour four times this week.  I'm currently going during my lunch break and trying to spend some time on the treadmill and perhaps a few minutes lifting weights.  I'm definately not setting the world on fire with my exercise this week, but I've got the start of a really good habit. 

Clothes:  The maternity clothes are long gone and my regular work pants fit again.  I can even close the buttons!  Hopefully, in the weeks to come those clothes will become too large and I'll have to go buy a few new things. 

Best thing this week:  The best thing this week was getting to take a day halfway through the week and spend it running around with Brian and Eli.  So I didn't have a great day food-wise, oh well.  I love my hubby and little boy and enjoyed getting to spend the day with them.

Worst thing this week:  3 words - black bean soup.  I found a recipe online for black bean soup in a crockpot and it looked amazing.  Plus, I could put it together the night before and have it ready when we got home from work.  We got home and it looked and smelled AMAZING.  Unfortunately, when we got ready to eat it, it didn't taste like it looked and smelled.  I'm not sure how, but it had absolutely NO taste.  Seriously, how does something smell great and have no taste???

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Newborn Session with Crystal Gill

Last weekend while we were in Birmingham visiting "Uncle Woo and Aunt 'Lissa" we asked Melissa's sister, Crystal to come take some portraits of our little man.  She is a wonderful amateur photographer and I honestly don't know why she doesn't start doing photography professionally on the side.  Fortunately, she was kind enough to agree to do some pictures with our little boy and they turned out wonderfully.  Thank you, Crystal for the wonderful photographs.  And thanks to Wes and Melissa for letting us invade their home and turn the place upside down while we did our photoshoot. 

I've embedded a slideshow to share the pictures with you.  They couldn't have turned out better. 

7 weeks old and all grins

Today our baby boy is 7 weeks old.  Time is passing faster than I ever thought possible.  I swear sometimes I wake up in the mornings and it looks like he's grown over night.  Lately he's really begun to give us big gummy grins when something amuses him.  These aren't just accidental smiles anymore but real near-laughter ear-to-ear grins.  He loves to smile when daddy talks to him about his poopy diapers, he thinks it's a riot when mommy sings "Splish Splash" even when we aren't taking a bath, and pretty much anytime someone tries to talk with him for a long period of time he'll eventually end up smiling and cooing like you wouldn't believe. 

Over the weekend we had another HUGE accomplishment... He slept through the night completely.  Friday night he went to sleep about 9:30 and slept until 4:45 the next morning.  That was just over 7 hours!  Then again on Saturday and Sunday nights he averaged around 7 hours again.  The first night it almost scared me.  I kept waking up and putting my hand on his chest to be sure he was still breathing.  But I've got no complaints.  I'll take 6 or 7 uninterrupted hours of sleep anytime he wants to give it a shot.  Brian and I are both very hopeful that this continues. 

This week Eli and I are on our own.  Brian is out of town for work and then has to go do his weekend of guard duty so it's going to be just the two of us... well, almost.  Eli brought home a cold from his first week of day care and shared it with me so we're both a little sick.  Fortunately, after Brian left Sunday afternoon, Joey came and stayed the night with us so she took care of Eli while I got in a long afternoon nap then a really good night's sleep.  I don't think I'd be functioning now without that help. 

So that's about it for us today.  Eli's 7 week old picture is below.  Hopefully, I'll have some more pictures to share with you very soon.