Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eli - 19 Weeks and Memorial Day

I'm a little behind this week because of the holiday and some recent sleep deprivation. We had a good week last week and a busy holiday weekend. Over the last week or so we've been trying to convince Eli to sleep in his Pack-n-Play instead of in our bed. We began on Thursday thinking that the holiday weekend would be a good time and allow us to make up the sleep before going back to work if Eli completely fought the idea. Thursday went very well and Eli slept right through the night for around 10 hours. I was pleasantly surprised and hoped that I was getting a sign that this would be an easy process. Friday morning Eli had to go back to the doctor to get the shots that he missed at his regular 4 month appointment. Saturday we were super busy with our annual Memorial Day weekend slip-n-slide party and ended up getting home later than we wanted then too. So thanks to the shots and all the extra adventures Eli didn't sleep well on Friday and Saturday night. On Sunday we tried hard to keep it low key and stay at home as much as possible. It didn't really help though because Eli was up 3 or 4 times during the night. Monday I was determined to keep him at home and try to get us back on track before work. We never even got out of our pajamas. Eli was still tired from the weekend because he slept a lot during the day and then fell asleep on the couch around 6:30. We all went to bed around 9 but Eli was up again for an hour at 10 and then again for an hour and a half around 2 am. Things were just all messed up. Thank goodness the weekend ended! Yesterday Eli was fussy at day care and when we got home I expected a rough night again. But the little guy surprised me. After two nice feedings he went down at 9:30 and we all went to bed. He made it completely though the night in his pack-n-play all by himself. He was up at 4:30 but I can handle that. I would love to get about another hour tacked onto that (or each end of that) but after the weekend I know that it's just nice to sleep for 7 hours. So it looks like Eli needs his schedule and routine in life. We've already decided that for the next few months we will be making sure that no matter where we are and what we're doing that we are headed home by 6:30pm so that Eli can get himself in bed. I'm also kind of worried about vacation. Our vacation backs up against the week of the summer that day care is closed to allow their folks a vacation. That will mean 2 weeks without a schedule for him. I'm not sure that is a good idea for any of us. So I think I'm going to ask the ladies at day care to write out a typical schedule of what they do every day. Maybe that way I can keep him on that routine for the two weeks he won't be at day care. So that's about all I have for now. I would normally have slip-n-slide (or slidey-slide as Kylie says) pictures to share but I was busy trying to get everything together for Eli and didn't manage to remember the camera. It was so hot and Eli was feeling so bad from the shots that he and I really didn't spend much time out by the slip-n-slide anyway. We ended up going inside to the cool air and playing on the couch. What I do have are a couple of pictures of Eli playing with his cousin Audrey when we first got to Joey and Pappa Rick's house. They are big enough now that they are beginning to really enjoy seeing each other and interacting some.

Excited to see each other.

Love Miss Audrey's big blue eyes!

Want to play with us??

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rolling Over Part II ... And other things

Last night when Brian came home from his work trip I told him how close Eli was to figuring out the rest of the rolling over trick (going from back to front).  So after supper I put Eli in the floor and went to clean up the kitchen while he practiced his rolling.  After just a few minutes he completely had it! So here he is going from back to front like a big guy.  It won't be long before he puts it all together and rolls right on across the floor. 

And as long as I was editing videos I decided to go ahead and add another one of Eli playing.  There isn't much to this one and he's not really doing anything.  Eli loves this ball he got from one of the "Easter Bunnies" that came to see him.  It's just perfect for him because it's kind of webbed and he can get his little fingers round it well enough to hold on to it.  The only problem is that he wants to get it in his mouth and can't.  He tries everything he can but it's just too big to go in that little pie hole.  Eventually, we gave up on the ball and switched to playing with a stuffed giraffe.  He loves it because it's soft and fuzzy.  I've read that at this age feeling different textures is a big thing for them so I'm sure that giraffe felt different after holding that plastic ball. 

The other big news from last night is that Eli slept through the night in his pack and play all by himself.  We'd decided to make the transition out of our bed this weekend because the holiday will give us an extra night to get him accustomed to it so that if we fuss all night one night at first it's not a huge deal.  Well last night he fooled me bigtime and just did it all on his own with no fussing.  He fell asleep with me holding him on the couch about 8:00 and at 8:30 I laid him down and he made it all night with no help.  I wish I could have said the same.  I'm so used to him being there beside me that I was wide awake at 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep.  I guess I'm probaly going to have a harder time with it than he does. 

This morning Brian is taking him to a second doctor to get his shots since our regular doctor was out when we went on Wednesday.  I left the house this morning before 6 am with both of my boys still sleeping peacefully.  Brian was a little concerned that he couldn't handle Eli by himself but I feel pretty confident that they'll make it.  I packed the diaper bag and laid out Eli's clothes before I left so all that was left to do was feed him, change the diaper, dress him, and go.  Good luck, Dad! I know you'll do great.

Fat Free Friday - Week 13

Another week has passed bringing us to 13 weeks of Fat Free Fridays.  I did okay again this week but like ususal could have done better. 
Total weight lost/gained: 15 lbs lost (lost 1 lb this week ).

How I'm feeling: Pretty good overall.  I'm just a couple of pounds away from reaching my back-up goal and weighing in at numbers that I haven't seen since January of 2009.  I love when I get on the scale and see those numbers drop just a little every day.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something right.
Food this week: Wednesday was really bad (like 2000 calories bad) so I'm foregoing cheat day today to make up for it.  I was having a super bad craving for a Hardees hamburger and I gave in and picked one up for supper after I took Eli to the doctor.  I even had the small order of fries to go with it.  I knew that I was making a bad choice at the time and knew that if I did that I'd have to give up my cheat day today so I've made peace with it.  Every other day was pretty much on track at 1200 to 1500 calories.  That is right where I need to be to reach and maintain my goal weight.

Exercise this week: Another 1 day week.  Exercise is harder and harder to fit in.  I'm usually mean to do it during my lunch break but then I get busy and skip lunch all together to keep working.  I'm going to have to make myself start taking a break to go down and exercise.

Clothes: I've discovered that there are things better than new clothes... old clothes that fit again!  I've got a pair of old pants that I bought a couple summers ago and they fit now and will soon be too big.  I'm also thinking that this weekend I may try on that pair of shorts I have from a couple of years ago again and see if they fit yet.  I know I weigh less now than I did when I wore them but pregnancy has changed my shape a little (or maybe I'm just more self concious after being so much heavier).  In any event, we have a family slip-n-slide party Saturday so I'm going to throw on those shorts and see if I can wear them to get some sun on my pastey white legs. 

Best thing this week:  Brian came home from his work trip.  When we went to pick up Eli at daycare I made Brian go in and get him.  Eli grinned so big because he'd missed his daddy.  Then Brian sat in the back seat with Eli the rest of the way home and Eli laughed and laughed the whole way.  He was glad to see Daddy.

Worst thing this week: It's a tie!!!!   Item #1...Brian left the back of my car WIDE open (Is that proper terminology, Sweet?) on Monday night and it rained.  When I got in my car Tuesday afternoon at work the sun had baked that lovely moisture that was in the carpeting and created a nice sour stinky smell. 
Item #2... I was leaving the car windows down at night to clear out the funky smell of soured carpets.  When I got up Wednesday morning, one of the windows wouldn't roll up.  It's one that we've already fixed once in the past year.  In any event my backseat window is in a permanent state of down-ness until we can work on it over the weekend.  The upside is that the two bad things cancel each other out because the permanent window down-ness has created enough ventilation to completely remove the stinky smell.  I guess when life hands you lemons and limes all you need is tequila to make a party!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eli - 18 week Picture and Doctor Update

Yesterday we had our doctor's appointment and a lot of other fun but first things first.... This week's picture. 

Eli - 18 weeks old (at his 4 month doctor visit)

When I laid him on the table to take his picture I was kind of amazed at how he'd grown.  When we were there for his 2 month appointment there was lots of extra room on the table for him to play when I laid him sideways.  Yesterday not so much... remember this picture from the 2 month appointment? 

He has quite the Buddah belly now doesn't he??? And his hair is so much longer that it lays down all on it's own.  That wasn't the case at 2 months for sure. 

He had a good appointment except for the fact that they were out of shots so he didn't get his immunizations.  The nurse said that they were out and didn't know when they'd have any more so we would need to take him to the health department.  His stats at 4 months old are as follows...

Height - 25.5 inches (48th Percentile)
Weight - 16 lb 5.5 oz (60th Percentile)
Head Circumference - I didn't get an actual measurement but he was in the 84th Percentile

The other fun thing we did yesterday was to go see "Niece" (Denise) at the Hair Co.  I had a haircut scheduled so I called Joey (who is now on summer vacation) to come play with Eli while I got my hair cut.
We had some extra time so we had a nice little visit before we actually got to cutting any hair and Eli got his first little trim too.  His side-burns were getting super long and looking rough so Denise snipped the ends off for us to clean him up a little. 

As usual my little man took it all in stride and thought it was a fun game to play. Here are some pictures of his first little trim.  I saved the tiniest little pieces of hair too for his scrapbook.  I've got to get started doing that soon.  I really just need to start doing a page or two at a time when something like this happens so that I don't end up waaaaayyy behind like I am on everything that's happened since the wedding.

You can see how long his left side was in this picture.  Definately time to clean him up a little. 

What are they doing to me, Mommie?!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eli - 18 Weeks

I've been trying all week to get a picture but it just hasn't worked out.  So I'll go ahead and update and PROMISE to have a picture tomorrow.  After a crazy weekend, Eli was out of sorts on Sunday and then Monday morning we ran late for work so I didn't manage to get a picture.  Monday afternoon Eli was still tired and cranky and I didn't get a picture again.  Yesterday Brian had to leave to go away for work so we were rushing trying to get him together and I missed my picture again in the morning and the afternoon just flew by since I was by myself in the house with Eli and still trying to get the house back in shape after all this running around we've been doing on weekends lately.  There is still so much to do.  This morning I ran late AGAIN (not something I enjoy so it's definately not been a great week) and missed my picture.  All that to say that we are trying but this is just turning out to be one of those weeks.

The good news is that Eli goes to the doctor for his 4 month appointment and shots this afternoon so I'll have all kinds of fun new stats to post with the picture tomorrow.  Plus, since we'll be cooped up in that little room waiting on the doctors to come in, I'll have nothing better to do than take his picture.

So to update on this week... Eli went to Birmingham with us again last weekend.  I speak at career day at Moody Middle School every year so he came with me to meet the teachers at his grandma's school.  We drove down Thursday night and stayed until Saturday afternoon.  We had a nice visit and managed to squeeze in last minute trips to visit Granny Reba and a surprise birthday party for Eric (who was on leave from his tour of duty with the Army in Afghanistan). 

We enjoyed seeing everyone but I'm afraid that Eli just doesn't do well when things are out of routine.  He was cranky most of the weekend.  Mostly, he was cranky because of how much sleep he missed.  He is the nosiest little bugger you ever met and refuses to sleep when there are new people and things to look at.  So he stayed up too late at night and didn't get in all his naps. 

In addition to being tired, something was going on with his eating because he just couldn't seem to get full.  He at all day on Friday, stopping only for around 30 mintues between feedings.  We decided to go ahead and start adding some rice cereal to his formula at bedtime and that (along with the extra sleep) seems to help. 

Saturday after a long busy day we drug an already tired baby to the local high school to watch the Lady Falcon softball team play in the Sub-State finals.  The winning team got a birth to the State tournament.  I played in high school and love softball so I really enjoyed the game.  The Falcons didn't win the game but they played pretty well.  By the time we got home it was after 10 and way past Eli's bedtime. 

So after all that weekend it's no wonder he was a handful on Sunday. So now you understand a little about why we've been off our game this week.  I'll update again later with a picture and info from our doctor's appointment. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fat Free Fridays Week 12

I'm running a little late on posting because we took last Friday off to go visit with some family and friends in Birmingham for the weekend.  I did weigh yesterday (Sunday morning) since it was the first morning back at home. 

I'm definately not going to make the 25 lb goal in another 6 weeks or so.  But I'm within 3.5 lbs of my back-up goal of 17 lbs by vacation time.  If I can have another couple of really fantastic 2 lb weeks I might even make 20 lbs by vacation (one week before the end of my allotted time). 
Total weight lost/gained: 14 lbs lost (lost 1 lb this week ).

How I'm feeling:  Not too shabby.  I'm a little disappointed that I'm realizing that my 25 lb goal by July 4th is probaly not going to happen.  But I didn't gain the weight overnight and I can't really expect to lose it overnight.  (That is of course unless there is some generous donor out there willing to fund a liposuction for me???) 

Food this week: I honestly can't even remember what I've eaten and how I've done.  I looked in My Fitness Pal and apparently I did a really BAD job of logging my food.  I kind of wish I had a cell phone with some internet capability so that I could just enter my food when I eat but I don't and I'm not really willing to pay for internet on my phone so I'll just have to try to keep up and log foods when I can. 

Exercise this week: Exercised twice again last week.  One day we took Eli and the dogs for a walk and another day I made it to the gym for 30 minutes of bodypump.  The rest of the week just didn't work out.  We'll give it another go this week and see how it goes. 

Clothes:  Most of my work clothes are too big right now.  I really need to go get that big box of stuff from the storage building and see what's in there and what I can wear.  I meant to buy a pair of denim capris pants at Walmart yesterday when we went to buy groceries but I forgot.  So I guess I'll go another week without. 

Best thing this week:  I have a clean car!  Yesterday after Brian finished cutting and weed eating the grass he was super sweet and washed my car.  Honestly, I don't remember the last time it was cleaned.  I do know that I intended to clean it or have it cleaned before Eli was born and never did it.  I'm sure it hasn't been done since Eli was born, so it definately needed it.  Seeing it sitting in the driveway all shiny made me proud to be driving it again.

Worst thing this week:  I have no idea what's going on with Eli.  The last 3 days or so he's been really fussy and seems a lot hungrier than normal but then when I try to feed him he only takes 3 or 4 oz or so before he refuses to eat any more.  Then he naps and wakes up 45 minutes later hungry again and screaming.  Last night we were up at 1:30 am eating again.  I'm beginning to get frustrated and stressed and we know how bad that might be for the weight loss plan.  This is going to require much gym time this week to decrease the stress levels. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eli - 17 Weeks/4 Months Old (With Pics and Video)

This week Eli turns 4 months old.  Over the last few days he's begun eating LOTS more.  We just can't seem to get him full.  In another week we'll be heading to the doctor for his 4 month checkup and shots and I'm hopeful that they'll tell me that he can begin to have some rice cereal in this bottles.  I think he's definately ready. 

We've had a great week and were pleasently surprised that Brian/Daddy got to come home early from his work trip to spend a few days with us before he leaves again.  Eli was very excited to see his daddy dispite the fact that he didn't like the ride to and from Huntsville in his car seat. 

He's growing so fast that we're struggling to keep up.  I'm working very hard to be sure to wear as many of our 0-3 month sizes while we can.  We've done pretty well and I was all excited because I had all the laundry done and we could check all those 0-3 sizes again this week as we got dressed to see how much we could still wear.  But when I got ready to dress him I noticed that a lot of those clothes were missing.... Where were they??? All the laundry was done. Wasn't it? .... NOPE!

I completely forgot to check the hamper in Eli's room which is now over half full which is a lot of clothes when they are so small.  Guess I'll be doing more laundry this week.  I'm going to start my own joke series like Jeff Foxworthy.

You might be a mommie if....
- you're so out of it that you don't even know where all the clothes in the house are
- you regularly change outfits at least once in the morning because you got spit up on (we've been there a lot lately)
- you go shopping and don't even look at things for yourself because you're spending all the money on new stuff for the kiddos. 

This week I have lots of goodies to share with you.  First, the pictures at 17 weeks (4 months) old.

Now some videos... This is what we do when I should be cleaning house these days.  We lay on the couch and blow spit bubbles and make raspberry sounds with our mouths.  Sorry if the video makes you a little sea sick.  It's hard to manage a camera and keep Eli on the couch and play all at the same time.

And this is one of the reasons I have so much trouble getting a picture every week.  Some days Eli just can't sit still.  Like Monday when were taking this week's picture.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Mother's Day

Beginning last week, I started having visions of what my first mother's day would be like.  I pictured myself waking up with my baby boy in my immaculately clean house.  Then the two of us would settle into the couch and watch reruns of the Dick Van Dyke show (it's one of our favs) while he ate his bottle and I slowly drug myself back to the land of the concious.  Then we'd take our time getting dressed, I'd give him a bath, then shower myself, and we'd both be ready to visit my grandmother by the afternoon.  We'd enjoy another beautiful day in the sunshine sitting under the shade tree visiting with family.  Then we'd come home for a late afternoon nap and eat supper before going to bed.

Well my day didn't quite turn out that way, but overall it was still a good day and we did check a few things off my list. 

First off my house is a DISASTER... as in FEMA's gonna send in trailors kind of disaster.  Someday I'll clean again, but with an infant in the house it's definately not my top priority.  I had planned on doing that Saturday and started but I didn't get done.  Somehow it seems worse now than when I started cleaning.  Want to know a secret?  I don't even really care.  My baby is little and wants to be held and played with and I'm going to do that as much as I can and he wants right now.  He'll grow up and not want me around soon enough anyway. 

Saturday night my mom and I had gone shopping and bought my grandmother a digital picture frame for a mother's day gift.  We also bought two memory cards so that I can keep adding pictures and just change the cards out the next time I'm there for a visit.  It was a great idea because she has all these kids and grandkids and great grandkids and is very quickly running out of room for pictures on her wall.  But the thing about giving her the picture frame was that I had to get pictures on it first thing Sunday morning.  So instead of lounging around the house Sunday morning, Eli and I got up, fed him his bottle, and then rushed off to my folks house to work on getting pictures on the picture frame.  Something weird was going on with the memory card so I could only get 130 pictures on it despite the fact that I was nowhere near the 2 Gb capacity.  After fighting it for a couple hours I gave up and decided that 130 were good enough for the first run.  I'll do better when I switch out the cards in a few weeks. 

You might have noticed the absence of Brian in my day-dream described above.  That's not because I no longer like him but because he was scheduled to be out of town for work.  It couldn't be helped and I made peace with it.  Fortunately his trip ended early and we knew he'd be coming home on Sunday.  That was a pleasent surprise.  But it also mean that Eli and I had to make a trip to Huntsville to pick him up.  So as soon as we finished putting pictures on the frame, Eli and I rushed down to Huntsville to pick up Brian.  It was great to have him home.  It took a while in the rain and with a crying baby but we eventually made it home and all got comfy. 

By this time it was 2 pm and we were all exhausted so we didn't make it back to Granny Mot's for the family get-together.  Sometime around 3 or so, Eli fell asleep so Brian and I decided to take advantage of the situation too and we all climbed into bed for a nice long nap.  We had a good 2 hour nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  It was heaven.  You've never really napped until you've done it on a Sunday afternoon listening to the rain patter on the window under the gentle breaths of your sleeping child.  In that instant everything in the world is right. 

After our nap we discussed what to do for supper but Brian, having eaten out for the last five days, was tired of food and suggested that we skip cooking and eat cereal.  Who am I to argue with that?  So that is what we did.  We curled up on the couch, watched some shows we'd DVR'd over the last week, then turned on the new episode of Harry's Law.  At 9 we all went to bed.  Eli took a little while longer to get tired thanks to our super long late afternoon nap but by 9:30 we all were asleep. 

Overall it was a good day.  The house is still dirty, the laudry is clean but not put away (it's on the love seat).  But I got to do what I really wanted all along on my first Mother's Day.... I got to spend time with the people I love most in the world, I got to hold my little boy while he slept, and I got my husband home a few days early from a business trip.   I don't think even my day-dream could live up to my actual day. 

I hope that whatever you did your day was as pleasant as mine turned out.  Tonight, I'll begin working on cleaning the house a little at a time and I'll probably cook some supper.  But as soon as that's done, I'll suggle up with my baby boy and we'll sleep again.  Because that is what is really important in life - holding the people that you love.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fat Free Fridays - Week 11

So another week and I'm fairly certain that I won't make my 25 lb goal by Week 17.  I'll be completely satisfied if I can loose another 4.5 lbs before vacation on June 22.  That should be very doable. 

Total weight lost/gained: 13 lbs lost (lost 0.5 lb this week ).

How I'm feeling:  Only so-so at the moment.  It was really nice to see that the 1/2 lb from last week was either water weight or was lost again this week.  I don't feel like I'm trying as hard as I should be right now and I have no one to blame but myself.  I've got to get back into some good habits and refocus if I'm going to lose this weight. 
Food this week:  Not good at all.  It's been a lazy week.  I started out to make spaghetti on Monday night but realized I was out of my whole wheat pasta so I gave up and used some white penne pasta I had in the cabinet.  My spaghetti turned into diet killer baked ziti with meat sauce.  I basically took the penne pasta and threw it into the meat sauce with a lot of cheese.  It tasted fine but it did nothing for my waist line.  Then there was the leftover barbecue I brought home from visiting family last weekend.  With Brian out of town it's been lovely just to have that on hand to make a sandwich and not cook at night.  But it's probably not the best choice food wise.  And we won't even talk about the single piece of apple pie that's living in my fridge.  Brian brought it home to eat and then went away for the week.  So far I've picked at it a couple of times (a bite here and there) but the majority of it is still there.  So at least that is one victory.
Exercise this week: I went to the gym for a good workout twice this week.  Then yesterday I just wanted to go home so I compromised and went home and took Eli on his first walk in his stroller.  We only walked for 20 minutes because I didn't want to venture too far on his first trip in the stroller.  The good news is he loved it.  We haven't done it before because we don't have a big infant stroller.  I didn't want the big heavy thing so I just got a small umbrella stroller.  We tried it out last night and it worked pretty well.  He still doesn't fit in it really well but he can sit up in it well enough and it will last a long time before he outgrows it. 
Clothes:  Last night I had to go by the storage building to pick something up so I opened my big box of clothes that I packed away when I was too big to wear them and grabbed a couple of things off the top of the stack to try on.  I found another pair of capris that I could wear and I discovered that some of my old size 13 shorts fit again!  Yes I bought those Junior sized shorts as an adult... but I'm okay with that.  I frequently do that because I like the cut a little better.  I tend to buy those weekend clothes at Walmart and the womens size shorts that Walmart carries look like grandma pants to me.  The waist is too high and they look just awful.  The Junior sizes might be cut a little too short for the average person but I'm so short anyway that those short-shorts that some tall person might wear fit me just about right.
Best thing this week:  This week I decided that in the future I'm going to plan an entire months worth of meals so that we no longer have to decide at the last minute what we're having for supper.  I can do a lot of the prep-work on the weekend hopefully and then just be ready to finish things up when I get home.  I'm hopeful that this will help get my eating on track.  I decided to start trying it on June 1.  I've already begun planning and have some new recipes to try and everything.  I try to pick one meal every workday and add it to my calendar.  Some days I stumble upon a couple of new recipes and add extra plans on more days.  I think if I can keep this up I'll always have plans in place at the start of the month. 

Worst thing this week:  Brian is out of town again so I'm all on my own.  Eli and I miss him when he's gone.  Eli might even be having trouble sleeping because of it.  Two nights ago he was really restless all night then last night he cried for 30 minutes before bed and was up again at 2:30 this morning to eat.  Whatever is causing this I hope that we figure it out soon. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

16 Weeks Old - a little late

I know I'm a little late with Eli's update this week.  It's already been a crazy week and even though I remembered to take his picture Monday morning before leaving the house I just hadn't had an opportunity to post until now.  Brian has been very annoying dilligent  in reminding me that I haven't done it yet this week.  In any event, Eli is doing well this week.  He's acting like such a big man lately.  He tries to hold his bottle while he's eating and sometimes he even yanks it away.  He's sleeping longer all the time and is beginning to transition to putting himself to sleep rather than needing to be rocked.  His newest trick this week is making raspberry noises with his mouth.  He thinks it is the most fun game ever to sit and make that noise back and forth with mom.  I was making the noise to him while getting dressed the other morning and he figured out how to make it back.  After that we took turns blowing raspberrys at each other for a few minutes with Eli laughing in between.  I guess we're both easily entertained!

Here is this week's picture.  Hope you are having a good week where ever you are!

16 Weeks Old - I couldn't get a good smile.

This is what the smile looked like when it was time for the picture... It always came with
excited back arching and arm flailing (is that even a word?).

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fat Free Fridays - Week 10

10 weeks down 7 to go.  Looks like I'm probably not going to make it to my 25 lb goal

Total weight lost/gained: 12.5 lbs lost (gained 0.5 lb this week ).

How I'm feeling: I had another bad week as far as staying on track goes.  Plus it's the time of the month when I retain some water anyway and it's been one of those weeks where lots of things go wrong and get in the way of any sort of normal routine.  Given all of that, I'll say that this 0.5 lb gain could just be water and know that next week things WILL get back to where they need to be.
Food this week:  Not terrible and definately not great.  I cooked some pork tenderloin on Sunday then it was a ceral night Monday, Tuesday was Chicken Chili, Wednesday was grilled Chicken with BBQ sauce, the last night we had a thin crust Digiorno Pizza.  Yesterday was super bad because I gave in and went out for lunch to a new Barbecue Restaurant.  So this week we'll call Thursday cheat day and try to do really well all weekend.  It could be tough if I make it to Birmingham to visit Granny Reba though because she make the best fried pies in the whole world!!!
Exercise this week: This week made 2 weeks without getting to the gym.  Like I said it's been a crazy week.  Monday my car died and we had to call and get my step-dad to drive us home so that Brian could rush back to Huntsville and bring my car home on a trailer.  We've done really poorly at leaving the house on time this week.  Eli's still not quite over whatever this cold/allergy thing is.  Yesterday we had to put new tires on my car.  It's just been one of those weeks.
Clothes:  No real change from last week.  My work pants are beginning to be so big that they look bad.  Last summer when I found out I was pregnant and definately not going to loose any weight for a while I cleaned out my closet and moved a bunch of clothes that were too small to the storage building.  I think I may have a few pair of slacks in those clothes that are a size smaller than the ones I'm wearing now.  It may be time to go get that box of clothes and re-evaluate. 
Best thing this week:  The hubby wins again!  This week he went and got my car and managed to fix it without it costing us major dollars.  I'm so glad that he's mechanically inclined and can keep all our vehicles running himself.  Mechanics are expensive and right now we really couldn't afford to replace my car.  Thank you, Sweetie, for being so great!
Worst thing this week:  Car died! Panic ensues. Realize that we can't afford another vehicle right now. Panic even more.  Hubby gets vehicle home and working again. Panic less but begin to come to the realization that my little Jeep is going to have to be replaced eventually.  So far it's got 190,000 miles on it.  I love it so much that I'd be fine driving it another 200,000 miles.  I don't know that it will make it but I can always hope.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sleep Training Log

What is Sleep Training and Why Do It

I'm beginning this Sleep Training journel to keep track of how we are doing on this journey.  Sleep training is the generic term that has recently been used to describe teaching a baby to sleep through the night in their own bed (at least that's the definition we'll use here).  The goal is to teach the baby to self soothe so that both baby and parents get the sleep they need.  The methods can vary drastically from putting the baby in the bed and closing the door to cry it out all night to simply weaning baby off nightime feedings while baby sleeps in the family bed (co-sleeping).

Eli is a great sleeper as long as he's in the bed with Mom and Dad or being held.  But we've had very little luck getting him to even take a long nap in his own crib. He'll sleep about 15 minutes before he's awake and crying.  He honestly just wants to be close to someone. 

All in all, our sleep situation is probably fine, but it could be better.  Eli is getting bigger and somehow manages to take up almost half the bed at 3 months old.  Sometimes at night I wake to find hubby clinging to edge of the bed, me squished against him, and Eli sleeping sideways with his feet on my belly kicking.  Most of the time it isn't that bad, but some nights he takes up the whole Queen size bed. 

For some parents, sleep training is absolutely necessary in order for survival.  Everyone needs sleep and if you've only been getting 2 hours a stretch for 3+ months it's time to make a drastic change.  For us though, sleep training might improve our current situation some but will be necessary before baby #2 comes along someday.  My thoughts are that if we are planning on baby #2 being sometime in the next couple of years, it might be best for all of us if we can transition Eli to his own room sometime in the first year when it's the least traumatic for all of us.  I don't believe it is fair to allow him to sleep in our bed until Baby #2 is on the way or born and then kick him out.  We love him and I won't put him in any situation to believe that we love him any less because he now has a brother or sister.  So overall, it seems like it will be best and easiest to do this sometime in his first year and, hopefully, at the optimum time to minimize stress on everyone. 

I haven't yet purchased any of the various books on sleep training but when I started to do research I found the Science of Mom blog.  This wonderful lady had previously done all the research I was about to do and compiled it into a wonderful series of posts.  Her sleep series begins with her own story of sleep training and what it did for her family. The subsequent posts present all the research with references (I'm a nerd and love references) all captured in each post.  I was so in love with the series that I even sent her an email thanking her and asking her thoughts on our particular situation (something I never do).  I officially have a scientist crush on this great mom. 

So after reading lots of research and giving this lots of thought, I've decided to do a modified version of multiple methods.  Our goal is to begin by teaching Eli to put himself to sleep and to give him opportunities to self-soothe while we are close by then to move him to his own bed in his own room by 6 to 8 months old when we hit that "ideal window" where he's confident in himself and before we'll have serious separation issues. 

May 1, 2012

I've done a lot of reading and thinking about sleep training and still can't decide what method to choose or even if I want to do it at all.  So after lots of contemplating, I think I've decided that they way to go is to try to develop my own method specifically for my baby.  I'm going to attempt to make a lot of little steps very slowly until we reach the optimum window for placing Eli in his own bed. 

Over the last week or two I've been trying to stop letting Eli fall asleep while eating his last bottle and to stop rocking him to sleep.  My rule is that before 9:30 we are pretty strict, at 9:30 we may go back to a little rocking or eating so that we can all sleep by 10.  With Brian and I both working it's only fair that at some point we give up and throw in the towel soon enough to still get a decent ammount of sleep for work the next day.  So far, it's not been bad when we've tried it.  Once Eli's gotten his belly full for the day, he's perfectly content to be held and play with my fingers until he drifts off to sleep.  The trick is knowing when he's finally gotten full.  I'm beginning to think that it's going to take about two 6 oz bottles between 5:30 and bedtime (usually around 9) for us to reach that point. 

Last night he finished off bottle number 2 about 7:30 and feel to sleep while finishing it.  I didn't realize what had happened until it was done.  I fully expected that he'd wake back up around 8:30 or 9 and play for a few minutes then go back to sleep.  He fooled me.  I can't complain too much though because it meant that we were in bed and completely asleep by 9 and that he actually got the sleep he needed for a change instead of going to daycare to sleep another couple hours while we worked.  I could get used to this slight schedule shift.  So we'll call it good.

May 9, 2012

Two days ago I made a slight adjustment to our sleeping habits.  Instead of holding Eli in my lap while he puts himself to sleep I'm laying him down beside me on the bed.  Everything else is the same.  We read a book while we take our last bottle of the night then we settle into bed and wait on him to go to sleep.  Monday (night 1) it took him 20 minutes to put himself to sleep.  Last night (Tuesday) it took just 10 minutes.  I'm excited to see how well it goes the rest of the week.  Right now I'm still holding him pretty tight against me while he tries to go to sleep.  I'm also helping him keep his paci in sometimes and shhsh-ing him a lot to help him go down.  Once he's out he's pretty good about staying asleep.  For the last week I've been waking him up at 6 to eat and get dressed for daycare.  We had one 4:45 morning last weekend but he went right back to sleep after eating and slept until 6:30.  I think we'll give this a week or two to take a nice hold then make the next change. 

May 11, 2012

Last night was more challenging than any we've had thus far.  Eli seemed tired and ready for bed around 8:00 so we transitioned from the couch to the bed.  I laid him down beside me and he suddenly seemed wide awake again.  He just refused to settle he seemed very uncontent.  Since he didn't finish his last bottle of the day I decided to offer him the rest of it.  He took that, burped, and we laid down to try again about 8:30.  He laid next to me and made his unhappy grunting sounds for about 10 minutes then things turned worse.  After about 5 minutes of crying, I sat up and picked him up.  I managed to burp him again and thought that might have been the problem so we calmed down and settled in again.  This time the screaming was immediate.  We made it 4 minutes this time and I again sat up and picked him up to soothe him.  I tried to burp him again this time with no success so we just got calmed down and then laid down one more time about 9:00.  That time it worked! He was calm and drowsy and laid there with his head on my arm cuddling until he fell asleep at 9:04.  Then he got up to eat again at 2:30 this morning.  That is the first time in two weeks that he's been up in the middle of the night.  I wonder if we're about to experiance a growth spurt and are ready to take a little more food.  He doesn't always finish his 6 oz bottle but sometimes he'll gulp it down in just a few minutes.  Frequently when he finishes he is still sucking very hard on it when there's nothing left.  I may start offering him more to eat this weekend and see how that goes. 

15 Weeks - Got a New Trick (with Videos!)

Today Eli is 15 weeks old.  After a weekend of anti-biotics and occasional Tylenol doses I think he is finally beginning to feel better.  He still isn't himself, but at least he is much improved.  Hopefully, he'll continue to get better as the week goes on. 

15 weeks old - We tried really hard to get a grin but Eli was way more interested in looking at the
camera than smiling at the camera.

At our unplanned doctor's appointment last Thursday Eli weighed 14.5 lbs.  I predict that by his 4 month checkup he'll be double his birth weight.  The funny thing is that holding him every day like we do it's hard to really notice that he's getting heavier. 

This week in spite of his sinus infection he decided to grace us with a new display of strength and ability.  Thursday night we decided to lay down on the floor and play a few minutes on our tummy.  We'd been in the floor about 2 minutes before Eli decided that he'd had enough of that and rolled over onto his back all on his own.  At first I thought it was an accident and rolled him over again.  He proved me wrong though by rolling over again.  After that Brian and I (ever the proud parents), were grabbing the video camera and cell phones to take video of his first few rolls.

Saturday he was still rolling over pretty well but on Sunday when Eli's grandparents came to visit he refused to display his new skill.  I don't know if he wasn't feeling as well as before or was tired or hungry or what, but he just wouldn't roll for us.  Honestly, he probably just got bored with that trick or reallized that we wanted him to do it and refused to lower himself to the status of circus performer purely for our ammusement. 

 Music - Steamroller Blues by James Taylor

 In other news, Eli slept over 9 straight hours Friday night.  It was heaven!!! He fell asleep on the couch with us around 8:30, we went to the bed around 9, and he didn't start rooting around until about 6 am Saturday morning.  I was able to keep him quieted in the bed until 7.  I was one happy Mommie this weekend thanks to the extra sleep.  He did pretty well Saturday night as well.  Last night he didn't do so well and I had to wake him up to get ready to leave.

I have one last video to share with you today as well.  Eli and I playing Peek-A-Boo in the mirror on his dresser.  He was getting a big kick out of it.  But like usual once Brian went and got the camera he was way more interested in figuring out what Daddy was holding than playing in the mirror.  We still got some good video of these first few laughs though.