Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eli's "First Word"

Today Eli was playing and talking up a storm.  Before long he discovered that he could make "D" sounds.  Within a few minutes he was Da-da-da-ing all over the place.  So I guess we have a "first word"... at least that's what Brian seems to think.  We'll have an official first word later but for now it will be Da-da. 

Visiting Daddy's Airplane

This weekend Eli got a special treat!  It's just a shame that he's still too little to know how neat a treat it was.  We stopped by the airport where Brian works for the air national guard and Eli got to sit in the cockpit of the airplane.  We took a few pictures so I thought I'd share...

Standing by the jet of Daddy's plane

The wool seat cover feels funny.

So when can I fly this thing?

Now I'm in the pilot's seat... Can we go flying for real?????

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fat Free Fridays - Week 17

So a full 17 weeks has passed and I think overall I did pretty good.  I'm only about 5 lbs short of my goal.  I am definately thinner than I was but I know how easy it would be for all that work to disappear.  I'm going to keep going on my weight loss plan for a while though I probably won't update every week (at least not elaborately anyway). 

Total weight lost/gained: 20 lbs lost (lost 0 lb this week ). At least the loss from last week stuck around.  Now I just have to be careful not to undo everything I've worked for while I'm on vacation next week.  Then it will be time to refocus and get moving again.

How I'm feeling:  Honestly, I've enjoyed a little break the last week or so from logging all my food and being super duper strict.  I'm excited to have a full week off work next week but I know I'm going to have to be careful.  Without a schedule I don't do so well so I'll have to make sure I'm eating out of necessity rather than just because something looks yummy. 

Food this week: I cooked for 6 straight days.  It wasn't always incredibly healthy, but it was probably much better than grabbing a pizza or burger on the way home.  I did try some yummy new recipes and one other that I loved and Brian hated.  But that is just how it goes sometimes.  I have a plan in place for cooking throughout July and a few meals planned in August already.  If I find any worth sharing I'll pass them along. 

Exercise this week: NONE again. But I'm on vacation next week and there should be plenty of help with Eli so perhaps I can get in a 20 minute workout 3-4 times throughout the week.  If nothing else, maybe I can get up early enough to do it before he wakes up.

Clothes:  I'm loving my old capris jeans today as well as the way that my size Medium shirt fits (just a little bigger than perfect).  I plan on doing some light shopping next week so maybe I'll get some smaller pants for work.
Best thing this week:  Vacation is so close I can smell it.  That alone will make things more bearable. 

Worst thing this week: I have a meeting this afternoon so I'm not going to get away from the office as early as I'd like.  But that's okay because it is nice to have a good job where I'm needed.

Eli - 22 Weeks (5 months)

Better late than never right????   So after 2 super busy weeks of teaching classes all week and trying to prepare for being off for a week of vacation next week, I finally have a minute to share Eli's picture from earlier this week.  Last Saturday was Eli's 5 month birthday.  That's kind of amazing because I really can't believe it's only been 5 months since he was born.  He is getting so big now and acting very much like a fun playful little boy.  I can hardly remember what it was like to have a newborn in the house and go for days without sleeping. 

I think that the memory loss (or inability to remember any more than necessary at the moment) might be God's biggest blessing of motherhood.  5 months later and I really don't remember how miserable the end of the pregnancy was though I do remember that it was uncomfortable.  Nor do I remember how bad the labor pains hurt.  I remember that they did hurt, but I couldn't tell you know how bad it really was.  And I know for that first month or so I went for days at a time of a few hours of sleep a night, but I really don't remember how tired I was.  What I do remember are all the good times I've shared with my little boy.  I remember how we used to spend all day on the couch cuddling while I was on maternity leave because he refused to be layed down while napping.  I remember sleeping on the couch with him in the early hours of the morning after Daddy left for work. I remember watching him play as he discovered that he could make sounds with his mouth for the first few times.  I remember his first roll-over, his first roll-back-over, his first attempts at eating rice cereal and how sweet those first few smiles and all the other smiles after were. 

But enough with this trip down memory lane... On to this week's pictures.  Over the last couple of week's we've expanded Eli's diet to include some sweet potatoes.  I made up a bunch of pureed sweet potatoes and froze them in ice cube trays a few weeks ago.  Now I can pull out a cube or two and thaw them for him.  He LOOOOOVES his sweet potatoes.  Mostly, it just makes a big mess but I do think he enjoys them when some do make it to his mouth.  In other related news, he is getting ever closer to crawling.  He can now scoot himself around in a full 360 degree circle on his tummy.  And he can plant his toes into the floor and stick his butt all up in the air.  Once he gets strong enough to push his shoulders off the floor too, he'll be moving and we may never catch him.  One last interesting thing is that this week Eli has become quite the chatter box.  Every morning on the way to day care he just talks and talks.  We usually talk back but I think he's catching on that we really don't understand what he's telling us. 

Morning Bumbo time while Mommy packs lunches.

I can see the whole world from my Bumbo seat.

Ha ha ha Mom.  Your counters may never be clean again thanks to all my stuff everywhere.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fat Free Friday - Week 16

Another week has passed and I'm nearing the end of what I originally intended to be a 17 week program.  At this point, I'm probably going to keep going with this series of posts until I reach my goal of pre-pregnancy weight minus 25 lbs.  I'm getting close so I might as well keep going.

Total weight lost/gained: 20 lbs lost (lost 2 lb this week ).  The 2 for this week isn't terribly acurate.  I use whatever the badge on my home page at My Fitness Pal says after I enter my weight.  After last week it said 18 lbs and this week it says 20 lbs.  But if you'd asked me before I logged in my weight this morning I would have told you I lost 1 lb this week.  It has to do with rounding on the website so I think it made this week look better than it was.  Plus I don't trust at least 1 of those 2 lbs.  I've weighed almost every morning this week and today I was way below what I weighed yesterday.  My weight fluctuates a lot day to day so I don't necessarily believe what I see this morning.

How I'm feeling:   A little guilty and a little proud.  Guilty because I can't remember the last time I got in a workout.  Things just haven't been going as planned at work so I've been skipping it.  I teach another class next week then I'm taking some vacation time the next week.  Proud because today I have on a pair of size 13 denim capris pants that haven't fit since I don't know when.  I'm excited to be wearing my new old-clothes. 

Food this week: With no hubby around I didn't do much cooking.  I ate the leftover KFC that the family brought in when they came to visit last Sunday all week for supper and last night I did really bad with 3 slices of pizza.  Lunches were comprised of a little bowl of pasta and some fresh pineapple this week.  Not too bad overall but I know I could have done better.  I have a full week's worth of meals planned for this week so we'll see how that goes.

Exercise this week: NONE again. I'm certain it won't happen again next week either so I'm trying to convince myself to do my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred videos while I'm on vacation.  We'll just see whether or not I actually acomplish that one.

Clothes:  Like I said before my outfit today is all new old-clothes.  They are new to my closet again but they are some old things that I've worn before and had put away so that I didn't get too depressed while I was wearing maternity clothes. 

Best thing this week:  Feeling just a tiny bit like my old self in some clothes that fit again. Plus Brian came home again from another business trip and he doesn't even have the next trip planned (as far as I know). 

Worst thing this week:  It's Friday and I'm at work.  I know that isn't too bad, but the weeks when we teach class turn out to be long hard weeks.  I just don't have any motivation to be working right now.  I'd rather be at home doing what I want to do.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Eli - 21 Weeks

Today Eli is 21 weeks old. This is a super busy week so I'll keep this short. Eli is getting better with those little hands every day. He is reaching and grabbing at things like you would not believe. Friday we took Eli to our company picnic and showed him off. He seemed to enjoy seeing everyone. Then Saturday Brian was off to guard again so Eli and I went to the Ham Breakfast at McBurg Methodist Church and then ran errands. Again Eli enjoyed seeing new people and visiting with his Granny Mot. Saturday night we went to Joey and Rickey's house to eat supper. While we were there Eli got to feed Joey's fish in her pond. I'm not sure how much he really watched the fish but he sure did like having his toes in the water. Sunday we had a visit from Grandma Deb, Granny Reba, and Pappa Garro. It was great for me to have some extra help with Eli. And it was incredible to have an extra pair of hands or two help me with some of the housework. It's the first time in a long time I really felt like I was ready for my work week. Here are a few pictures to show you what we've been up to.

An Organizing Tip - File Folders

So anyone who knows me probably knows that I'm a little OCD when it comes to certain things.  Honestly, I'm probably a little too rigid about the organization of some things.  My good cookware for example has a certain way that it lives in the cabinet.  I buy all square tupperware bowls because they fit in the cabinet nicely.  And, I've even gone so far as to organize my freezer complete with index card labels held on the wire shelves with clothes pins. 

Now that you know all that about me, it probably won't surprise you that one of my pet peeves used to be about my file cabinet.  I hated the fact that when I needed to add or remove a file from my file cabinet, my tabs at the top no longer ran left, middle, right in alphabetical order.  I might have apples on the far left tab followed by  cucumbers on the far right tab where I had removed the folder on bananas that formerly occupied the middle tab folder between them.  That meant that I was driven to completely re-organize and relabel all the folders in the file cabinet just to satify my need for those tabs to run alphabetically and left, middle, right. 

Well I finally got smart and created a solution.  I now put all my folders with labels beginning with A on the far left tab then organize within the "A" category alphabetically.  All my "B" category items are labeled on the middle tab folders, "C" category labels go on the right, and D category labels go back to the left tab again.  I do this over and over through the whole alphabet so that I can visually see that when those tabs change position I'm in the next letter of the alphabet.  But the best perk to me is that I no longer feel driven to take everything out of the filing cabinet when I have to add or remove a file folder.  Yay!  Now I can sleep at night because I'm not up reorganizing the filing cabinet or fighting insomnia from worrying about my filing cabinet. 
And just so you know, my house is not all perfectly organized.  Not even close.  Nor is it perfectly clean.  My life just doesn't work that way.  As much as I would love for it to be, I just can't keep it up.  And while I can live with my house being a complete mess, for some reason those little file folders just bug me.  That is one of the few places that I just have to have things a certain way.  Since I was working on organizing at work today I thought I'd share this little tip with you.  It's made my life much easier and I hope it helps you with your next filing project too. 

Fat Free Fridays - Week 15

Friday was our company picnic and Eli came to work with me so I didn't get this update done.  Trying to catch up now.

Total weight lost/gained: 18 lbs lost (lost 0 lb this week ).

How I'm feeling: I'm feeling very cautious about this week.  I haven't managed to exercise in 2 weeks now and this week and next I'm teaching a class so I won't have time to work out.  I hope I can take a walk with Eli in the afternoons to get something in.  Then 2 weeks from now we are going on vacation.  I'm planning on trying to do some light workouts during that week, but I probably won't be terribly motivated.  With all that going on I'm worried that the next month could spell weight gain.

Food this week:  I could have done better probably but with Brian out of the house and me not cooking I think I did okay overall.  I ate a lot of cereal for supper but I did use up the leftover rotisserie chicken by making some chicken chili and a chicken pasta dish using whole wheat pasta. 

Exercise this week: NONE again.  I've been getting things done before two weeks of teaching class and a vacation so I haven't had time at work lately.  And like I said above with two weeks of teaching and vacation coming up it's not looking like it's going to happen any this month. 

Clothes: I broke down and brought the whole giant box of clothes home from the storage building this weekend.  I went through them and found probably 10 items that I can wear again now and there were likely another 15 or so that if I can loose another 5-10 lbs will be wearable as well.  Once I get down another 8 lbs I'll go through the box again.

Best thing this week: Getting to show my little man off at the company picnic. 

Worst thing this week:  We were without Brian again due to work obligations.  He was home for around 36 hours then gone again. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Few Pictures

These are some pictures I've been meaning to get off the big camera for a while now.  Thought I'd share a few with you.

A few weeks ago we spent a weekend visiting Eli's Great Grandmother Reba and Great Papaw John.

Eli loved swinging on the front porch

His big cousin, Brady, was nice enough to share his favorite blanket with Eli.

Watching Brady with BIG eyes.

When we did get home Eli was happy to have some down time at our house.

Laying in his crib.

Playing with his favorite ball.

And really enjoying some tummy time.

Then last weekend we got some pictures of Eli trying to eat rice ceral. 

What is this stuff, Mommie?

I don't know how good it tastes but it sure is fun to play with.

You're out of luck if you think I'm swallowing that mess.

Hahahaha... Mommie gave up on that.  I win again!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Eli - 20 weeks

Can you believe it's already been 20 weeks since Eli was born?  I sure can't.  It seems like just yesterday that we were super excited to know that he'd be born in just a few hours.  But in another way it seems like he's always been a part of our lives. 

At 20 weeks old Eli is a champion roller-over.  He no longer has any trouble making it from one side to the other.  I expect it won't be long before he decides to start crawling too.  Every night we lay him in the floor for some tummy time and now he seems more and more frustraited by the fact that he can't go anywhere.  Last night I thought maybe he will do a fun four-legged walk instead of crawling.  He didn't seem as interested in putting his knees under him as he did in planting his little toes in the floor and trying to get his butt as high in the air as possible.  He couldn't keep that booty up for long and his arms aren't strong enough yet to push that big ole 'noggin all the way up so I don't think he's going anywhere right away, but I can see that it won't be long. 

Other things we're doing now is trying to learn to eat some rice cereal off a spoon.  Every afternoon when we get home from work I put him in his Bumbo seat on the kitchen counter and we try.  Typically I think we end up with way more on him than in him, but it's a fun new game for us and he seems to enjoy getting messy so we'll keep it up. 

And lastly, at 20 weeks old Eli has made the transition to sleeping in the pack-n-play instead of in our bed snuggled up against me.  We had a rough little transition last weekend when we decided to make that change at the same time as his 4 month shots but overall he took the change really well.  He isn't sleeping quite as well as he was in our bed but he still manages to sleep from around 9 or 9:30 to about 4 am every night.  Then I get up and feed him and he usually comes back into our bed with me for another hour or so until it's time to get up.  I figure I could fight him and make him go back to his pack-n-play but then I would have to be able to consistently run on 6 hours of sleep a night and I just can't make it on any less than about 7.  So for now we are compromising and Eli sleeps pretty much all night in his bed and then after he eats in the morning he can come cuddle with me in our bed. 

I believe we have now outgrown pretty much all of our 0-3 size clothes (except for shorts which run funny).  I'm in the process of washing everything now then I'm going to begin packing the smallest sizes of baby clothes away to save for future children. 

Here is this week's picture.  I did pretty good this morning and remembered to take a new picture!

Eli wasn't happy with me for waking him up with morning to go to daycare.

This was as close to a smile as we got.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fat Free Friday - Week 14

14 weeks of Fat Free Fridays.  A good week for numbers a bad week for habbits.

Total weight lost/gained: 18 lbs lost (lost 3 lb this week ).

How I'm feeling: I'm kind of shocked that I lost 3 lbs this week.  I even had to go back to where I record my weight and double check the numbers.  I'm excited that I've now reached my secondary goal before vacation and I'm 4 lbs ahead of the 1 lb a week reasonable schedule of weight loss.  I'm kind of ashamed that I haven't done better food and exercise wise because I might actually have made even more progress.

Food this week: Pretty much bad all around.  I missed my 1200 calorie mark 6 out of 7 days the past week and passed the 1500 caloire mark at least once (probably more like 3 times).  But today is June and I have a full month worth of meals planned already.  Some are more nutritionally sound than others but having a plan is a great start. 
Exercise this week: NONE.  I have several excuses like Monday was a holiday so it was a short week or We started a new sleep routine with Eli last Thursday and I've been exhausted because he didn't sleep as much as normal or I'm super busy at work and don't have time or how bout this crazy rash that broke out on my neck sending me to the doctor on Thursday costing me another day of my week.  All in all though it doesn't matter because I'm the one not getting it done.  I've got to do well this week because the next 3 after that are completely full and I can see that working out might not be an option at all.
Clothes: Those old shorts I mentioned last post do fit! Now I have to go to the storage building and get the 3 other pair just like them in different colors so I have something to wear.  I'm willing to bet there are probably some tops in the box that I can wear again too.  It may be time to get the whole big box and bring it home to go through. 
Best thing this week:  Watching the kiddos play on the slidey-slide last weekend.  They had a blast!
Worst thing this week:  Sleep deprivation from Eli's change in sleep routine.  It's better than it was last weekend but it still could use some improvement.