Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eli - 28 Weeks

This week, Eli is 28 weeks old.  We've had another good week and Eli is back to his usual self only a little more hungry the last few days.  I suspect that we are working on a growth spurt because the last few nights we are back to being up every 4 hours to eat.  We are very much on the move these days.  I like to say that Eli has 2 speeds... Asleep and GONE!  It's almost impossible to get anything done around the house now because when Eli is playing in the floor you have just enough time to run put one thing away in another room before you have to pick him up and get him away from something he shouldn't be playing with. 

This morning Eli was still pretty sleepy when I had to get him up and get dressed for daycare, but I did get a few good smiles out of him while I was taking his picture.

At Eli's 6 month appointment last Friday he weighed in at 20 lbs 10 oz and measured 27 1/2 inches long.  That was 90th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for length.  We have a nice little chunky baby who loves his food and is meeting all his milestones right on time.  The doctor's appointment went okay and we managed the shots as well as possible.  It was actually a little worse than our previous shots.  I think it had something to do with the fact that he was being held down while we were trying to get all four of those shots in him.  The good news is that I'm told that next time we don't have to do 4 shots so that will make things a little easier.  We also got the go ahead to give Eli a few ounces of juice a day if we want.  We tried a little apple juice over the weekend and Eli didn't seem terribly impressed.  He kind of tasted it and made a face as if to say "Mom, that is not my milk.  What kind of mess have you given me?"

So that is it for this week's post.  I have another post coming soon with more food adventures.  Until then.  Have a good day.

Finally Did It!

I finally managed to update the 6 Month Old post with a picture and a 6 month old celebration surprise. 

Check out the 6 month old post here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Eli - 27 weeks (with Pics and Videos)

I know I still haven't put up a picture for last week but that doesn't mean that I don't have it.  I just don't have it off the "good camera" yet.  I ususally take Eli's photos with my little point and shoot, but last week with him sick I didn't get a picture.  Fortunately, last weekend I did manage to grab some shots of him with the DSLR.  Unfortunately, the DSLR requires me to do more than pop out the memory card and stick it in my computer.  That means that things tend to live on that camera for a while before I get around to finding the cords and readers and getting them off.  In the meantime, I'll share the picture I took this morning. 

Eli is now 27 weeks old and we are fully crawling.  Thankfully, he's feeling better every day and slowly getting over this cold or whatever it was he had last week.  So a healthy, happy, and very active little boy makes for a very tired Mommy and Daddy.  We spent most of the weekend hanging around the house and redirecting Eli every 5-10 minutes.  We'd put him in the living room floor and go about our regular chores while keeping one eye on him.  5 minutes later he's made it completely across the living room and is trying to play with the leg of my ice bucket stand or the folding table (currently out for a project I'm in the middle of) or just about anything else that stands a solid chance of falling over if knocked the wrong way.  That means we have to go pick him up and move him to a safe place to play.  Then the process repeats itself in another 5 mintues or so only this time with the sewing machine power cord or the dogs' tennis ball or mom's flip flop.  Yes, our house is abuzz in activity. 

Currently, our favorite toy is the baseball game his Joey got him for Christmas last year before he was even born.  He's figured out how to make it make all the noises and when he's tired of hitting homeruns he thinks it's great fun to chase the bat around the living room floor.  Most of the time he can't quite figure out how to get a good grip on the bat so he just knocks it and then crawls after it. 

The last thing I have for you is a video of Eli crawling around this weekend.  Yes, you can tell how snotty his nose still was from time to time, but there wasn't much we could do about that.  Yet another milestone hit and another skill mastered (well almost).  I say almost because Eli doesn't quite have his knees under him and currently prefers to push himself with his big toes.  Maybe he'll start a new trend.  Way to go baby boy!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6 Month Update

On Monday Eli was 6 months old.  Unfortunately, little man woke up with a terrible cold on Monday morning and has been snotty, drooly, watery, and completely unfit for taking any photos. We went to the doc and got him some meds, but there is only so much it can do. 

I stayed home with him Monday and Tuesday and late yesterday afternoon I would have told you he was feeling better.  But we were up and down again all night last night and this morning when I got him up to go to daycare he looked pretty terrible.  I felt horrible leaving him at daycare today.  I just hope that after he's up and vertical for an hour or two he feels a little better and some of that drainage moves out of his head. 

I have a big picture surprise planned once I can actually get a picture from this week.  Hopefully I'll get the picture tonight and can post it sometime before the end of the week.  We hope that wherever you are you are having a better (or at least healtier) week than we are.  Talk to you soon.

UPDATE (7/20/12)
Leaving Eli at daycare on Wednesday turned out to be a terrible decision.  I must have known it in my gut because I cried most of the way to work and wanted to cry pretty much all day.  I called and checked on him around 10 before I had a meeting at 11 and they said that he was more fussy than normal but that he would be fine.  Then I called around 2 when my meeting finally finished and they told me that he'd been crying most of the day and hadn't eaten at all.  So that was it... I called Joey and asked if she would go pick him up and take him home and she did.  That let me finish the rest of the day at work and make arrangements to work from home the rest of the week.  Working from home meant that I could get up super early and do some work while Eli slept in as much as he needed.  Then I could run him down the road to daycare for a couple of hours while I did some more work and then I could finish off my workday when Brian got home in the afternoon.  I'm so greatful to have a job where that is an option because it helped me to get some things done that needed finishing right away and be a good mom to my little boy. 

Yesterday Eli slept in until 10 am (that was like 13 hours straight of sleep for him) so I got in about 5 hours of work before he ever work up.  But he woke up with his cold settled down into his chest so I called the doctor and back we went right after lunch.  Another long wait in a waiting room, then the doc gives us more meds, a nebulizer, and sends us to the hospital for a chest X-ray, blood work, and an RSV test.  All the testing showed that things were alright as long as he improved quickly.  Fortunately today things seem much much better.  Eli slept in again (this time just to 8:30) and woke up a little wheezy again but a breathing treatment helped him out.  This afternoon he's almost back to his old self.  He's still a little snotty from time to time, but we're surviving.  With any luck by Monday he'll be well enough to go back to daycare. 

UPDATE!!!! (7/31/12)

So I finally got around to downloading the pictures from our good camera of Eli at 6 months.   That means that I could add the picture of Eli at 6 months and finish my big picture surprise for his 6 month old post. 

So here he is at 6 months old (a little later than I would have liked, but at least I got it done).

And last but not least... here is the surprise I've been working on for a few months.  I put together a composite of Eli's weekly photos along with notes about milestones, etc.  I've put the photo on here but in case you can't really see it, if you click here, you'll see a bigger version.

Friday, July 13, 2012

We Have Forward Motion (Video)

Things at our house are about to get even more hectic.  We are likely just a couple weeks away from having a crawler trying to get into everything.  This week Eli decided that he was tired of being stuck in one spot all the time so he figured out a way to move forward on the floor.  Over the last 2 weeks he's been rolling all over the living room but never with a real purpose.  This week, he decided that he wanted something so he worked his way to it.  It's not really a crawl yet, but he's definately moving round.  He can go a long way when he wants but thus far I haven't been able to get a good video of it.  So for now, this is what I'll share.  Happy Friday!

Please ignore the dog hair in my floor.  As you can see the vaccum cleaner was out and ready to be used but when you have a shot at getting his first time crawling on video you stop cleaning to do it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Eli - 25 weeks

As we are closing in on the 6 month old mark (one week from today), Eli seems to be getting stronger and stronger every day.  I have trouble getting him in the car seat now because he wants to sit up straighter.  He'll brace his arms against the edge of the seat to stay sitting up and it makes it really tough to get him strapped in. 

We had a very busy weekend of rolling around in the floor and playing.  He almost refuses to sleep during the day now until he's completely exhausted and can't hold his eyes open any longer.  Then he's down for 30 minutes and right back up going strong again.  I see him becoming very much the little boy with endless ammounts of energy.  This morning was the first time in 2 weeks that I've dropped him off at daycare so I'm curious to see how his day there goes and whether or not he's exhausted when we get home tonight. 

I did super great this week and not only remembered to take his picture but got them posted pretty early this morning.  He was still a little sleepy while I was trying to get his picture and out the door, but I did manage to get a smile or two out of him.  And as is becoming more and more common, I couldn't get him to sit back at all.  he wanted to lean all the way forward to see what I was doing.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Eli - 24 Weeks

Who knows what day it is anyway??? The holiday in the middle of this week has completely thrown me off.  A week with two Mondays should definately not be allowed!  The up side of all of that though is that we did get two Fridays this week.  In any event, I completely forgot to take Eli's picture on Monday so I'm just going to use one from last Saturday on our way home from Florida.  We stopped at the Preisters Pecan store just south of Montgomery for a break and a chance to stretch our legs.  While we were there we took a chance to sit in a rocking chair on the porch with Eli and let him stretch his legs good by playing on our laps.  He's reaching for everything now and it he gets his hands on something it immediately goes in his mouth.  Plus now that he's rolling so well, I'm going to have to do way better about leaving things in the floor around the house.  So far this week we've tasted the dog toy and 3 pair of mom's shoes.

Hey, Mom, what ya getting out of your bag?

A camera???  That looks fun!  Can I taste it?

It's been a crazy week.  Independence day means that the daycare is closed for the week so with vacation last week it's been 2 weeks since Eli went to daycare.  I'm excited for him to get back so that we can begin to get back into our little routine.  We haven't done too bad, but our little family seems to thrive on routine so it will be nice to get back to it completely.  Eli's been very lucky to have both his grandmothers sit with him this week while Brian and I worked. Deb covered Monday and Tuesday and Joey took Thursday and Friday (today).  So I'm sure Eli has been very well enteretained all week.  Last night he was completely worn out.  He went to sleep at 5:30, got up at 8:30 to eat a bottle and play for a few minutes then went down for the night at 10:00.  Joey said he was a very busy little boy rolling all over the living room. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend and am hopeful that I'll get my house somewhat in order and re-adjusted after vacation.  We came home with almost all clean clothes (thanks to washers and dryers at the rental home) but it just always seems to take me a few days to get things completely unpacked and cleaned back up.  We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoyed this week's pictures.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beach Vacation 2012

Last week we had a wonderful beach vacation in Destin, Florida.  Tropical Storm Debbey kept us in on Sunday and Monday, but by Tuesday we had beautiful weather and it held out for the rest of the week.  It was an amazing time spent with family and friends and Eli really enjoyed his first family vacation. 

I came back with tons of pictures and even a couple of videos of Eli playing in the pool.  Unfortunately I'm a dope and managed to delete the videos off my camera before the copied to my hard drive.  Brian's always asking why I never delete pictures from my camera.... well that is why.  Because I'm not capable of deleting anything without deleting something I don't mean to.  UGH!  So I guess I'll just have to console myself with the fact that I got lots of pictures. 

Now... on to the vacation pictures. 

We pretty much spent the first couple of days laying around the beach house.  We drove down from Birmingham on Saturday afternoon and by the time we got there Eli was tired and cranky.  So it turned out kind of well that the storms kept us from hitting the beach on Sunday and Monday.  We spent lots of time laying around watching TV, playing with Eli in the floor, eating, and napping.  On Monday, Eli stayed with his Grandma while Brian and I went to buy some new work clothes at the outlet mall.  We were out of the house a total of 2 hours before it was time for more eating, sleeping, and being lazy. 

But by Tuesday the storms had cleared out and we were in for more beautiful weather.  So we got up and decided to take Eli to the beach to see how he liked it. 

Now this is the way to ride to the beach!!!

Eli was very intrigued by the water, wind, and rushing waves, but when his toes got wet he quickly decided he wasn't much a fan of the ocean.

What is this fast moving stuff, Daddy?

No, this is not any fun, Mom.  Why would anybody like this salty stuff?

So the water was a bust.  The sand, however, was very interesting as was the towel we laid Eli on. 

But we decided it probably wouldn't be a good idea to let him end up with a belly full of sand so we took one last family photo and gave up on beach time for Eli. 

Mommie and Daddy did get to spend about an hour alone at the beach later in the week, but for the most part our beach time was done the first day in about 20 minutes.

Once we knew that the beach would not be a hit with Eli this summer we decided to try the pool.  If you've never been on vacation and had a private pool I highly suggest it.  I'm not about to go spending hours in and around the pool at a huge condo complex, but I love pool time when it is just us and the folks we vacation with.  It's hard to find somewhere with a private pool unless you have a large group, but we were a group of 14 (15 counting Eli and 16 if Uncle Woo had been able to come)  so renting a large house with a backyard and pool house works great. 

At first, Eli thought the pool water was too cold.  But once Daddy got in and showed him how to bounce and splash it was super fun.  (This is the part where I really wish I had those videos).

Look at me splash!!!

I know it's a pool but I still have to get a taste.

So that's what those duckys that mom pulls out at bath time are for!  Mommie, this bath tub is waaaay bigger than the ones at home.
 The rest of the week was pretty much the same as the first. some resting, some pool time, lots of eating and TV watching, and lots of time spent with Eli.  I don't think we could have asked for a nicer vacation except that it could have been a little longer... like forever.  But like all fun things it did end and a week after we drove down we got in the car and headed North again. 

Eli did great on the ride home.  We even managed to make it all the way home on Saturday.  We stopped a few times to eat or take a break and stretch our legs.  And eventually we made it to Birmingham safely.  Then we dropped off a few people and stuff and picked up Uncle Woo's dog, Toby, to go meet him at the airport.  We managed to get all 3 of us, Aunt 'Lissa and Toby in the cab of the truck for the ride from Calera to Birmingham.

We were all very worn out from a nice long week at the beach but it was time to move on to the next thing.  Aunt 'Lissa and Toby (especially Toby) were super excited to go pick up Uncle Woo from the airport after he'd spent 2 weeks in London for work. 

Eli - 23 Weeks

Last week we were on vacation. We had a wonderful trip and dispite a tropical storm the first two days ended up with some beautiful weather. Even though I missed posting Eli's 23 week old picture, I did remember to take it. I'll do another post with lots of vacation pictures. So for now, here's Eli at 23 weeks.