Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eli - 36 Weeks

So I'm less late this week than last week but I'm still late.  Monday, Eli was 36 weeks old.  He is quite the little mover and shaker now.  He is now extremely adept at pulling up on the coffee table and can step his way all the way around it.  He can also grab hold of one of our legs when we're sitting on the couch and make the transition to standing against the couch.  He seems to have so much to do now that he's cruising (I think that's what this is called).  It seems at night we go, go, go until he's so exhausted that he just climbs in my lap and goes to sleep. 

This week we're fighting another little sinus infection/ear infection.  The ragweek is blooming here and poor Eli can barely breathe at night.  Brian took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon and got him some anti-biotics so hopefully, we'll get some rain soon to help with the pollen and Eli will start feeling better (not that he acts like he feels bad most of the time). 

The other big news this week is that Eli figured out how to say "Mama".  I got a couple of videos last night but they turned out kind of dark.  I'll share one today and try to get a better one tonight with the better video camera.  We hope wherever you are and whatever you're doing this week that you've enjoyed it and that the weekend finds you well tomorrow. 

Eli can make it all the way around the cofee table.  Don't worry Rocky, you're definately not in the way.

I think we're done making pictures on the couch, Mom.  I have places to go and things to explore.

Watch me go!

How 'bout I stand here and make faces while you take pictures???

No, Daddy, I won't smile while you take pictures either.

And here's our video of our new word.  It's very dark and bad quality, but you can hear him talking and see how excited he is about it. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Eli - 35 weeks

I'm exceptionally late getting Eli's picture up this week, but at least I got it done.  Eli and I spent last weekend visiting family in Birmingham and I just never quite got it back together this week after being gone all weekend.  When I'm not at home during the weekend I ususally spend the whole week trying to get caught up.  The house is still a wreck, I bought just enough groceries Monday to get through the week so now we're out of everything again, the laundry is piling up, the grass needs cutting, etc.  The good news is that tomorrow we start another weekend and I plan on catching back up (at least partially). 

In any event, last weekend was totally worth being behind all week.  Eli had a great time visiting and learned to play the drums (stack of cups in the floor and wood spoons for drumsticks).   Eli is busier than ever.  He has recently stopped settling down at night before bed.  Lately we go go go until he's so tired that he just crashes almost instantly when we pick him up to feed him that last bottle. 

The other interesting development is that Eli has discovered how to pull up on everything.  Monday night we watched as he crawled over to the coffee table, reached up, grabbed the edge with one hand then the other, and soon was stading all the way up on the edge of the coffee table.  Brian and I looked at each other and knew instantly that we are now in big trouble.  Nothing is safe anymore.  Watch out world we are even more moble. 

This morning I finally managed to snap a few pictures of Eli for this week.  But let me tell you it's no longer easy to keep him still enough to get one that's in focus.

Snap that picture fast, Mom.  I'm about to get moving.

1/2 was to my crawling position.  You have about 2 more seconds.

See.... You had to give up on those couch photos and put me in the floor.  This is my favorite toy right now.  The box that the new DirecTV reciever came in. 

You see the box in the picture don't you??  Eli has claimed it for his own (at least until the next time we make a trip to the dump).  Like every little boy he's discovered that it's way more fun to go over something that's in the way than to go around.  Good thing he now has 4-Wheel Drive.  Last night he spent a good 30 minutes crawling back and forth over the box and moving toys from one side to the other. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eli - 34 Weeks

I'm a couple days late this week getting Eli's picture but I guess it's better to be late than to miss it altogether.  Monday Eli was 34 weeks old.  After a very busy weekend, Eli didn't sleep well at all Sunday night (we were up at 3:30 am Monday morning).  Fortunately, Monday and Tuesday nights he went to bed right on time and slept through the night.  I think we're teething again so I've been giving him some Teething Tablets before bed to help him with the pain. 

This week Eli is as busy as ever.  I swear he crawls faster every day.  He is still doing his Army crawl, but from time to time he'll pull his knees under him for a second or two.  I believe that he's almost ready to drop is late afternoon nap as well and trade up to a slightly earlier bedtime.  About half of all weekdays now we skip the nap that he used to take sometime around 6pm and he's asleep on the couch for the night by 7:30 or 8.  We're trying hard to encourage this new sleep schedule by avoiding going out after work to be sure Eli gets plenty of playtime with us and is home in time to settle in by 8pm. 

We're also still working on learning how to do family meals.  Eli is getting very good at eating in his high chair while we eat at the table.  Right now that means that I get a bite and then Eli gets a bite and so on.  But as long as Eli's getting to eat while we do, he seems happy. 

That's about all our news for this week.  Hope you enjoyed the video I shared on Monday and that you like this week's pictures. 

The only way I could get Eli to sit still today was to let him hold and shake the bottle of Teething Tablets

Eli is fascinated by any kind of bottle with something in it that rattles.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Daddy's So Funny

Last night Eli was all about some Daddy time.  Daddy was funny and Eli didn't want to play with anybody else.  Yesterday afternoon Eli's Grandma Deb / Far Granny / Grammers (we still don't quite know what to call her) came to play with him so that I could mow the grass while Brian was at Guard.  She started the "Achoo Game" and then Brian picked it up.  Apparently, it's a really funny thing. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Yesterday afternoon I went to the doctor's office for lab work and they confirmed that I am indeed pregnant again.  It looks like Eli really is going to be a big brother.  This morning as I was getting him dressed for daycare I suddenly didn't see him as a little baby anymore.  It looked like he had grown overnight to me somehow.  He just seemed so big as I was carrying him out the door. 

Right now the whole thing doesn't feel very real.  Last time, I think I was about 20 weeks along before I really felt like there was a baby growing inside me.  I wonder if this time will be any different.  I go for my first OB appointment late this month.  In the meantime, I think we just begin preparing our whole family to grow just a little bit more. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

33 Weeks and Eli's First Gameday

This week Eli is 33 weeks old.  Over the last week Eli has fallen in love with standing up at the coffee table and playing with toys on the table.  It's semi-dangerous given his instability on his feet so it requires that someone sit right there with him the whole time.  He's also recently started carrying a spoon with him almost all the time.  I think it's his go-to imagining toy.  That spoon can be a drum stick for beating on a box, a wrench for beating on the fender of the car while Daddy changes the oil, a sword for fighting a toy girraffe who isn't behaving, etc.  Of course this is just my interpretation of what he's doing at any given moment, but it sure seems like he's pretending lots of different things with that spoon. 

Eli is also more and more concerned with Mommy and Daddy's food.  I'm trying to be dilligent about his "real-food" feedings and make sure that those coincide with our meals as much as possible.  My goal is that we begin establishing table manners and he learns to sit in his high chair while we eat.  Unfortunately, sometimes (like last night) Eli's tired and off schedule and it's just best for him to play in the floor while Brian and I eat (Brian on the couch and me in the floor).  When this unstructured meal-time happens Eli always seems to find his way onto my lap to get little bites of whatever I'm eating.  Last night he loved the taste of my mashed potatoes and we regularly share a late-night snack of unsweetened apple sauce.  And sometimes on weekend mornings when I'm grabbing a late bowl of cereal while he plays in the floor he thinks it is necessary for him to get a drop or two of milk off my spoon for every bite I take. 

So here is Eli at 33 weeks.  The first picture was taken Sunday morning and the others were taken today before we left the house. 

Sunday morning we played in our Gunney hat for a while.   Eli doesn't mind the hat and I think it's just about the cutest hat ever.

Good morning, Mommy!

I'm gonna come and get you!

Maybe I'll just grab a bite of that camera case instead.
 This weekend was also Eli's first gameday experiance.  We got up Saturday morning and put on our Auburn gear.  Then late Saturday afternoon we added Eli's jersey over his Auburn onesie.  I don't think Eli payed much attention to the game.  He had way too much else going on with all his toys in the floor.  Wes and Melissa joined us for the long weekend so Eli's Uncle Woo was on hand for a nice photo op as well.

About the end of the first quarter we ran outside to be sure we got a picture of the boys in their jerseys before Eli went to bed.  Unfortunately, my camera had been sitting right in front of the AC vent and fogged up the second we went outside.  So I only got a halfway decent picture.  But Melissa got a good one with her phone so it wasn't a total waste going outside for a minute.

The best picture of Brian and Eli but the camera was foggy.

Less foggy, but not a happy Eli face.

Uncle Woo, Eli, and Daddy (The good fog-free picture)

Discovering Bean #2

This weekend was Labor Day 2012 and amidst all of the celebrating we learned that we were now expecting Baby #2.  Eli (Bean #1) is just 7 months old and we'd been hoping to wait a full year between pregnancies.  But sometimes things don't go as planned so here we go again.

To be perfectly honest, it's taken me 2-3 days just to get used to the idea of all of this.  And right this minute I'm more terrified than excited.  I have no idea how I'll handle being pregnant and raising Eli much less wrangling 2 children.  I don't know yet where the money for Bean #2's day care will come from or even where he/she will sleep.  It seems like there is so much to be taken care of and that I won't possibly have time to accomplish it all in the next 9 months. 

For right now, I'm trying to remain calm and think about how wonderful Eli has been.  Being Eli's mom turned out to be more amazing that I could ever have imagined.  My heart has grown exponentially in the last 7 months.  Though right now I can't imagine how I could find room in my heart for loving another child as much as I love Eli, I'm sure that the room will be there when the time comes.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor for a confirmation of the home pregnancy test and then we'll start scheduling the real doctor's appointments.  In the meantime, keeping calm and reminding myself that everything will be fine is the task at hand.