Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eli - 45 weeks

So after catching up on last week, it's also time to post this week's photos. 

Last weekend was Eli's first Iron Bowl experiance.  I've appologized to him multiple times that his first year as an Auburn fan wasn't a great one.  The Iron Bowl blow-out was no exception.  In any event, sometimes bad seasons happen so we just accept them and move on glad to see the bleeding end for a few months.  The up side is that Saturday we had some wonderful company for watching the game and Eli's Grammers, Papa Garo, and Aunt 'Lissa came to play with him while I put up our Christmas tree. 

Eli had too much fun playing during the day because by the time the game came on, he was ready for a nap.  He slept through most of the game (lucky little turkey).  But once he got up, he was ready to play.  After everybody left to head home, Eli decided it was time to do one of his new favorite things... play with Daddy's cap. 

Hi, Daddy! You left your cap here on the table.
Since you're not using it I think I'll borrow it for a while. Okay?

So far this week, our mornings haven't been very pretty.  Yesterday Eli woke up an hour early (5am) screaming his head off (very unlike him).  He required much cuddling and loving while he ate his morning bottle then it was time to get dressed.  I usually get up at 5 and get dressed and ready to leave before I ever get Eli up so it was interesting (i.e. difficult) to get dressed while trying to care for him when he just wanted to be held and cuddled.  To be honest, I didn't want to go to work after 5 days off either so cuddling him sounded way better to me too.  But we got out the door on time none-the-less. 

Today Eli slept fine and I woke him at the usual time.  At first I thought we'd done better because Eli ate then proceeded to crawl all over the house while I tried to change his clothes.  But apparently he was still a little cranky and tired and wanted to be cuddled.  Our first picture turned out like this...

Mommie... please pick me up and cuddle!
  But after some more snuggles and a little coaxing, we were back in the floor playing.  Not quite happily, but definately playing. 

There's that camera thing again... Hmmmmmm... wonder if I can get it.

Mom, can I please see that camera?

Look, I found the case!  You think I can put the camera away for you?

When I dropped him at daycare, he wasn't quite ready to play, but he warmed up to the idea of playing with the other kiddos fairly quickly.  There were a couple of Eli's favorite big kids hanging out waiting on the bus, so I suspect that he decided to go see what they were up to.

Catching Up... 44 weeks and Happy Thanksgiving

So I completely flaked last week and didn't post the picture I took.  Between my 2 day work week, the holiday, Black Friday shopping, and putting up Christmas decorations it just didn't get done.  So here are Eli's 44 week pictures.

Last week he began really noticing the TV (I'm not sure yet if that is good or bad) and we cut another tooth. That brings the teethy total up to 8 now. 

We made some last minute changes to plans and ended up in Birmingham for Thanksgiving this year.  The good news is that means that we'll be home for Christmas and won't have to drag Eli on a 2 hour car ride Christmas morning.  We hope that you're Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you found some great deals at all those sales (in stores and online).  I think another few things and I'll have our Christmas shopping done.  I love online shopping!  I'm saving those last few things for our yearly mother-daughter shopping trip in a week or so.  Hey, I can't let Joey and Stacy have all the fun.

Eli loved playing outside on a warm Thanksgiving Day.

Look, Mom! I found this awesome orange ball.

It's super fun when someone rolls it to me.  I can't roll it back yet, but I love to watch it come to me.

Eli and Brady hanging with their Great-Grandparents.

The whole crew at Granny and Papaw's House.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eli On the Move

Eli has been cruising around holding onto furniture for a few weeks now.  He's gotten pretty good at it, actually.  So after a couple of failed attempts at letting him walk behind is walker toy, this week he figured it out and really took off.  Last night we managed to get it on video.  He was having a blast and scooting right along.  Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

Monday, November 12, 2012

43 Weeks (10 Months) - Eli has a Surprise!

This week Eli turns 10 months (43 weeks) old and Eli has a surprise for you!  We'll get to the surprise later but first our update for the week.

Eli has been a very busy little boy this week.  Saturday and Sunday was the annual Host of Christmas Past festival in Fayetteville.  On Saturday morning we loaded up and went walking around the square.  Eli enjoyed riding in his stroller and looking at everything.  There was lots going on so he had plenty to entertain him.  Then Saturday night, he tagged along with me for a Girls' Night Out.  Brian had to spend the weekend in Birmingham for guard, so we really didn't have much choice.  I'll admit that I was a little worried at first, but Eli behaved wonderfully.  He enjoyed "eating out" and made a huge mess of the restaurant floor feeding himself the peas, carrots, and chicken I brought for him then he proceeded to eat almost all of his Joey's baked sweet potato.  Then we went to the Art Studio for a painting class.  Eli played wonderfully with Joey while I painted (and occasionally, I'd play for a minute while Joey painted).  Eli flirted shamelessly with all the ladies and managed to stay up way way past his bedtime without being too cranky. 

Sunday Eli slept in, and we had a much calmer and quieter day at home (which included a long nap for both of us).  On Monday, Brian and I were off work.  I needed to get some cooking done for the week, so Eli went to daycare for a while and I did some cleaning and cooking.  Brian took advantage of the rain and cooler weather coming in and went hunting.  (I'm really too good to him to say home cooking while he hunts.)  I picked Eli up from daycare a little early and we had a nice quiet afternoon at home. 

So all in all we had a really wonderful weekend.  Now on to the pictures...

While Mom got ready I found a super cool spray can of static guard under the cabinet.

Yep, this can is cool!  It's the perfect size for me to hold on to.

Playing under the table is fun too!

Back to the Static Guard... Do you know what my surprise is yet?
I'll give you a hint.

Read my shirt!

That's right... Eli is going to be a big brother.  We're due with baby #2 in May.  Thus far, things are going every bit as smoothly with this pregnancy as they did last time.  No sickness, no real trouble, just a very sensitive nose.  It's a good thing too.  With Eli as busy and mobile as he is lately,  I don't think I could keep up if I weren't feeling top notch.  At this point Brian and I are both excited and a little nervous about how we're going to handle two kiddos at the same time.  Hopefully, we'll make the necessary adjustments and figure it out. 

So that's all for now!  We hope you have a wonderful  week and are as excited about Thanksgiving next week as we are!  I still can't believe how quickly the last year has passed and that we are already quickly approaching Eli's first holiday season.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Eli - 42 Weeks

It seems like this week, very little is going our way.  Saturday night LSU gave away an upset over Bama (not that we're LSU fans but given the options...), last night's election didn't fall our way (I won't say any more about that), and Eli has decided that he abhors his car seat (not just dislikes... disdains, can't stand, pitches an unholy fit everytime we go near it kinda hates). 

But in spite of all that, Eli still seems to be a fairly content and happy little boy (so long as we stay away from the car seat).  This week we've had the joy of being his parents for 42 weeks.  As we come into November and all begin counting our blessings, I know that no matter how football games or elections go, I have some pretty BIG blessings to be thankful for.  I just wish I could do a little better job of recalling those blessings when other things aren't quite going right for me. 

Hope you're having a good week and that regardless of everything you're remembering to count your blessings as we quickly approach Thanksgiving. 

By the way, we do have clothes other than long sleeve white bodysuits.  I just noiced that the last couple weeks worth of pictures have all been in those.  Since the weather got cooler I've started putting those under most of Eli's shirts to get some more use out of short sleeve things.  When we get home in the afternoons we tend to strip off some layers and get more comfy.

Eli likes to find any tupperware I have and play with it.  Such simple things bring him joy.

Eli decided to take the lid and run.

Run where????   Why to the dog food bowl.  Everytime I say "Eli, we don't play in the dog's bowl." He stops and gives me that big mischevious grin.  Then heads right back for it until I pick the bowl up and put it on the counter.

After Mom took the dog bowl away, Eli decided to try his luck with Daddy.  The last week or so he's been very interested in what Dad's up to. 

Hahaha!!! I found Daddy now you can't fuss at me!

Falling Leaves

In my mind, there was never a great deal of fun to be had when fall arrived.  Summer was always my favorite time with swimming and endless days and nights spent outside.  Fall always signaled the end of that time and always made me a little sad.  If there was ever a bright spot about the fall it was the fact that the leaves in our part of the world put on quite the show and after that, there was some fun to be had playing in large piles of leaves. 

Last weekend, we had a family get together complete with a large pile of leaves for the kiddos.  We were very fortunate that the weather was beautiful and almost 80 degrees.  That meant that even the babies could comfortably sit outside all afternoon and have fun. 

We began the afternoon on the deck.  The big kids tossed a ball around while Eli and Audrey crawled around exploring. 

Caden is always a happy camper.

Eli had fun exploring but his jeans were a little too tight for him to be able to move very well.

Audrey looked cute in her overalls and cap.
 Then the kiddos found the giant pile of leaves. 

Is anything more exciting?

And almost nothing is more fun.

Kylie kept up with the boys very well.

Caden made himself very comfortable.
  And we pulled a small pile of leaves to the side for Eli and Audrey so they could have fun.

Eli didn't know what to think at first.

and Audrey just plain didn't like the leaves.

But after a few minutes they both warmed up and had some fun.

All in all, it was a successful afternoon. 

The water's fine... come on in!
 After the kids were finished playing in the leaves, the big boys turned the leaf pit into a gun range and did some shooting.  When it got dark, everyone filled their tummies on yummy food, we watched some football, and the kiddos played inside for a while.  By the time we got home we were all worn out.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Family Photos - Full Versions

A week or so ago we had some family pictures made while having Eli's 9 month photos done.  As I mentioned before, our talented friend Christi Haney agreed to do them for us and they turned out beautifully.  I've uploaded them to photobucket (click here) and also added a slideshow below that has all the photos. 

Because some of our family members have trouble viewing the pictures when I don't put them directly on this blog, I'll post some of my favorites that I didn't share in the previous post here

The slideshow should show up as the very last picture and I hope it works.  If not, the photobucket link above will get you to all the pictures.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Last night was Eli's first Halloween.  Even though we didn't visit too many houses (opting to visit just a couple of family members), Eli was excited and had fun. 

Brian and I left work just a few minutes early and headed home to gather up Eli's diaper bag, costume, and trick-or-treat sack.  Then we picked him up from daycare and went straight to his Joey's house hoping that he'd take a bottle and a nap while things were relatively calm.  He did neither. 

Excitement was in the air and Eli was too busy watching all the commotion to do any real eating.  Over the course of an hour, I managed to get about half a bottle in him followed by a small bowl of carrots and squash.  After he managed to eat a bite of two, we put on his costume and headed down the road to visit my Aunt and my Grandmother.  Eli is still a little too young for candy but he did get a pack of animal crackers and a board book.  We were pretty much just using the holiday as an excuse for pictures, so the candy is definately not important. (YET!) 

After those 2 quick stops we went back to Joey and Pappa Rick's house to play with the cousins and so Mom and Dad could eat a bowl of chili.  Eli's Far Granny/Grandma Deb/that person without a name and Pappa Garo had driven up from Birmingham for the night to share in Eli's first Halloween experiance.  So Eli visited with them as well.  Instead of candy, Eli's grandparents gave him a new outfit and a block sorting toy so we can't wait to use those! 

I tried to get pictures of everybody, but the big kids were so excited and busy running around that I only managed to get good pictures of Eli and Audrey.  We also learned some important lessons about kids and Halloween. 

1. It's rarely cold enough where we live for the super thick and heavy costumes they make for babies.  Especially when you consider that out in the boondocks we travel by car to and actually go into the houses.  Eli was super hot inside wearing his outfit.

2. Halloween is exciting enough without the added chaos brought on by giving a child a costume of a character that feels the need to fight everything.  Lane was a ninja and Brady was a super hero.  Uncle Brian got beat up!  This also includes the addition of accessories like ninja swords.  If you give children these items LOOK OUT!

3.  Halloween is so rough on both parents and kiddos that I believe it should be designated as the last Saturday of October.  Forget this 31st stuff!  We made an effort to be in early and didn't get home until after 8pm.  Eli is usually getting close to bed by 7:30 so by the time we got home he was exhausted.  Even though he went to bed fairly quickly, it was still almost 9 before he was down for the night.  Then Brian and I had to do a couple of things around the house and get ready for bed.  Getting up this morning was tough for all of us.  Brian had to leave early (by 5am) for a very long day at work, Eli was moody because he didn't get enough sleep, and I had to force myself to get moving.

We hope you had a good Halloween and are not suffering from a sugar crash today.  It's November now so that puts the Holiday season right around the corner.  It should be exciting, but if Halloween is like this I think I'm a little scared of Christmas!

My little tiger!

The full length shot.
An attempt at a picture of the whole crew.  Notice Eli and Audrey were interested in other things.
What happens to teachers and principals when they spend the day doing Haloween parties??? They turn into real witches.

Audrey was in a great mood so long as she had her mom right with her.

Thank goodness Mommie took off that hot costume.

Trick or Treat, Mom! If it's not a treat I'm gonna slobber on ya!