Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Eli - 1 year 2 weeks - Finally Enjoying Some Cake

Here we are halfway through yet another week.  This week Eli is feeling pretty well and is about as busy as I've ever seen him.  He's walked all the way across the house multiple times and is very insistent that he get to play with his new favorite thing, a ball.  I don't know if he really loves any type of ball as much as he seems to or if he just likes that he can say "ball" and have Mom and Dad help him find one.  Whatever the reason, he is ball crazy right now! 

Monday night we took a break from playing ball to eat some cake.  We had eaten all the cake except for the last of Eli's little smash cake so I decided to sit in the floor with Eli and share the last of his cake before it spoiled.  I was sitting in the floor by the coffee table with the cake on the table taking a bite and feeding Eli a bite off my fork.  After a couple of bites Eli decided that I was taking too long and dove in to get a big handful of icing.  He stuffed that in his mouth then kept going for a minute or two until ther was pretty much nothing left. 

Before I knew it, Eli had cake all over both of us, the carpet, and the coffee table.  Brian wasn't home so I was on my own.  While I was trying to get up off the floor (at 6 months pregnant it takes me a minute) Eli took off almost running toward the kitchen and under the dining room table.  He proceeded to play under the table while I tried to coax him out (not like I could get under there and follow him). 

Brian got home a few minutes later and Eli went running to him.  Within a few minutes I had Eli in the bathtub and Brian was trying to clean up the cake.  The tally was cake on the coffee table, the carpet, the couch, and 3 out of 6 dining room chairs, not to mention me and him.  So a week late, Eli finally decided that it was time to get into the cake. 

Hehehehe... I always wanted to play in the cake but I wanted to wait until you weren't expecting it and I could get it all over the house!

Come here, Mama. Give me a hug!

 So after our fun Monday night cake session, we had a pretty good night.  Eli slept through the night and woke up ready to eat and play.  Yesterday afternoon I took him to the doctor for his 12 month checkup.  His 12 month stats are as follows:

Weight - 25 lbs - 10 oz (75th Percentile) A big boy but we just started walking all the time
Height - 30 in (50th Percentile)  Right at average height. 
Head Circumference - 48 cm (90th Percentile)  So he still has a big 'ole gord noggin!

For the most part he had a good report... all healthy and meeting his developmental milestones.  He got 2 shots and needs 2 more in a month.  The only thing of concern was his ears.  Eli still has a little irritation in his right ear.  We aren't sure right now if it is just the last of that ear infection that is still clearing up or if it is something more.  So when we go back in a month the doctor will look at his ears again.  If there is still fluid or irritation, we may need to go talk to an ENT.  Right now we'll hope that things clear up on their own and be thankful for an overall good report.

Now, on to this week's pictures...

I like my new football jammies... they look just like that fun thing that Daddy and I play with!

I'm crazy about Ritz crackers!  I saw the box on the table and had to have one before I got dressed.

YUM!  And I'm getting crumbs all over the couch.

"Ball"... Mom, that means get the ball!

This is the little footabll.  I have the baseball too, but I still don't have the one I want.

Yep... that's the one!  I want he big one that Daddy and I play with.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dear Eli - A Letter on your 1st Birthday

Dear Eli,

Today you are 1 year old.  I've decided to write you a letter each year on your Birthday to tell you just how excited I still am to be your Mom, and to remind you how much Daddy and I still love you. 

My how you've changed our lives in the past year.  Daddy and I no longer have free time, we're exhausted when we fall into bed, and forget doing anything "grown-up" without massive amounts of planning.  Our house stays messy and sometimes gets dirty, the dogs are neglected (really not like they just used to believe they were neglected), and our lives are completely different from the way they were before  you were born.  And guess what??? We wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! 

You are the best thing that could have happened to us.  Watching you grow and learn is far more entertaining than any number of grown-up things that we can imagine.  We are amazed daily by how well you are mastering some new skill or by how you are no longer a tiny baby. 

You walk, you talk, and you let us know exactly how you feel about things (at least you would if we could discern the remaining 98% of what you say).  Right now you know about 7 words that we can actually understand:  Mama, Daddy, Dog, Ball, Football (ball-ball), Bite, and Bye-bye.  You become a better walker every day. 

You love the dogs and routinely crawl all over them when they are laying on the floor.  Your favorite game to play with Mama and Daddy is wrestling (or mountain climber... I'm not certain which you are doing when you crawl all over us while we lay in the floor).  And in the last week or so, you've begun dancing which mostly consists of bouncing up and down and bobbing your head and belly.... but it's really cute!

You usually like to eat pretty well and your favorites are cheese and crackers, yogurt bites, grapes, and baby-food pastas with tomato sauce.  You also love sweets, but prefer not to get your hands too dirty in the process of eating them. 

It amazes me how inquisitive you are.  You study everything, staring at it until you've completely figured it out.  You are always aware of what's going on around you.  Sometimes a little too aware because we can't always sneak treasures you find on the floor (like the cap to the milk jug) away without you noticing. 

You are Mama's big helper right now and spend most of our time at home attached to my hip or following me around the house.  I know I sometimes get frustrated because it's hard to fold laundry or cook dinner with you on my hip, but deep down I love that you love me so much that you can't bear not to be near me or have my full attention.  Please don't take it personally when I have to ignore you for a second so that I can stir the beans or cut up potatoes. 

Every night, we snuggle on the couch and then I rock you in your room until you are almost asleep.  This is probably my favorite time of day.  I love the cuddles and the way you rest your head on my shoulder while your fingers play with my hair.  After you go to bed lots of nights Daddy and I sit watching you on the monitor just marveling at how awesome you are.  You may have to be the one to pull the monitor off the wall someday because I may never tire of watching you sleep peacefully.  Will that be weird for you when you're 18?  Probably.

Daddy and I hope that you know just how much we love you and just how proud we are to be your parents.  We love you and want you to know that we'll always be proud of you and support you.  We are loving watching your little personality develop and hope that you remain a happy, sweet, loving, and inquisitive little boy.  Never stop studying things; never stop exploring the world around you.  Ask questions and we'll do our best to answer or help you find the answers.  Hopefully, we'll be good teachers for you but if we fail it won't be because we didn't try.

We love you so very much!
Mama and Daddy

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Eli - 1 year, 1 week

Now that I've updated to share Eli's Birthday party, I can update with this weeks' pictures and another video we took last night. 

We have more cake pictures this week.  We are still working on Eli's birthday cake.  It seems he isn't all that impressed with the idea of getting his hands dirty.  He'll take a few bites of icing and then he holds his hands up begging for us to clean them.  I'm going to keep trying, but I suspect we won't ever really see him dive in to the cake with both hands and face.  He loves the way it tastes, but he much prefers that I feed him his cake with a fork. 

What am I supposed to do with this, Mom?
Okay, I'll just taste the icing.
Mmmmmm... the icing is yummy!

Okay, I'm done.  Can I take a bath now?

The other interesting thing Eli has been doing lately is dancing.  He mostly just bounces and moves his head, but he is definately dancing.  He really seems to like music and isn't too picky about what kind of music it is.  The cheesy music on Mikey Mouse, Elvis, Bluegrass, anything will work for him.  Last night Eli decided to hang out in the office room for a long time.  He really hasn't ever gotten to play in there so we were all just hanging out and playing with a couple of balls when Brian turned on some music.  Then it was boogie time!  Check out the video of Eli's Dance Party.

Eli's First Birthday Party!

Last weekend we had Eli's 1st Birthday Party.  The birthday boy was a little sickly, a little cranky, and a lot overwhelmed by everything.  But none-the-less it was a special day for our little family as our wonderful families gathered together to celebrate Eli's big day. 

Our Sock Monkey Invitation... yep I blacked out our address and phone number.

I had been planning this party since last summer.  I did a lot of researching on pinterest and figured out a way to do most of the themed decorations myself.  With a little creativity, my trusty copy of photoshop, and some free digital scrapbook paper off the internet, I was able to create a custom banner that I printed and cut out then strung together with ribbon.

The Table with all our sock-monkey themed goodies!  And the banner I made.  Thanks to pinterest for lots of good ideas!
 Remember I told you last week that I had some time-consuming projects in the works for Friday.  Well these cookies took about 6 hours total to get done, but they were so cute that they were worth it!  Not bad for my first attempt at iced sugar cookies either!  I may give it another try sometime... if I ever have a whole day to kill baking.

Sock Monkey Cookies!

Check out our table.  Thanks to end of summer and after Christmas sales I was able to get all kinds of colored bowls and things super-cheap.  It definately helped to have a theme and color combo decided before Labor day.

Another table shot!
Miss Carla did a wonderful job on our cake.  I told her a general idea of what I wanted and sent her a copy of our invitation and she knocked it out of the park. Notice that she even re-created Eli's favorite sock monkey that we used on our invites!  How neat is that?

Love this cake... It tasted amazing also.  By the way, I took the left-overs to work and it lasted all of about 10 minutes.

I went a little nuts and even made custom labels for our water bottles! But my little man is worth it.  And it gave me a nice wind-down project before bed Friday night.  I put these on while I was sitting in the floor watching TV.

 But eventually, I ran out of time for cooking, cleaning, and decorating and it was party time! After we ate all our sock-monkey goodies (cookies, banana bread, monkey bread, monkey pizzas, monkey branches, monkey tails, banana pudding, and PB and banana sandwiches) it was time for cake.  Only, Eli had just decided to take a nap.  So we waited a while and then tried to have birthday cake and open gifts. 

Eli wasn't at all thrilled with the lack of napping Saturday.  And Eli was also not impressed by the cake

In fact, before we ever even blew out the candle, Eli was in tears.  In the future I guess I'll do a better job of ensuring that nap time is not interrupted. 

But regardless of how tired or cranky or overwhelmed by being stared at by 30 people, Eli did eat a bite or two of cake.  Then he wanted his Mommie!

So we sat down in the chair and tried to enjoy a little more cake. 

But soon we gave up on cake and tried to move to gifts.  Eli had lots of good help from his older cousins.

And after a few gifts, Eli thought he might give the cake another try while his cousins opened the rest of his gifts.

Once all the chaos was over and people began leaving, Eli got back to his usual happy self.  I think mostly he was just overwhelmed by all the activity.  By suppertime, we put on his PJs and he was perfectly happy throwing a ball around the kitchen to chase down and throw again.  Too bad he wasn't in that good a mood during his party. 

Thanks to everyone who came and to our family and friends who couldn't come but did send a gift.  It was a very special day for us and was made even more special by the fact that you all shared it with us.

I have a video to share with you today as well.  It pretty much consists of Eli being cranky, playing in the cake a tiny bit, and all the other kiddos helping open his gifts.  Notice that Miss Audrey stole every single outfit that we opened and paraded around holding up the hanger.  What a cute little diva!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Eli's First Birthday - 52 Weeks

Yesterday Eli turned 1 year old.  I can't believe how much he's grown and learned in that time.  He has quite the little independent streak (no idea where he gets that) and is so close to taking off running that it is ridiculous. 

Last night Brian and I stopped at Publix on the way home from work and picked up a half-dozen cupcakes to celebrate.  Unfortunately, by the time we got home Brian had gone from not feeling great to feeling terrible.  When we picked up Eli, he was tired and cranky as well so our celebration didn't quite work out like I'd hoped.  But I did give it a try and Eli got a little more sleep last night than he did the night before so maybe we'll give it another try tonight. 

At first Eli seemed interested...

But this is as far as he ever got into the cupcake.  I did my best and tried to feed him a bite but nothing worked.  Soon he was crying wanting to be picked up.

This morning before we rushed out of the house, I snapped a couple pictures of Eli to commemorate his 1st Birthday (since yesterday morning was a disaster).  He was still sleepy and he's still fighting this little ear/sinus infection but we did get a picture or two anyway.
What a big little 1 year old I have!
He's growing weary of having the camera in his face.  If he could talk well enough I'm beginning to think he'd be telling me not to take his picture.

This weekend we are giving Eli a Birthday party at our house.  I have about a million things to do to get ready so I'm taking tomorrow off work in hopes of getting the house and food mostly ready.  I'm planning some cooking adventures that I've never before attempted so it should be interesting to see how that goes.  If all else fails, I'll scrap part of my plans and cut back to things I know I can accomplish.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Eli - 51 weeks

As promised, I'm posting a picture of Eli before the weekend.  Eli is still feeling pretty well and he seems to have settled back into going to daycare.  The last 2 mornings he hasn't even teared up (which makes me a super happy mommy). 

We still aren't doing so well in the sleep department.  I still think those 1 year molars are trying to break through so Eli usually needs some extra cuddles a couple times a night.  The last 2 mornings he's been up at 4 which makes it harder for me to get dressed, but I feel pretty sure this is just a phase and will pass soon. 

Eli is becoming a champion walker.  As long as he takes his time, he can walk all the way across a room.  When he gets a little excited though, he tends to lean too far forward and fall over. 

This is the last post before Eli's 1st birthday and I can't believe how quickly it's gone by or how much he's changed, grown, and learned in that time.  Thanks for checking in with us over the course of this first year and keep checking back.  I'll still be here and I'll still be sharing pictures and videos.  In no time at all, Eli will have a littel sister around to share pictures of as well. 

So for the last time as a baby and soon to be toddler... here's Eli's pictures of the week.
Hey! Did you know my Birthday is next week?

Seriously, Mom?  That flash is bright and hurts my eyes... knock off the picture taking!

And just so you can see how good Eli is feeling, I'll share this video that I took of Eli playing ball with Daddy the other night.  They were doing really good throwing the ball back and forth until I started videoing.  The Eli decided that the vacuum cleaner needed to play as well.  And once he realized that I had a camera in my hand you could pretty much forget it... he was way more into figuring out how he could get the camera.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We're Finally Healthy Again!

Remember when I updated on Friday of last week and said that Eli was under the weather?  Well, it was much worse than we originally anticipated.  And poor Brian had to handle it all on his own.

Brian was sick the first weekend of December.  I had been sick with a tummy bug a couple of days before Christmas.  Then Eli spent most of the last week feeling cruddy.  Sometime around Christmas he stopped sleeping through the night.  At first I chalked it all up to the excitement and extra activities and general lack of schedule.  Then around New Years, he started screaming in the night and waking up way more often.  I noticed him chewing on his finger so I thought that everything must have been related to teething. 

Last Wednesday afternoon when we picked Eli up from daycare, they told us he'd been inconsolable all day, hadn't really eaten, and he looked terrible!  I stayed home with him Thursday and we made trip #1 to see the doc.  I was hoping to hear that everything was fine and it was all teething related (in addition to having to readjust to going to daycare after almost 2 weeks out).  NOPE!  We had an ear infection and a sore throat.  Antibiotics were prescribed and home we went. 

Friday morning, we dropped Eli off at daycare (this time with a supply of Tylenol) thinking that he'd be a little cranky but fine and the antibiotics would be working their magic by Monday. Wrong again!  At 9 am, Eli had thrown up all over everywhere.  Brian had taken the morning off to hunt, so I called him to go get Eli and take him home.  When they first got home Eli seemed okay, but soon after that, Brian called saying he was very sick.  I called the doctors office 3 times on Friday to get instructions and have medicines called into the pharmacy.  Brian managed things all by himself until I could get home from work around 4. 

After a very long day Friday and a long day Saturday we thought we were over it.  Sunday Eli did great.  No meds, no fever, no puking.  He was a wild man and pretty much refused to nap.  He wore me out trying to keep up with him, but he was healthy and that was all that mattered.

Monday morning we were ready to leave the house, (dressed with coats on, car running,  ready) and we stopped to give Eli his antibiotics.  The instant they hit his tummy they came right back up along with the formula he'd had that morning.  He and I were both covered so we got cleaned up and sent Brian to work so that I could stay home and make another doctor run if needed. 

We made trip #2 to the doctor yesterday afternoon.  The doc decided that since we'd been good all day Sunday without meds that he was probably also having a reaction to the antibiotics.  After looking at his ears and throat again she suggested that we just stop all antibiotics and see if the ear infection clears up without help. 

Eli was great all day yesterday.  He ate like a horse, building up throughout the day, and played super hard.  Last night he finally slept through the night again (first time in 2 weeks).  So I'm hopeful that we have a sign that we're over our little holiday bump and can get back to a routine soon.  Eli went to daycare this morning and even though he wasn't happy that I left him, he was playing well with the other kiddos when I called to check on him.  Now if we can just get back in our daycare routine I think we'll be all re-adjusted. 

All of this to say hang-in-there with us, I'll get a picture posted sometime this week.  But it may be late in the week again.  Hopefully, I'll get a picture of a happy, smiling baby tonight. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Catching Up (the last one!) - 50 weeks, Happy New Year!

After all the Christmas excitement the week before, we were ready for some rest and then getting back to normal this week.  Brian and I had been off work a whole week and Eli had only been in daycare Thursday and Friday of last week.  New Years Eve we spent a quiet night at home. 

Happy New Years!

Chewing on my finger because my gums hurt!

Eating puffs and yogurt bites.  I won't be up to ring in the new year, so I'm partying early.
 After all the Christmas excitement, Eli was worn out and I think beginning to cut his 12 month molars so he hadn't really slept through the night good in a couple of weeks.  Wednesday was our first day of work and daycare this week, so to say we were off schedule and out of our rythm would be an understatement.  When we picked Eli up Wednesday afternoon they told me he'd had a terrible day.  Eli looked terrible and was screaming so I definately believed them.  He was sick and tired and didn't play at all.  He fell asleep around 6:30 and then was up every few hours all night.  I think the longest stretch he slept was 3 hours and the longest I slept was 2.  Yesterday (Thursday) I kept him home from daycare and we went to the doctor.  He has a mild ear infection and a sore throat at the least.  We got some antibiotics and headed home. 

Last night and this morning he seemed to be feeling better, but I fear that was short-lived.   This morning, I dropped Eli off at daycare and he cried some but was fine within a few minutes.  But by 9 they were calling saying that he'd been sick, refused to eat, and crying again.  Brian had taken the day off to do some hunting, so I called and he went to pick him up.  It's now 11 and I just got off the phone with Brian again.  He was fine when they first got home but now Eli is screaming again, exhausted, and refusing to nap.  I hope that he gives up soon and takes a good nap for Brian so that he'll feel better.  I may be taking another half day off work today if things don't improve.

Thankfully, it's Friday now so Eli will have the weekend to stay home and get better.  I sure hope that he's all better by Monday and has a good day at daycare.  I fear that we'll have a tough time for a week or two after almost 2 weeks out of our routine. 

So that's it for us for now.  I hope to be back on track and updating regularly next week.  Until then, I hope you have a great weekend and are healthier than we've been lately. 

Catching Up - 49 weeks and Merry Christmas

By Christmas day Eli was 49 weeks old.  It took him a while to get woke up Christmas morning so it was about an hour after we got up that he finally noticed the pile of gifts in the floor for him.  But once he did, he was on go!  He grabbed his trusty spoon and began exploring the pile from one edge to the other. 

So far, he seems to have a new favorite every day.  Basically, it's whatever he sees that strikes his attention at the moment.  Some of the things he got included a Busy Ball Popper (a huge hit), a talking Chuck the Dumptruck, the Ring Stacking Toy, and lots of little cars and toys to push around on the floor.  I need to get some more pictures off of Brian's camera to finish this up, but these will give you an idea of how the morning went. 

Spoon in hand, Eli began exploring the stack.

Eli got distracted pretty quickly after he found the rings, the truck, and toy cars.  Other things had to wait.  All the stuff in the wagon behind him byt he way, were things he'd already gotten other places before Santa came.  Our house looks like Toys R Us.

Still sleepy and yawning, but definately playing.

Eli's Favorite Santa Gift... the Busy Ball Popper

Eli got very very excited when we turned on the Ball Popper.  We are still playing with it just about every day.  And... we still get a very excited reaction when the balls start flying everywhere. 

A great first Christmas!

Worn out from all the excitement.  It's time for a nap!
 After opening/playing with his Santa gifts, Eli was wiped out.  He took about an hour long nap then it was time to get dressed and head to my grandmothers for Christmas Day lunch.  Eli had fun playing with the other kiddos and got some new clothes and 2 4-packs of wooden spoons.  He was a super happy camper.  After lunch we went back to Joey's for a late afternoon nap and supper.  Then it was home just in time for some more playing and bed.  It was a great day!