Monday, February 25, 2013

Eli - 1 yr 6 weeks - A Rough Weekend

This was a tough weekend for Eli.  He got his first black eye and a busted lip.  This morning I dropped him off at daycare looking like an abused child.  I guess if I disappear this afternoon, never to be heard from again, you'll know I've been arrested.

Saturday morning, Eli was playing between the couch and the coffee table.  He got his feet tangled up and feel face first into the coffee table.  The edge of the table left an imprint running from his eye to his temple.   Within a few minutes he had a nice black eye.  The remainder of Saturday went pretty much as normal.  We got some groceries, played a good bit, and had supper with some friends. 

Most of Sunday was normal as well.  We went to church, made a trip to the flea market to buy some trees, planted trees on the farm, and visited with my folks for a while.  Then in the afternoon we were sitting around the living room.  Eli was playing with his drum, Brian was watching the Daytona 500, and I was folding laundry.  Then things got bad again... Eli decided to bring me his drum.  He was walking across the living room floor carrying it and fell face-planting into the plastic part of the drum.  I knew immediately he was hurt but when I picked him up there was blood everywhere.  We rushed to the bathroom to assess the damage and try to stop the bleeding.  Brian got a cold wet washcloth and we cleaned things up a little before we realized that he'd knocked his teeth into his bottom lip.  It looked pretty bad and Eli was screaming a good bit.  Once we got some of the blood cleaned up and could pick him up, he calmed down some.  Then we went to sit outside on the porch and Eli was back to his usual self, bloody and bruised, but happy. 

After getting a better look at things, we called my mom to come take a look at his lip and help us decide whether or not this warranted an ER visit.  We kept trying to keep the cold washcloth on it and tried a few times to get some ice on it as well.  As the swelling subsided, the busted lip didn't look quite as bad, Eli was able to eat a snack and drink some milk without noticable pain, and we decided that this time we probaby didn't need stitches. 

During his bath, Eli was playing like his usual self and even putting the soap bottle in his mouth (also a common occurance).  So we resumed our nightly routine, though we opted for frozen pizza instead of trying to start cooking supper at 5pm with no plan in place.  Eli went to bed around 7, having not had nearly enough nap throughout the day.  This morning, the swelling was really not bad at all.  Fortunately, mouths and lips heal fairly quickly.  Unfortunately, black eyes take a little more time.  So this was where we stood damage-wise this morning.  Beat up and bruised, but surviving to fight another day.  Eli said to tell you, "You should see the coffee table and the drum.  If I look like this just imagine what they look like." 

We hope that whatever your weekend brought you that it wasn't a tough on you as it was on Eli.  Happy Monday and here's to a better week!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eli - 1 yr, 5 weeks - Driving Daddy's Corvette

Another week has passed and Eli continues to grow rapidly.  I mentioned last week that Eli loves to drive anything and everything.  Last week I shared pictures of driving the tractor.  This week I have pictures of Eli driving Daddy's corvette. 

Brian and I had yesterday off work for President's Day.  It was really nice to have an extra day to accomplish things and even nicer to have that day on a day when daycare is open.  We love Eli and want to spend as much time as possible with him, but having him at home makes it pretty much impossible to accomplish any major tasks.  Eli thrives on his daycare routine so yesterday we took advantage of the fact that daycare was open when our office wasn't and dropped Eli off at the usual time then headed back home to get some chores done.  I tackled the inside of the house and prepared supper while Brian worked on cleaning up the garage. 

I had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, so when I got home Brian and Eli were waiting.  I popped my dishes in the oven to finish cooking and then we went to the garage to see how well Brian did cleaning.  He did an AMAZING job!  He added some more shelving to the walls and had put things away neatly.  He even mentioned that he needed more printed labels for his containers (my brainwashing is almost complete, mwwwaaaaa hahahaha). 

So while I looked around and Brian and I talked about what we still needed to accomplish, Eli got to drive the corvette.  He was loving it!  He was grinning from ear to ear most of the time.  I went back into the house and grabbed the camera so that I could get some pictures of how excited Eli was.  Then I did even better than expected, I got pictures and a video.  Enjoy and have a great week!

Hey, Momma!

I'd like a burger, fries, and a milk shake, please.

Wait... I don't have time to wait on drive-in food... we gotta race.

What does this do, Daddy?

See ya later! I'm off to the drag strip. (Shhhh... Don't tell Daddy.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eli - 1 year, 4 weeks (13 Months) - Driving the Tractor

Yay! I'm doing better this week.  It's only Wednesday and I already have pictures to share.  That is mostly thanks to the fact that Brian is such a good daddy though.

Eli is 13 months old this week and is completely and fully walking.  He rarely crawls anymore unless he is intent on going under something.  The last week or so he's been asserting himself a little more when he gets tired and frustraited.  Unfortunately, he ends up frustraited far more often when he is tired.  He has discovered that he can throw quite a little fit when he wants.  If he gets angry he'll bang his head over and over on anything he can find.  Sometimes that even means falling face-down on the floor and banging his noggin over and over.  So we are going to have to work on our little temper and learn to control it.  I can't say that I'm surprised that this might be a challenge for him.  Brian and I both struggle with our tempers from time to time so he probably gets it honest.

Last weekend we had some nice weather for a change and Brian was able to take Eli out to drive the tractor.  Eli's been riding on the tractor almost since he was born.  Last summer Brian would occasionally ride Eli around the yard but this summer it's going to be a different story.  Eli is much bigger and knows that he gets to drive. 

Eli loves to "drive" anything.  If we have some time to kill in a parking lot, we frequently let Eli stand in the driver seat and "drive" right there in the parking spot.  The only down side is that he gets kind of mad when you put him back in his car seat.  Eli "drives" the Corvette in the garage, he "drives" his toy cars all over the living room floor, he even "drives" his imaginary Jeep while sitting in Daddy's lap. (The Jeep is imaginary but has a real steering wheel. The steering wheel is an old one that Brian replaced a while ago and kept just incase he needed it later.) 

So last Saturday while I was baking cookies for Eli's Valentines Day party at daycare, Brian decided that it was time to pull the tractor out and go for a ride in the yard.  They drove around for a long while and when I had a few minutes, I ran out and got some pictures of Eli driving the tractor.  I'm going to try to get some more pictures of Eli for this week inside tonight, but for now, these will do. 

I don't like the sun in my face, Mom, but the tracktor is really cool!

Let me do it, Daddy!
Look at me, Momma!

This is AWESOME!
See... I can turn the wheel.
sings... "Let me take you for a ride on my big green orange tractor..."

I'm so ready to do some farmin'.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Make-up from Last Week

Last week got very busy and crazy very fast.  And on top of that, Eli has began waking up tired and cranky.  In fact, at least 2 mornings last week, when I got him out of bed he wanted to go right back to sleep in my arms on the couch.  That is making it tough to get a good picture of him before we leave.  I'm going to have to do better and start taking my pictures on Monday nights or something. 

In any event, last Thursday morning we did take some pictures of Eli but I didn't manage to get them posted here.  Eli started out in his car overalls but before we left the house we had to change him.  The buttons in the crotch to make diaper changing easier wouldn't stay snapped.  I'm going to blame it on defective buttons, but it may also be my rapidly growing child. 

Notice in a couple of these pictures that Eli is holding a blue ball.  This is his new favorite toy.  Brian found it in some stuff in our closet and bounces it with Eli against the refrigerator while I cook supper a lot of nights.  Eli calls it "Daddy's Ball" and trusts no one but Daddy to hold it for him.  Almost every morning last week he held it in the car seat on the way to daycare.  Then he has to hand it to Daddy to hold for him all day.  I tried taking it one day and that was completely unacceptable.  It's Daddy's Ball and Daddy is the only one that can be trusted with it.