Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eli - 1 year, 23 weeks & Ava - 8 weeks (1 month)

How has it already been 2 months since Ava was born?  Things are still exceptionally busy at our house, but we are really enjoying our kids and are finally beginning to settle into a nice routine.  Brian is finally finished traveling for a while (we hope) and we are just a couple of days off of taking a week long vacation.  We're not going anywhere this summer, but since the daycare is closed the week of July 4th, we're going to take some time off as a family and do some fun things locally.  We're planning daytrips to a water park, the zoo, and the lake as well as another redneck slip and slide party. 

Ava is finally getting big enough to fit into some 0-3 month size clothes.  This is a huge deal for us because we have lots of cute things for her to wear in those sizes and only have a couple of really cute newborn outfits.  Ava spends more and more time awake these days and is pretty regularly giving us big grins.  Unfortunately, when she's tired, she isn't a fan of having her picture made.  This week I woke her up to take her picture before I put Eli to bed and she flat refused to smile for me. 

Eli is becoming more and more protective of his little sister, especially at daycare.  We're told that he doesn't like for other people to touch her and has even fussed when the teachers are holding her a couple of times.  The teachers are good sports and don't get too upset about Eli being super protective.  I let them know that at times he doesn't even want Brian and I to hold Ava because he wants to be the babysitter.  Typically at least once a week, Eli wants to sit by Ava on the couch or on the floor and fusses if we get too close.  He is taking care of her and wants to do it himself. 

This week I've realized that we are raising a little redneck!  Like when we came home and Brian turned on Monster Trucks the other night.  Eli loved it and when he saw Gravedigger he had to go get his Gravedigger truck and run it around the house. 

It didn't help my picture taking at all this week.  I wanted to get a picture of him with his truck, but I couldn't get him to look away from the TV.  He was super excited to watch the monster trucks and he wasn't about to look away for a picture.

Eventually, Eli realized that his small truck wasn't doing enough damage when he was running it around the house.  So he had to go get his BIG dump truck.  Now he could do some real damage!

Then last night when we got home our little redneck boy kept saying "Buddin' Buddin'"  trying to tell us that he wanted to drive something.  Fortunately, Eli and Ava have a daddy who loves to play outside too so Brian took Eli outside and got the tractor out just to ride Eli around for 15 minutes.  Eli was in heaven riding on his tractor!

While the boys drove the tractor, Ava and I hung out in the shade watching them drive and enjoying the sunshine.  It made for a great afternoon enjoying some redneck fun. 

So that is it for our little redneck family this week.  We hope that you are getting geared up for the upcoming holiday and are able to enjoy some of this beautiful summer weather without getting too hot. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Eli 1 year, 22 weeks & Ava 7 weeks: Giggles and Grins

Another week means another post with new pictures of the kiddos!

Hi!   We're another week older and getting even closer to driving Mama completely nuts!  One day this week she left for work without her shoes.  Pretty soon she'll be so crazy that she won't stand a chance at stopping out plot to eat cake for breakfast every day!
This week Eli is continuing to amaze us with all the new words he's spitting out.  It seems like he can pretty much repeat (or attempt to repeat) anything we say. 

Hmmmm... what will I say next? Maybe Mom or Dad will slip up soon and teach me a couple of swear words.  (Mom says that's not going to happen, but I'm betting that somebody slips up soon.)
 So while Eli is learning new words left and right, Ava has been learning to smile.  During the last week, Ava has been giving us the big grins occasionally, which never seem to last long enough to get them on camera. 

Ha ha! I was smiling and then you grabbed the camera.  Now I'm going to shut my lips up tighter than Fort Knox.
 It also seems like Eli is really beginning to love his baby sister.  Last night after supper, Eli wanted Ava to sit by him on the couch.  So I propped her up in the corner like we do for pictures and he played with her for a minute.  He was the babysitter and didn't want me to even touch her.  I couldn't even sit on the couch by them.  Then Ava got uncomfortable and I had to pick her up which sent Eli into a toddler fit like you would not believe. 

Eli:  "I'll show you all the ropes.  You can get away with murder around here if you turn up the cute factor."
Ava:  "Hahahahahaha!  If we work together, Mom and Dad don't stand a chance."

A little later, Eli was playing in the floor while I fed Ava and Brian was on the phone.  He grabbed an afghan that I keep laying around and started saying "bed" which means that he wanted it spread out in the floor like they have during naps at daycare.  So Brian spread it out while he continued his conversation.  Then Eli started saying "baby" and pointing to the blanket on the floor.  I was in the middle of feeding her and tried to explain that Ava could play on the blanket after she finished her bottle, but that wasn't good enough.  I had to sit down in the floor to finish feeding Ava.  Well that worked for about a second before Eli was again fussing saying "baby, bed, baby, bed".  So Ava finished her bottle laying on the blanket while I did my best to fend off Eli's attempts to grab the bottle.  He didn't want her to eat, he wanted her to play with him. 

I think Ava likes her big brother too.  While we were taking pictures yesterday morning before we left the house, Eli was shaking his head furiously (I don't know why).  Ava thought that was just about the funniest thing ever and gave us a big grin.  Then Eli realized what was happening and kept shaking his head.  Everytime I'd grab the camera, they'd both stop.  It took some doing, but I finally got a picture of one of Ava's first smiles.  She's been smiling for a few days now, but I haven't been able to get a picture until now. 

Brian is gone again for work this week (only for 3 days this time, fortunately) so we're all going to be home missing him.  The good news is that he'll definately be home in time to play with the kiddos before bed on Thursday which will make everyone happy.  Eli loves to rough-house with his Daddy and I think Daddy kind of likes it too. 

In addition to being super proud of Eli just for being himself and a rough and tumble little boy, Brian has been very pleased to see Eli take such an interest in deer hunting lately.  Well, he's interested in the deer anyhow.  Friday, we picked up a mount Brian had from his big Ohio hunting trip last winter.  It hasn't made it to the wall in the garage yet (because I'm mean and won't let him hang dead animals inside the house), so it's sitting in the office floor until Brian can hang it up.  At least 5 times a day Eli comes to us and says, "deer?", and we have to go into the office and let him look and occasionally pet the deer. 

Well, that is about it for us this week.  We are just our usual busy selves with so few waking hours in which to accomplish all that must be done in a day.  I swear it seems like we barely get home before it's time to do baths and get the kids in bed.  If I'm lucky, I'll get a load of laundry done after the kids go to sleep.  If not, it will pile up for another day. Regardless, as long as everybody is happy and healthy, I don't suppose the laundry matters.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Eli - 1 year 21 weeks & Ava - 6 weeks

Daddy is out of town again this week so we have Joey helping again.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without our wonderful family.  With two kiddos under 2 years old, one person just can't handle them.  Plus this week is my first week back in the office so we're trying to get our routine established to get everybody up and out the door on time in the mornings.  So far, we've done okay. 

Eli is loving having is sister go to daycare with him.  He is so proud of her and he is being just a little bit protective.  He enjoyed showing her off to the other kiddos at daycare early in the week and on her first day he refused to go outside while she stayed inside.  She was fussy that morning and he wasn't about to leave her.  We're told that periodically he walks up and touches her on her head and says "baby" then goes back to his games.  He checks in on her multiple times a day. 

Eli learns new words every day and I'm constantly amazed at how he'll just pop out with something new and sometimes strings of new words to form sentences.  He's really good at "I want..." sentences which is very helpful and much preferred over whining pointlessly.  He's also developed some names for his favorite daycare buddies.  Bryson has a name that no one can quite replicate yet, probably because Nate (Nay-Nay) is more often the name he mentions.  Eli loves to play telephone, frequently picking up the cordless phone off the table and saying, "Hel-wo".  Then we discuss all the people we might be talking too. 

This week Eli's favorite food is "Moatmeal" (Oatmeal).  He's had a big bowl every night this week before bed and this morning begged for it before we left the house.  So we made a bowl and took it to daycare for his breakfast.  We still aren't making any progress on the table food and I've been busted trying to sneak homemade table foods into baby food jars.  I don't know how, but he can tell the difference. 

Ava is beginning to adjust to daycare and seems much more allert every day.  She loves to sit and look around and especially loves to watch her big brother.  There are times that I think they are plotting against me.  Can kids that age do that???  Other than being a little more alert, Ava is still pretty boring.  Babies that age just don't do much so that is why all my posts seem to go on and on about what Eli is doing and only briefly mention Ava.  We love her just as much as Eli, but right now there's just more news to report on Eli. 

This is why I think they are plotting against me... Well this and the fact that they tend to either wake up and fuss at the exact same time at night or schedule it so that just as I'm falling asleep again the other one wakes up.

Our Mommie is paranoid... we're innocent I tell you, INNOCENT!

Ava is dressed and ready for another day at daycare.

Bright eyed early in the morning.

Eli watching "Dot Dog" (Mickey Mouse) before we leave the house in the morning. 

Looking like such a little boy these days.  Definately no longer a baby. 

"Noooooo!"   This was his response to Joey and I trying to pick up Ava while he was sitting with her on the couch.  Apparently he was babysitting and we weren't to interfere.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ava's First Day at Daycare

On Monday, my time on actual maternity leave came to an end and Ava's times at daycare began.  I was a little sad to lose my cuddle time with Ava through the day, but I know how wonderful the ladies who run our daycare are and how much love they give to the kids so it was no where near as hard to leave Ava on her first day as it was to hand over Eli on his first day.

So on Monday morning, for the first time in 6 weeks, we all got up, dressed, and loaded up in the car to start the day.  It was tough trying to get all of us ready/  But since Brian is out of town again this week, Joey came to stay with us at night again to help and she helped us get everything together. 

Daycare is again proving to be a wonderful thing.  This week, Ava's started eating 4 oz at her bedtime feedings and then only getting up once through the night.  In fact, most days she is so tired from daycare that she sleeps from the time we get home only waking occasionally to eat until bedtime.  Then it's a nice large feeding and around 4-5 hours of sleep.  Plus, she's sleeping in her cradle almost all night.  She tends to end up in the bed with me around 3 or 4 am but that is only a couple of hours and seems to be less and less every night.