Friday, September 27, 2013

Eli - 1 year, 36 weeks & Ava - 21 weeks

Boy are things busy, busy, busy at our house!  We go hard from the time we get up until we fall into bed at night.   Eli and Ava are doing wonderfully and are still growing like weeds. 
This week Eli has discovered the joy of running.  (That's definatley not something I've ever found.)  The other day he started running from one end of the house to the other and pretty soon, he demanded that Daddy join in.  He'd stop at the front door, lean against the wall and say "Run, Run, Run!" and away he and Daddy would go through the house.  As he'd come through the living room he'd yell it again, "Run, Run, Run!"  It was quite the party.  
A quick grin before he decided it was time to run again.

Words, words, words... new words every day.  In addition to saying "run" he now clearly uses the words "truck" and "tractor" (those are super important things, you know!).  Eli uses his large dumptruck to terrorize our home.  He runs it around and crashes it into things riding any number of toys, balls, sippy cups, and Mickey Mouses along for the ride. 

Eli and his BIG truck.  This is what he uses to terrorize the house.

"Wash" is another frequent command.  We have to "wash" the spoon during supper when he doesn't want to put the apple sauce in the spaghetti.  We have to "wash" Dot Dog when Eli gets peanut butter on him.  And during bathtime, Eli has to take "Jake" (the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Ball) in the tub so that he can wash Jake. 
Eli loves bathtime and loves to play rough.  Sometimes he'll come up saying "Two, two, two!".  What he means is that he wants you to fling him around or flip him over or something like that.  If you sit down in the floor you're certain to be tackled and usually you'll be sat on as well.  Eli sometimes even pushes your head toward the floor and says, "down!"  Which means that you have to lay down and he will most likely sit on your head.  It's a great game... for Eli anyway... Mom and Dad don't fare so well. 
Notice who is in the truck... Mickey Mouse.  I don't envy him for having to ride with Eli driving.
And one more thing before I close out my Eli section... Tuesday night I had to go to the local consignment sale to get the kids' winter clothes.  Eli wasn't happy about me leaving (he never is) but he got over it pretty quickly once I was gone.  When I got back home, Ava was in bed and Eli was sitting in his Daddy's lap on the couch.  They were reading a book.  It was just about the best thing I've seen in a long, long time.  I loved coming home to find Daddy and Eli sharing a book.  It was so sweet and pretty much made my week. My kids have a great dad!

Ava is becoming the happiest little girl I've ever seen.  She is easy going and reasonably happy regardless of what's going on.  She is really an easy baby.  (Good thing because her brother requires lots of attention.)  Ava loves to laugh and has started figuring out how to suck her tounge against her top lip so that it makes a kissing noise.  She loves to play with Eli even when he sometimes sits on her.  I'm told she did take a lick or two Tuesday night while I was away.  I hear that Eli dropped a toy on her and made her cry.  She got over it pretty quickly and still seems to love her brother.  Ava has begun to enjoy some time in the bumbo chair.  She mostly sits in it on the table while the rest of us eat supper.  During that time, she watches us eat and takes turns smiling at her brother and daddy. 
Ava has mastered the art of rolling now and can roll across the floor.  It won't be long at all now until I can no longer leave her in one spot and come back to find her.  She will be moving and grooving very very soon.  In the meantime, Ava prefers to have some company.  Lately I've been taking her with me into the kitchen when I'm cooking and let her watch from the bumbo or bouncy seat.  I tell her about what I'm doing and she just loves to watch and listen and check things out.   It won't be long before we start introducing Ava to some solid foods.  I hope she loves to try new things and experiment because Eli sure doesn't.  

I wish I could think of more to say about Ava.  I feel like I always have a ton of Eli stories to share and almost nothing about Ava.  I think Eli is just at a very active and cute age where there is a lot to tell.  Ava's personality is quickly developing so I'm sure we'll have more to say about her in the very near future. 

I may be in trouble though because Eli want to take care of her and show her things already. If he manages to teach her how to make a mess (and I'm sure he will), I'll probably just have to burn the house down instead of trying to clean it up. I already can't keep up with the laundry and don't even know what I'm going to do when the toys multiply again at Christmas time. 
So that about does it for us this week.  Well, it does except for sharing two last videos.  The first is Eli giggling at his Daddy.  I can't remember who, but somebody had the hiccups and Eli thought it was hilarious.  After the hiccups were gone, Brian started making hiccup noises and it was still very funny.  

We watch a lot of Big Bang Theory at night.  There are so few things that are reasonably entertaining and reasonably safe to watch with two little ones around and we can only take so much Mickey Mouse.  So we end up with lots of Big Bang, History Channel, and occasionally Duck Dynasty.  Eli really likes the Big Bang theme song.  Wednesday night he was in an especially good mood and was ready to do some dancing.  But his favorite part is where they yell, "Bang!", right at the end of the song.  He loves that part.  We enjoyed watching it so much that we kept backing it up and letting him hear the song again. 

Now I really am done with this week's post.  It got long on me, but I had some good stories to tell, pictures to show, and videos to share.  I hope you enjoyed it and hope that you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Video Catchup

So here are the videos I promised last week.  It's still the end of our fiscal year at work and things are still kinda crazy.  Hopefully things will improve next week. 

Eli loves Mickey Mouse (aka Dot Dog).  Want to know why it's "Dot Dog"?  Because Mickey loves to do the Hot Dog Dance and so does Eli.

Another fun thing that Mickey sometimes does is shake his peanut.  Eli can do way better than this, but he'll stop if he catches you with a camera.  So I had to be a little bit sneaky.
Ava's been rolling over since the middle of August (August 18th).  It took a while, but I finally managed to get her doing it on camera.  This was taken on September 10th.  I only got her going from front to back, but she can go both ways.  She isn't camear shy, but she would way rather play with you if your in a position to video her than to roll onto her tummy.  I'm going to try again soon and maybe I'll get a good one of her going both ways. 
More photos and videos from this week will be up tomorrow.  Have a good Thursday!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Eli - 1 year, 35 weeks (20 months) & Ava - 20 weeks

It's been exceptionally busy at work lately and things are just crazy at home so I haven't had much time to update pictures.  I'm taking a quick break to add this week's pictures and I promise I'll be back early next week with a couple new videos for you too. 

Eli is still obsessed with Mickey Mouse (aka Dot Dog).  We watch it constantly and he carries around his toy Mickey like it is his best friend.  The othe obsession is trucks... doesn't matter what kind or how big, as long as it has wheels and can go "buddin' buddin'".  Eli's vocabulary is expanding at a rapid pace though I can't seem to think of any really "new" words off the top of my head.  What I can tell you is that his speach is becoming much more clear when he can think of the word he is trying to say.  He sometimes gets confused and says the wrong thing (like apple instead of grapes) which usually results in a very frustraited little boy when he gets the wrong thing instead of what he really meant to ask for.  Eli still isn't eating well, as far as table foods go, but he is almost insistant on feeding himself.  We still eat some jarred baby food and we eat lots of crackers and peanut butter.  He'll occasionally eat a french fry or two and loves apples, bananas, and grapes.  And he begs for cookies and cake.  I don't keep those types of things in the house for the most part.  I do let him buy a little cup of mini cookies when we grocery shop on the weekend and those are typically all gone before we get home.  I know he also gets some cookies at daycare, so I figure he has more than enough sweets in his life. 

Ava has now mastered the rolling over game going in both directions.  She is becoming such a squirmy little girl.  She loves to watch her big brother and grin at him.  She is happiest in the mornings.  When she's gotten a good night's sleep, she wakes up cooing, laughing, and jabbering.  This morning it was so loud that it woke Brian up.  Ava is my easy going little girl.  For the most part, she never meets a stranger and is fairly content wherever we go and whatever we do (so long as she doesn't miss a meal). 

Last weekend Brian has guard so we had Joey helping us and all four of us went to a bridal shower for a friend and then to Sams and grocery shopping.  Then Sunday afternoon I took the kids to the McBurg trail ride to let them see the horses before everyone left.  Eli was a little timid and refused to even touch a horse, but I think Ava would have been on one in no time if she were a little bigger.  So those are my kiddos... Eli is cautions and prefers to ponder things before going through with them.  Ava is a jump in with both feet, giggling all the way kinda gal.

Eli insisted I take "Dot Dog's" picture too!

We love Mickey!

This is what I got when he decided to say "cheese".

The post-bath, not yet brushed hair... YIKES!

Rolling on the floor playing before daycare.

So happy!

Mom, what is that crazy red light on your camera and why does it keep flashing in my eyes?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eli - 1 year, 34 weeks & Ava - 19 weeks

We had a big weekend at our house.  Daddy and Uncle Woo were busy making deer heaven so the kiddos and I found ways to stay busy and did a lot of playing.

Saturday morning Joey came over to play and we went to Brady's soccer game.  It was over 90 degrees and pretty much all the kiddos there were miserable.  It was rediculously hot and there wasn't any shade in sight.  After the game we headed back home to cool off and get some nap time in, but Eli wasn't having any part of the nap situation.  Later in the afternoon we went back to town to do our grocery shopping.  Eli came home with a new Mickey Mouse bowl, fork, and spoon.  Thus far, we've used the bowl, but he doesn't want me to open the fork and spoon.  He just carries the package around singing "Dot Dog, Dot Dog, Sol-ved!"  Once Daddy and Uncle Woo got home Saturday night, we had supper, baths, and a little playtime before watching the Auburn football game.  Eli watched a little, played a lot, and went to bed about halfway through the 2nd quarter. 

Sunday we didn't have anything planned so we stayed at home all morning and Eli had the chance to play with his toys.  When Ava decided to take a nap just after lunchtime Eli decided it was time for some truck driving. Oh... and the truck driver had to have a hat.  I can't convince him to wear a hat most of the time, but lately, he's decided that he wants to wear his hat from time to time.  So that is how I managed to get these adorable pictures and video of Eli playing trucks in a hat and diaper.  It was completely his doing. 


Then we went to visit Granny Mot.  Lots of the cousins were over there working on her yard so Eli had a buddy to play with.  Eli had a blast kicking his ball with Hunter and running around in the front yard.  Pretty soon it was time to head home and try to get supper ready.  We had a little trouble getting a very tired little boy who hadn't napped happy after he fell asleep in the car.  But eventually, we turned his attitude around and he was back to his usual happy self. 

We all three sat in the floor playing and I was watching Ava try to master her new skill of rolling over (which I still haven't caught on video).  Then Eli walked over to me and held his hands out reaching for Ava and said "Up".  I asked if he wanted me to pick Ava up and he said "No."  But he just kept reaching and saying "up" and looking at me very frustraited.  I finally asked if he wanted to pick Ava up and he said "Uh huh."  I tried to convince him that he wasn't big enough to hold Ava by himself, but there is so little convincing this child when he makes his mind up.

I finally got the idea to hold Ava up and let Eli give her a hug, but that didn't work out so well.  It turned into a bit of a tug of war with poor Ava as the rope.  Eli had her and he was NOT letting go. Ava was having a blast though.  She loves her big brother and was busy just grinning and cooing at him.  So we finally ended out little battle of the baby though not happily for Eli.  So I told him that he could hold Ava if he came and sat on the couch.  He ran over and jumped up and was so proud when I put Ava in his lap.  He held her and rubber her belly for a good 5 minutes (which is like forever to a toddler).  Ava thought is was great fun too and I got another rare picture of them together and happy.  Yay!

 Now that the week has started, we are busy busy busy again.  We have another daddy-less weekend planned this weekend since Brian has to go to Birmingham for his Guard weekend.  We hate it when Daddy isn't home to play (which, unfortunately, has been a lot lately thanks to work).  But we recruit some extra helpers and try to stay extra busy so that the time passes quickly.  We hope you had a fantastic weekend and are having a decent start to your week.  Personally, I think we should just loop through Friday Saturday and Sunday and forget the other four days.  But, on second thought, I don't think my wallet could take that much weekend. Happy Tuesday!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Finally Updating for this Week - Labor Day, Eli 1 year 33 weeks, & Ava 18 weeks

This week seriously got away from me.  We had a holiday Monday so we got a late start, then a sick Eli, and then a sick Ava.  So it was Thursday this week before I got my week started. 

Like I mentioned, last week was Labor Day.  Sunday, we took the kids, nieces and nephews to Spring Valley Beach for a day at the water park.  Well, we tried to take everyone to the waterpark.  Poor Lane woke up sick that morning so he had to stay home.  And poor Ava is still just a little too small for a full day outside so she got to visit with her Great-Granny Reba and Papaw John. 

We had so much fun, in fact, that I failed to take any real pictures.  I did get these of the kiddos at lunchtime though.  It's pretty much impossible to get one of all of them looking the same way. The only way I managed to get them all to sit still long enough for a picture was to catch them having fun stomping their feet on the steps. 

On the way to the waterpark Sunday, Eli got a little sick.  We muscled through the day and Eli had a blast playing in the water.  But by the time we got home Sunday night, Eli was a sick little boy with a fever and everything.  We stayed home Monday to rest with Eli feeling better and worse in little spurts.  Tuesday morning we woke up and went straight to the doctor.  Eli had the beginnings of an ear infection, so we brought home an antibiotic hoping to get ahead of it.  That did the trick and Wednesday he was back to his usual self.  

As long as we were going to the doctor anyway, we decided to squeeze in Ava's 4 month checkup.  She weighed 13 lbs 4 oz and measured 25 inches long.  She is going to be longer and leaner than Eli I think.  Well my bright idea to knock out all our doctor visits at once (so I wouldn't have to miss work again) back-fired.  By Tuesday night Ava was running a little fever and by Wednesday morning, it was over 100 degrees. So I spent a second day at home from work, this time with just me and Ava.  Fortunately she took about a 3 hour nap at lunchtime and woke up fever free and grinning from ear to ear.  That girl smiles all the way down to her toes.  So Thursday morning we finally got around to taking pictures before we left the house.  Eli was too busy with his truck to do much smiling and Ava was far too curious about what Eli was doing to pay attention to me. 

The good news is we are all healthy again and are facing another weekend.  Hopefully, this one won't be as hectic as last weekend and we'll all still be well enough on Monday to go to work/daycare.  We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we'll be back next week.