Monday, December 22, 2014

Eli - 2 years, 48 weeks & Ava - 1 year, 33 weeks

Christmas is right around the corner and guess what? Eli and Ava are sick.  It was bound to happen.  I don't think our doctor was surprised to see us at all.  She has some grandkids Eli and Ava's age and almost every time we take Eli and Ava in, we learn that our doctor's grandkids are sick too.  It's just how it goes. 

It all really began on Wednesay night.  the kiddos were just kind of lazy acting.  After supper instead of playing they climbed up into Brian's lap and watched Home Alone. The up side was that I caught this incredibly cute picture of the three of them.

Eli was up on and off throughout the night Wednesday night feeling bad.  We struggled through and let him sleep in some Thursday morning hoping that he would feel well enough to have fun at his daycare Christmas party... He didn't really, but he went to daycare (and we went to work) for a while anyway.  Ava on the other hand, was very excited about going to her party.  She was so excited to get to wear her boots to daycare.  Poor Eli was feeling so bad that I didn't even take a picture of him in his cute reindeer shirt for the party.  I let him lie on the couch and watch TV as long as possible.

 By early in the afternoon, we left work and picked up both kids hoping a night at home would provide the extra rest they needed.  It didn't work, by bedtime both were running fevers.  We divided up for the night having given both kids som Motrin.  I spent the night in Eli's bed with him and Brian took Ava into our bed.   Eli was up a couple times through the night so we knew Friday morning we wouldn't be going anywhere... it was time for the doc.  Friday morning we all slept in some and then the kids watched some TV.  I don't know what it is about a laundry basket that they love so much, but apparently it is the perfect TV viewing spot for Loony Toons. 

After our trip to the doctor, we came home, dolled out the antibiotics and managed to get everyone a restful afternoon at home including a nap.  After a nap and some steroids, Eli was a wild man.  Both kids woke up ready to play (a good sign).  So it appears that we are working our way back to good health once again.

The last thing I have to share is from early in the week.  Ava picked up a toy phone and started jabbering away.  I'm not certain what she is saying, but the video is worth sharing anyway.

Ei - 2 years, 47 weeks & Ava - 1 year, 32 weeks - Wearing Daddy's Shirt

The warm weather of the weekend or so before quickly faded away and brought back cold temps keeping us all inside.  But that doesn't stop Eli and Ava from having fun.  The other night, while I was folding laundry, Ava insisted on putting on Daddy's shirt.  She grabbed it and started working her way in all by herself.  Soon, she was stuck; her head was through a sleeve with only one arm able to escape through the neck of the shirt. 

Not to be outdone, Eli wanted one of Daddy's shirts on as well.  So I fixed him up!  He wasn't quite as out of his element, but he still couldn't find his hands.   He got a little upset when I wouldn't show him the pictures I was taking right away.  But after he saw one or two of the shots I took, he started mugging for the camera too!

Eli - 2 years, 46 weeks & Ava - 1 year, 31 weeks

Another attempt to catch up....

After the Iron Bowl, we had a bout of unusually warm weather.  The first couple days of December were especially warm; so much so, that our kids could get outside even without pants on (their favorite way to dress).  We took advantage of the warm day and did some tractor riding.  It turned out to be the last ride on Daddy's first tractor because Brian sold the tractor just a week or so later.

Eli has always been a huge fan of the tractor.  He's been riding it practically since he was born. 

While Eli and Daddy took a ride on the tractor, Ava got a ride in the wagon.  She loves to watch the dogs run and play.

But Ava wasn't going to let Eli do all the riding.  This little farm girl wants a turn behind the wheel herself.  Eli wasn't really okay with it, but he did let his sister have a turn.

Eli rode in the wagon for a minute or two before he decided that he wanted to get back to that tractor.  He took off on foot chasing the tractor.  The dogs chased Eli.

When Daddy saw Eli was chasing the tractor, he decided to give Eli a taste of his own medicine!  That was even more fun.

Eli - 2 years, 45 weeks & Ava - 1 year, 30 weeks: Our Iron Bowl Party

Bigtime behind on the blogging again.  We've had something almost every night for a week or two now and have been away from home on the weekends as well.  Busy busy busy...

A couple weeks ago we had our annual Iron Bowl party.  The game didn't turn out quite the way we wanted, but the kiddos had fun playing with their cousins Audrey and Brady.  The kids weren't very interested in the football game, so they found other ways to entertain themselves. 

Not long after the game started, we found them all piled into Ava's crib.

And after very little playing, the room looked like the toys were beginning to take over.

Ava is in love with her big cousin.  She thinks Brady is the best guy around... she might just be right!

Around halftime, the kids were growning tired and restless.  So we turned on some movies in Eli and Ava's room.  I think we started with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We pulled the portable DVD player out to spare Brady the torture of more Mickey.  He watched some Charlie Brown specials.

Then we moved to Frozen.  Eli and Audrey were thrilled with Frozen and laying on Brady.

Eventually, Ava joined the grownups for some lessons in Auburn Football.   Grammers taught her how to say "Waaaaarrr Eagle, HEY!"  She was a very quick study.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Eli - 2 years, 46 weeks & Ava - 1 year, 30 weeks

The end of November came and brought Thanksgiving along for the ride.  Last year we decided to stop flip-flopping holidays and always be in Birmingham for Thanksgiving with Brian's family and then to stay home Christmas day.  It simplified the whole holiday process.

So Thursday morning after we got everyone up and dressed, we loaded ourselves in the car and headed south.  It's become a tradition for me to grab a newspaper on the ride down so that I can look over the Black Friday ads.  This year, Eli and Ava wanted in on the hunt for deals! As soon as they saw me looking over the ads they each immediately wanted one.

Everytime Eli finished a page he would stuff it behind his head.  I guess he was saving them.  It provided a good 45-50 minutes of entertainment.

Ava enjoyed throwing her papers in the floor when she finished as well as playing a little peek-a-boo.

Soon, the kiddos fell asleep with sweet dreams of holiday sales dancing in their heads.  Brian and I had a peaceful ride and were able to do some uninterrupted chatting.

We got to Granny and Pawpaw's house and the kiddos began doing some playing and more looking at sale papers.  I guess dreaming about new toys is almost as much fun as getting new toys.

 After lunch we spent a few minutes outside playing and taking a super large family photo.  Granny Reba fed almost 50 people and we had a solid 46 in the picture.  3 folks had left early to make it to their next holiday feast.  


Eli - 2 years, 44 weeks & Ava 1 year, 29 weeks - part 2

Another catch-up post...

Ava is a great eater.  Her favorite dishes are Italian foods.  She loves spaghetti even though it makes a huge mess.  Brian was gone for work again so I thought I'd do something special and pick up Olive Garden for me, Joey and Ava (Eli still doesn't eat real food).  Joey ended up sick so Ava and I had to eat it all.  We had enough pasta, chicken, soup, and breadsticks to eat for 3 days!

We also had a wedding to prepare for.  I got some new shoes in the mail and Ava is in love.  She wanted to put on these 4-inch heels the minute they came outta the box.  They didn't quite fit but it didn't bother her. 

Ava usually wakes up happy.  She is a super great sleeper, but she moves a lot.  Her hair is always a hot mess in the mornings.   I thought I had a picture of it here, but it is a little too dark to see.

I missed the pictures of Eli this week.  Probably because I couldn't get him to hold still long enough.   This was the best I could get.  We watched parts of Song of the South.  When the Briar Rabbit stories were on he was mesmerized.  All the other times he was a wild man.

We went away to the mountains for the wedding over the weekend.  Eli was so excited because all his favorite people came with us... including Grammers and Papa Garro.  Rather than taking Eli and Ava along to the wedding, Grammers and Pappa Garro took them out for an adventure while I attended.  They had so much fun playing in the park.  I'm glad the weather was so beautiful that they could be out without coats in the early afternoon.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, but it was an outdoor wedding and by time for the ceremony it was getting cold.  We bundled up under our coats and blankets to watch the service. Even in the cold we had a good time!

Eli - 2 years, 44 weeks & Ava - 1 year, 29 weeks

I'm severely behind.  The month of November was WILD in our house.  Brian was gone for work a lot, we had something major going on every weekend, and I generally just couldn't get everything done.  I'm trying to catch up quickly so I won't have many words but will have some pictures and videos.

It's a wild and crazy time of life here in our house.  Two very active children drag out toys and make messes quicker than I can even begin to clean them up.  Chaos is the order of the day and if I had time to stop chasing these sticky kiddos around, the crumbs on the floor might be cleaned up.  But then what would they kiddos eat when I'm not getting the next meal/snack quickly enough?  (I guess even crumbs have their purpose!)

Wild woman posing for the camera!

Giving a great big "Cheese" so that he can see the picture in 0.5 seconds.
Chaos... Total Chaos.  This is our home!

I don't know why her she suddenly feels that she is a member of the KISS band.

Apparently the KISS disease is contageous.

Woody is still Eli's favorite.  Eli had to have a picture with him.

A rare moment when she stands still... coloring. 

Playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie.  (aka... getting spin drunk)

And Ava's description of what her Daddy is doing on a Saturday morning... "Huntney" (translation - hunting)

Ava singing Twinkle Twinkle for Mommy's entertainment.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

This post is a slight departure from my normal kid/family posts.  Sorry, but I couldn't find a better place to share this.

Lately I've been trying to build a grown-up wardrobe.  I want to buy mostly high quality pieces that will mix/match well and can be worn to work with dress pants/skirts through the week or with jeans on the weekend.  I recently heard about an online styling service called Stitch Fix.  They send you 5 items to try on at home and you can keep or send them back.  The shipping is pre-paid both ways. 

So I got my first Stitch Fix box.... I know a million people are doing this now and almost everyone is doing reviews of it on blogs, but why not me too, right? This was my first box and here's what I got. 

Plad Infinity Scarf - gray/red/white:

 This was one of the softest things I've ever felt.  I don't know the material, but it was soft and super warm.  The down-side was that when I got it on it felt like it was too large.  I'm short, and while I'm not teeny, my frame is somewhat petite.  This scarf just seemed to eat me alive.  I felt like if it weren't quite as wide it would have been better.  But now after seeing this pic... maybe I should have kept it... I dunno. Status - Sent Back.

Three Dots Gwendolen V-back knit shirt - navy: 

I really liked this item.  I felt like it fit pretty well and I would have worn it lots, but it was just a simple knit shirt.  I felt like I could achieve the same look with an Old Navy perfect fit tee.  Overall I just couldn't justify spending $58 on a tee shirt.  Status - Sent Back.

Daniel Rainn Lattice Trim Blouse - red:

Words cannot express how excited I was when I saw this item.  I was in love!!!  It was just the kind of thing I was looking for to add more grown-up pieces to my wardrobe.   When I tried it on though, it was a little too big.  The sleeves were about an inch too long, the shoulders seemed a little too wide, it just wasn't perfect.  In a store, I'd have tried on a size smaller.  I'm kind of between sizes right now... or maybe I'm just too petite to use these types of general styling services.  If it had been cheaper, I'd have kept it and tried to have it tailored.  For $65 though... it had to go back.  Status - Sent Back sadly

Sequin Shoulder Dress - pink:

Another item I was super excited to see come out of the box.  I had a wedding coming up and thought this might be really fun to wear.  But like the red blouse, it just didn't fit well.  The shoulders hung off a little too far, the arm holes were slightly too big (my bra showed), and I didn't feel like it was terribly figure flattering.  Not a bad price point at $88 but not good enough to keep.  Status - Sent Back.

Black/White Stripe Leather Detail Sweater. 

This item surprised me a little.  When I tried it on, I liked it much better than I expected.  I don't generally care for leather in any form except a belt or shoes.  But I genuenly considered keeping this item.  It fit pretty well, but I was afraid this just wouldn't get worn alot... Now, after seeing it in pictures, I'm glad it went back.  Horizontal stripes are a HUGE no in my book. 

So now the big question... What was my overall impression?  My overall impression was pretty good.  I thought it was fun and maybe helped me to know what types of things I might want to look for the next time I'm shopping.  I've decided to try it one more time and then see how I feel about it.  If nothing else, I've got some really great ideas for the types of items I can look for in the future.