Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eli - 2 years, 9 weeks & Ava 46 weeks

Another day and another post to catch up on... 

Last week was 50's show week and we were all in a perpertual state of exhaustion.  This week we're doing a little recovering before we get hit hard again Thursday through Saturday.  Be sure to come out to one of our last 3 performances if you haven't made it already.  It's a wonderful time for a great cause.  I promise you'll leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

I feel like I've been less than a great mom this week because I've been running my little ones ragged.  Eli loves the show and begs to go with me so we frequently end up with all four of us along for the ride.  Sometimes, though, Eli can't quite hang with the late nights and lack of sleep and we end up with a very tired and cranky boy.  Ava is still small enough that she'll nap if she gets tired enough even with all the loud music and commotion around her. When Eli gets to a very bad place, he and Brian have been going home for bedtime while Ava stayed with me.  Occasionally, this has backfired though because when Ava gets up from a 2 hour nap at 9pm she's ready to go again until well after midnight. 

What Eli doesn't like about the Fifties show is my dress.  This year I'm wearing a huge poofy pink dress  which for some reason freaks him out (like screaming and hiding his head in the floor kinda freaked out!).  I think the last couple of times he's gotten a little more okay with me wearing it, but he still won't really touch me if I'm in it.  Ava, on the other hand, loves the pink poofy dress.  She thinks it is great fun to play with the ruffles and crawl around on it when I sit in the floor with her. 

When it is at last time to go home, I think both kiddos are usually ready.  Eli always says "Bye Mu-sic. Bye Fif-ty Show"! I think he's going to be really sad in another week when ther isn't any more Fifties Show to go to. 

ere are a few pictures of the kids from last week.  Amongst all the chaos and trying to get everywhere on time and with everything we needed, I just didn't get a lot of good pictures.  I'm hopeful to do better this week, but probably won't do a lot better.

Daddy dressed me to go to see Mommie in the 50's show!

Ava loves to chase Levi at practice.

Happy to have Mommy hold her for a minute.

Ready to go to the Fifties Show.  Didn't Daddy to a great job of getting me dressed?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eli - 2 years, 8 weeks & Ava - 45 weeks

I'm almost 3 weeks behind in posting now.  Between being in Oklahoma for work one week then having the Fifties show last week and this week, I've just not had an opportunity to post photos. 

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves faced with our first day of beautiful spring weather.  We didn't have much going that weekend, so we knew we wanted to get the kids outside for some playtime.  The only real problem was that the winter had not been kind to the swing set.

We purchased it second hand this time last year and were given a very slightly used baby swing for Eli.  The regular swings that came with our swingset finally fell apart during our most recent snow event this winter, so those needed replacing. Eli wasn't quite big enough for one of those yet anyway so we were in definate need of a second baby swing for Ava as well. 

So around lunchtime on a Saturday we all headed out to Home Depot to pick up some replacement swing parts.  We hurried back home and used the last hour or two of daylight to get Eli and Ava some outside playtime.  This outside time was well past due and the kiddos thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Eli loves to swing.  Suddenly he is saying "Go HIGH!" like a big boy.

Eli always wants his Daddy to swing beside him and give the occasional push.

After swinging, Eli had to make a few trips down his slide.

This year he is a big boy and wants to go without any help. 
The one thing Eli loves more than the swing is the Tractor.  I had gone over to the shed to look for something and the minute I pulled open the door, Eli came running.  We then had to spend 20 minutes just sitting on and looking at the tractor.

"I wanna drive!"

So proud to be raising a little country boy!
This day was the first time that Ava ever got to sit in her own swing.  Last year I held her on my lap a couple of times and we did some gentle swinging, but now she is big enough for her own seat.  I'm pretty sure she is in love.

But guess what Ava loved even more than the swing??? Playing with the dogs.  When we were swinging, she was practically breaking her neck to see where the dogs had gone.  After a few minutes of swinging, I spread out a quilt and we sat down with the dogs for some doggie TLC.  Ava wasn't quite ready to climb all over them, but she was definately enamoured. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Helping Papa Rick

Eli stayed home sick on Monday and in the midst of running to various doctor appointments, we found Papa Rick mowing the baseball field.  Eli got to help and spend some time getting dirty.

Riding the mower.

 My turn to drive!

Eli may turn out to be the Les Miles of Baseball... This looks like he's checking the dirt before the game just like Les Miles checks the grass on the football fields before his games.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Eli - 2 years, 7 weeks & Ava - 44 weeks

Look who's posting at the beginning of the week!  We had a wonderful weekend at our house and I couldn't wait to share some of the pictures.  Saturday Grammers and Granny Reba came to hang out with the kids for a while so Brian and I could go to an estate sale.  Eli and Ava had a blast.  Eli had so much fun, in fact, that he begged to go home with his Grammers.  We were planning on driving down for Pawpaw John's 82nd birthday yesterday, so Eli got to go spend the night with his Grammers and Papa Garro.  He had a wonderful time! Eli especially loves going to look at trains with Papa Garro and playing the drums in the basement.  And on Sunday, Eli also got to play with his cousin Harley.  The big bonus in all of it was that it was a nice day and everybody got to play outside some and both kiddos got some one on one time. 
Ava had a blast being at home alone with Mommie and Daddy Saturday night. She got to play with all of the toys she wanted without having her big brother try to take them away and she got all kinds of attention.Sunday morning, we got up, I cooked some food to share with the family for the birthday celebration, and gave Ava a bath.  After bathtime, Ava discovered herself in the mirror and this cuteness was the result...
  After we all got dressed, it was time to head to Granny Reba and Pawpaw John's house.  We were the first there, so we had a nice quiet visit for a while and Ava got to play with some pots and pans.  She'd never get away with this if Eli was around because he would want the pots and pans all to himself. 
After lunch, the kids got to play outside while the grownups visited and chased the kiddos.  While the weather was warm enough to be outside without a ton of clothes on, I tried to get a few good pictures of Ava to use as her 9 month (which are really more like 10 month now) pictures. 

This week, Eli has fallen in love with his hat.  Every night since Friday night he's worn it to bed and had it back on as soon as he gets up in the mornings.  Most times if we're at home, that means that he is wearing a shirt, his diaper, and his hat.  I think it's completely adorable and I'm sure it will make for some good blackmail material in the future. 
Eli really enjoyed the warmer weather yesterday and the opportunity to play outside.  Eli also loved playing with Harley, even if he did try to boss her around a little too much.  We're working on that. 
Chasing the ball in Granny's yard.
Playing in the flower pot that Granny keeps filled with sand.
Eli loved using the scoops to move the sand.

Jumping on the trampoline.





Eli - 2 years, 6 weeks & Ava - 43 weeks

So I didn't get around to posting last week's pictures.  I promise I'm trying, but life is so busy these days. 

It is a busy time of year for us.  March always brings the annual Fabulous Fifties Show, which we love being a part of but requires lots of nights away from home during February and March.  We are spending lots of time preparing for that and are having more than our share of fun in the process, but the kiddos are tired and on rare nights when we are home before bedtime, I'm trying to get us all to sleep early. So here's last week's post.

Last Sunday (just over a week ago now) we had a nice sunny day.  The weather was warm enough to be outside and we spent the day runnign some errands and then ventured to my parents' house to help them with an organizing project.  When we got there, they were all finished so we spent some time playing.  Eli saw the lawn mower out and knew immediately what he wanted to do... RIDE!  Eli wanted to ride in the trailer behind the mower but when we first put him he fell down as the mower started moving.  So I climbed in to help him learn to hold on and then Ava wanted in too.  So Papa Rick pulled all three of us in the mower.  We rode around the yard and then up to my grandmothers for a quick drop-in visit. 

My grandmother was preparing to hold an estate sale and move in with family so everything was being boxed and emptied in preparation for the sale.  Eli took one last opportunity to explore the place and Brian, Ava and I chased Eli. 

Eli soon found the old smokehouse (once used for curing meat now a storage shed).  He thought it was great fun to play in there. 

We did some more exploring and then headed home to finish up our weekend with baths and supper.  It was a nice day and I'm certainly glad that I had the chance to get a few last pictures of Eli hanging out around the old house.