Friday, April 25, 2014

Eli - 2 years, 13 weeks & Ava - 50 weeks

I'm still trying to catch up from last week.  It just seems that we can't keep everybody healthy long enough for me to keep up at work, around the house, here, or anywhere else for that matter.  I live in a state of backlog!

In any event, here are some pictures from last week.  I still haven't taken pictures for this week yet. (Like I said... backlog). 

Last week Ava took her first few steps.  I stood her up in front of me and then backed a couple steps away and she walked by herself for about 3 steps toward me.  We didn't get it on video, because I really didn't expect it to happen. Since then, we've tried a dozen times but she still hasn't repeated that little accomplishment.  But she can pretty routinely stand up on her own now.  I'm betting we see a sudden surge in the walking very soon.  In other news, Ava has 2 more teeth.  Her top 2 front teeth also finally officially joined the party last week. 

Playing with Mommie's phone.

I like to see my own face in the phone.

My bottom two teeth are chompers now!
I can't even keep up with all the new words Eli comes out with now. His vocabulary is expanding so rapidly that I'm constantly surprised by what he tells me. He has "big boy" conversations now instead of just saying his wants/needs. He'll tell you about what he did at daycare, or tell you something that happened, or talk about what he wants to do the next day. He is growing and learning very quickly. Eli was very excited about his daycare Easter party last week and was thrilled to get to take his "buckt-et" with him to hunt Easter eggs.  When he got home he was even more excited to show me all the "Marsh-os" (marshmallows) he got.  He's not much of a candy eater except for "marsh-os".  He likes the idea of candy, but when we give it to him he just tends to open it and throw it away.  That's fine by me.  I think all the daycare candy (except for a couple marsh-os I hid for the Easter bunny to use) was gone in a couple hours.  95% of it was just opened and thrown out when Eli went to bed.

Eli loves bathtime. 

Found a "Marsh-o"!

Eating some "gum-gums" (gummies)

The other funny thing that happened last week was that Ava started shaking her head.  She figured out how to do it and then both kids thought it was pretty funny.  After Ava got out of the tub, she and I were hanging out with Eli while he played in the bath.  Ava reached for one of Eli's favorite toys and I said "Don't do it, Ava." Then she started shaking her head.  Eli thought that was a great game and this is what ensued. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

I'm so completely jealous of all the Easter pictures I've been seeing on Facebook this week.  It seems all my friends have these wonderful pictures of their families dressed in cute outfits having all kinds of Easter fun after church on Sunday.  Our Easter (like so much of our lives) didn't quite turn out as planned.

Friday, Ava began running a little fever.  With the daycare closed for Good Friday, Joey was babysitting so we gave Ava some medicine and went about our day as planned.  The kids stayed home with Joey and Brian and I went to work.  About 5pm Friday, the fever shot up to 103.  Since Eli and I had been sick with strep throat the week before, we called the doc and they instructed us to take Ava to the ER so that she could be tested for strep.  Ava and I spent Friday night in the ER and Brian kept Eli at home since he hadn't had a nap and was in less than a great mood.  The ER is no place for a healthy 2 year old anyway.  By 9pm we were finally discharged told that it was probably a little virus of some sort.  We were instructed to treat the fever and follow up with our doctor on Monday if we weren't better. 

I kept Ava at home all day Saturday with a fever and her not feeling well.  By bedtime, it was obvious that our Easter plans would have to change slightly.  I had worked really hard to ensure that everyone had a nice outfit to wear to church.  Then I thought we'd come home and take some pictures of the kids in the yard before we changed and went to my family's get together.  No such luck. 

The Easter Bunny did visit, but that was it for the morning.  Everyone slept in (well past time that we could have made it to our 8:30 church service on time) and Ava was still getting Tylenol every few hours.  We did venture down the road a bit to my family's lunchtime Easter get-together, but we were the first to leave after just a couple of hours.  Once again, I hope we get credit for trying and planning to go to church.  But with a fever, I just couldn't justify risking getting the other babies there sick. 

Beyond that, some of our dearest friends had a death in the family and scheduling around baseball events of the older kiddos didn't work out.  So our annual Easter Egg Hunt at Joey and Papa Rick's just didn't happen this year.  We missed the fun, but sometimes things just don't go as planned. 

So this was our pitiful little Easter... I didn't even do a good job of getting pictures of the kids' Easter baskets.  Oh well, with everything else happening, we just do what we have to in order to survive. 

Checking out our Easter buckets!

Ava got some stacking cups and Eli got a new "Sulley"
Eli "helped" Ava see what was in her bucket too!

Ava got a "Bruce" cup.... "I'm having fish tonight!"


Even with a fever, she can find a smile. 
Eli was very excited about his Easter basket.  Unfortunately for Mommie and Daddy, the Easter bunny was kinda dumb and managed to fill Eli and Ava's baskets almost entirely with items to play with outside.  There was lots of bubble toys, just a little candy, a kite, a movie, and a new action figure.  Hey, the Easter bunny knows us... we are definately more outside people than we are candy people!  The problem was explaining to the 2 year old that we couldn't play with bubbles in the house and that we couldn't fly his kite because it wasn't windy enough.  There is always a breeze at our house, but not Sunday morning (go figure!).
At my family's Easter celebration, Eli actually sat down and ate a few grapes (that is a first).  Then a train came by and he promptly decided he was finished eating and ready to go outside to watch some trains go by.
Ava on the other hand, wanted to taste everything on my plate.  Then when she'd eaten her fill, she was ready to stand up and play on the chair.  It took some doing to keep her in it while the rest of us tried to finish eating. 



Thursday, April 17, 2014

Eli - 2 years 12 weeks & Ava - 49 weeks

Last Sunday we woke up to a very cranky Eli.  We got him up and he litterally screamed from the time he got up through getting dressed for church, getting in the car, and leaving for church.  We made it to the end of our road before we gave up and headed home.  I hope we get credit for trying to go to church because we really did try. 

We spent most of the rest of Sunday hanging around the house just trying to keep everyone on an even keel.  We played outside just a little (wearing our 'boggins since Eli was complaining that his ears hurt) and spent most of the day piddling around the house.  Sunday night about bedtime, Eli suddenly had a fever well over 104*.  It scared the crud out of us and we debated taking him to the ER, but after some medicine, taking off his clothes, and forcing a little juice down him, it finally subsided to a much more managable 102*.  Brian slept with Eli on the pull-out bed that night and got up every 3 hours to give him more medicine trying to keep the fever down.  By morning, it was down to just over 100* and we definately had plans to see a doctor, pronto! To make matters worse, I had started getting sick during the night and woke up with a 103* fever myself.  Now I was down for the count. 

Fortunately, Brian and Ava were feeling fine so Ava went to daycare and Brian worked from home for a while so that he could keep an eye on Eli while I napped on the couch most of the day.  We got an appointment for the doctor Monday afternoon and learned that Eli and I both had strep throat (UGH!) and Eli had an ear infection.  Antibiotic shots for both of us and more antibiotics for Eli's ears and home we went to try to recover.  Long story short, we spent most of the week trying to get better and I didn't get any pictures of the kids until Friday or Saturday.  I just couldn't see through the fog of my fever.  I spent my week focusing on accomplishing only what had to be done from one minute to the next to survive.

Satuday morning, when we were at last feeling better, Eli and Ava started playing with the cozy coupe car.  I got these pictures of Ava and this adorable video.

Getting a little push from the big brother.

Climb in and take a ride!

I promise I won't crash too many times!

Once we finally got up and moving Saturday morning, Brian and Eli went to the dump and to buy some more much for our flower beds.  After the boys left, Ava and I went to town for groceries and to buy some new arborvitae (trees) for the flowerbeds.  When Brian and Eli got home, Eli was upset that he couldn't find his Mama and Ava and he was a little bit tired.  Brian said he laid down and wined until he finally passed out right there in the floor. I think this is the first time that has EVER happened.

And he's OUT!
 When Ava and I got home, we unloaded the groceries, ate lunch, and the Brian and I took turns working in the flower beds and watching Ava while Eli napped.  In a while, Ava decided it was time to nap, so Brian got her down for a nap while I kept working outside.  Then when Eli got up, he came out to play while Ava finished her nap.  Thank goodness they each took a 2 hour nap and they backed up against each other.  I don't know how we would have finished the flowerbeds otherwise.  

Saturday night after supper, we settled in on the couch.  I was wiped (it was the first day I hadn't been sick all week) so we settled down on the couch for some TV time.  This week, we've been watching two things at once in our living room.  Eli uses the portable DVD player and Brian and I get the big TV.  It typically looks like this....

What's a movie without popcorn?

Eli loves for his Daddy to watch with him, so frequently, he climbs up in Brian's lap and holds the DVD player.  It works well because it means that we (Brian and I) don't have to watch Toy Story for the 7000th time this week.  After being home with Eli for 2 days sick, I've had about all I could take for a while. 

Fortunately, we all felt well enough by this Sunday that we made it to church and (thus far) have all been to work/daycare everyday.  I'll update on this week tomorrow, hopefully.  But for now, that is all we have.  Here's hoping you are happy and healthy!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Eli 2 years, 11 weeks & Ava 48 weeks

So I promised that I'd have more goodies to share in this week's post.  Well, I sure do!

This week we've been getting back to normal around our house.  We're almost back into our schedule (we're running about 15 minutes late leaving the house still) and the kids are beginning to settle back into a routine.  The weather has been beautiful this week and we've been trying to take advantage of every opportunity to get outside. 

Ava is turning into quite an animal lover.  While I grilled supper the other night, she sat on the patio and watched the dogs.  She even learned a new word "Dog, dog, dog!"  I don't think I really ever posted about her first word, but it was definately "Uh Oh!" and it started sometime around mid-February. She'd drop something on the floor and then say "Uh oh!".  It's her favorite inside game and leaves the kitchen covered in crackers, cheerios, etc.  Around the first of March I think she started saying and meaning "Dada" and "Mama".  She usually only says "Dada" when she is playing and "Mama" when she is mad (that figures).  And since I'm still not entirely certain that she means to say "Da-da" and "Mama", I'll call "dog" her official first word.  Don't let that food you though, she communicates pretty well in other ways.  I'm amazed at how well she can convey her feelings via the grunt method. 

And here's a video of Ava saying "dog".  She'd already said it a dozen times but decided to clam up when I got the camera out. 
Eli is still in love with the tractor.  Just look at his face in the first picture.  That is pure joy.  He thinks he is a big guy because he gets to sit in the seat while Brian attaches and unattaches implements.  Tuesday Brian and I took some time off to work on the flower beds.  Late in the afternoon, Brian went to buy a couple new implements so that we could make the kids a playground area around the swingset and not have to weed eat under it.  When I picked Eli up from daycare he wanted to know where his Daddy was.  I told him that Brian had gone to buy "tractor parts".  His response was "TRACTOR?!" (excitedly) .  And then he asked, "Ride it?".  I told him he would have to ask Daddy when he got home from buying the parts.  Eli then asked "Tractor broke?".  So then I had to explain that it wasn't really broke but we needed some new parts anyway.  I'm not sure if he really understood what I was trying to tell him, but he stopped asking about it.

Pure joy when he's riding on a tractor.

Love us some tractor time.
 Eli's second favorite thing to do is to feed our dogs.  Last night when we got home he spilled some juice on himself and wanted all his clothes off.  But then when it was time to feed the dogs he wasn't going to be slowed down by clothes.  But he did make sure he had his hat and shoes! 

And here's the video to go with those dog feeding pictures.... 

The last thing I have to share is a video from earlier in the week.  Eli loves to watch "Finding Nemo".  He found a little book in the DVD case that had pictures of all the characters and now we have to talk about what everybody says.  This is a regular discussion in our home now.

Eli - 2 years, 10 weeks & Ava - 47 weeks

Last week was Fabulous Fifties Show Round 2.  Boy are we pooped now!

Ava spent the weekend chasing a little boy named Levi around...

Eli got all dressed up... 

 ... and had a spontaneous first date with a little gril named Evelyn Gray. 

After a promise of a new toy if he would go on stage, Eli finally agreed.  But he didn't stay up there longer than a hot minute. Doesn't matter, I still got this cute picture.
We had plenty of Kung Fu Fighters even without Eli.

And I spent the week in a poofy pink dress with a strange cast of characters!

I can't say enough about how much I appreciate Brian's support during the past two weeks.  I couldn't have done it without him.  He tagged along when I needed him to, he took Eli home when things got too difficult to handle at the show, and spent more time than either of us could count just hanging out in a hallway waiting.  Thank you for supporting me in this.  I promise to keep the kids while you go deer hunting next winter. (And I'll try not to complain too much!)
With everything else going on, there wasn't much to report about on the kiddo front.  So we'll let that cover last week.  I have some great things to share to cover this week anyway.  Check back tomorrow for that post.