Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eli - 2 years, 49 weeks & Ava 1 year 34 weeks - Hanging with Grammers

The morning after our Birmingham Christmas celebrations, Brian and I loaded the car and headed home to work a couple days before our holiday vacation time started.  Eli and Ava spent a couple extra days with Grammers. 

I can't even begin to tell you how weird it was to be at home with no children.  We pretty much had the house in order and prepped for Christmas Sunday afternoon and then we just sat around waiting for something to do.  It was super exciting and incredibly depressing all at the same time.  We were more than ready to see the munchkins when we got off work on Tuesday.

While Brian and I were at home working and prepping for the return of the kiddos, Eli and Ava were off having a blast with Grammers.  We got a couple of pictures while they were out and about partying...

Eli and Ava love to go to the McWane Science Center.  Digging in the "bone yard" is always a favorite.

And Grammers hit a homerun by choosing pizza for supper... Ava's favorite! I'm told Ava and Papa Garro had an eating contest.

Christmas Part 1 - And only a month late!

It's been over a month since I last posted.  There are lots of reasons including time off, craziness at work, more craziness at home, a 3 year old's birthday and a general lack of getting it done on my part.  Regardless, here's a quick recap of our early Christmas celebrations.

We always begin our Christmas celebrations in Birmingham the weekend before Christmas.  That involves a morning with Brian's Dad and then the evening with Brian's Mom.  It's nice that we can pull it all off in a single day and the kiddos were really excited about getting to open their first gifts.

Christmas #1 - The Hamiltons

We begain the day with Brian's dad.  We had a nice lunch and then the kiddos got to dive head-first into a pile of presents.  Eli loved his Paw Patrol dogs and Ava loved her little bag to wag around. 

Eli couldn't even look up from his new Paw Patrol dog!

Ava and Harley enjoyed playing with thier bags.  These girls love to tote things around.

Did I mention each kiddo got a small bag of 'Nilla Waffers?  Yep... we love us some 'Nilla Waffer Cookies.
 Christmas #2 - The Allreds/Halperns

After a nap in the car and a wardrobe change for Ava (technically it was wardrobe change #2 for the day because we didn't even get to Birmingham before the first outfit was trashed), we arrived at our second stop of the day.  There we had Chicken Pot Pie (one of Brian's favorites) for supper, borrowed a washing machine to clean up Ava's outfit from earlier, and (you guessed it) more gifts!  Favorites from this stop were more Paw Patrols, a manger scene playset, and and two sets of Leggos (one for each kiddo).   

Eli helped hand out gifts... it was almost as much fun as opening his own gifts, but not quite!

I slowed her down long enough to grab a picture.

Ava finally got the hang of this gift opening thing.

Eli was beginning to wear down a little I think.

Sitting at the little table with cousins is always fun

So that was our first day of Christmas celebrations... more to come!