Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eli - 3 years, 2 weeks & Ava - 1 year, 39 weeks - Fighting the Plauge

The week began normally enough.  We went to church on Sunday morning followed by the grocery store.  I even remembered to get pictures of the kiddos all dressed up for church.  (Yay, Mommy!)

After our busy morning we all arrived home hungry and ready for some play time.  

Ava wanted to eat pizza even before we changed her clothes.

Can't blame her... it looked so good in the fridge!

Eli just wanted a chance to play with his Ninja Turtles. 

Yep... it's party time, Dudes!
 So we went about our Sunday business without much extra goings on.  At one point, I think we went to the farm for a couple hours (I think we had to go get Brian's truck that we'd left there the night before), but all in all it was a pretty typical slow start to the week.

Then Wednesday night hit with a vengence.  About bedtime Eli started running a little fever.  I gave him some Motrin and put him to bed thinking it was a cold... WRONG!  Eli was up all night Wednesday night.  He might have slept a couple hours all night.  Brian tried to stay in the bed with Ava and I tried to tend to Eli, but Eli got sick 2 or 3 times through the night and Brian came to help me.  The fever reached 103 and stayed there for a long while through the night so even when Eli was sleeping I was still trying to check his fever every 15-30 minutes.  Thursday morning Brian and I stayed home and took Eli to the doctor.  We even got to go to the hospital for a chest x-ray and blood work (our favorites).  Eli stayed pretty sick Thursday though he did sleep a bunch and Friday afternoon, Joey came to get Ava for the weekend so that Brian and I could survive whatever this cold was.  Late Friday afternoon we found out that Eli had RSV.  Our orders were to do our best to manage the fever and to call the doctor if it got too high.  By 5pm Friday night, Eli's fever was reading 104.5 degrees.  So off to the ER we went.

We were in the ER for what seemed like an eternity.  It's never a pleasant experiance, but when Eli's screaming "I wanna go home! Get this off of me!" over and over at the top of his lungs for 2 hours, it's downright torture.  Eli was doing fairly well lying still and being patient through the breathing treatment and initial assessments, but then the doctor ordered more blood work and an IV started. (Not that they gave him fluids through the IV, they just put in the port since they needed blood anyway.)  Eli cried; I cried; it was terrible!  Eli was so traumatized that her refused to put his arm down.  He laid like this the entire time we were there. 

The one bright spot we had was that Eli's arm provided some entertainment for us once he wore out enough that he started falling asleep.  Poor little guy. 

Anyway, the ER basically did nothing for us.  Eli got a steroid shot, we all missed supper, and we lost several days of our lives from the experience.  In their defense they didn't measure a temperature as high we were were measuring, so I'm sure they thought we were just panicking

Eli spent the next few days lying on the couch lifeless.  He'd be awake for an hour or so and then sleep for 3-4 hours.  It was terrible to see him like that.  There are so many times that I've wished I could get him to sit still for a few minutes.  Now I take everyone of those thoughts back and then some.

In any event, by the beginning of the next week, Eli was getting closer to recovery and we were all thankful to see him improving.

So while the rest of us were off trying to get Eli well, Ava was out partying with her Joey and Aunt Jane.  They ran some errands, got some good food to eat, did some shopping, and then met up again later for supper.  When I finally went to get Ava late Sunday afternoon, she didn't want to leave her Joey.   She had been completely spoiled and was not ready to give up all that attention.  Unfortunately for Ava, all good things do come to an end and she had to come back home and get ready to go back to daycare.  That pretty much covers this week... more to come.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Eli - 3 years 1 week & Ava - 1 year, 38 weeks - Tackling Delecate Subjects

I'm certain that this update will one day embarrass Eli.  Sorry, Son... the story is just too good not to share.  We found ourselves having to discuss a more delicate subject with our little boy a few weeks ago.... body parts we do and do not play with.

I'm going to try to tell this story as politely as possible.  But be forewarned... there will be little boy parts involved.  I even had to censor the pictures so I'm not certain how to go forward here except to tell the story...

One night after bathtime, Eli ran off to his room the instant he got out of the tub.  I wasn't worried about him doing that and went about the business of getting Ava out of the tub, diapered, and jammies on.   Within a few minutes Eli came walking to find me with one of his toy tools dangling from a certain unmentionable appendage.  He was so proud of himself! 

Growing up in a house without boys I didn't even know how to begin to address the issue so I promptly sent him to find his Daddy.  Brian found the whole thing ammusing but did try to talk to him about what is and is not appropriate behavior. 

I don't think the talk worked too well because it then became a game to see which of his tools would fit.  Turns out most of them will.  

On a different less risque note, Ava is still all about having her picture taken.  She loves to cheese for a camera, which is why I'm getting such adorable shots of her lately. 

Playtime Cheeses!

Doctors office cheeses!

One of Ava's other favorite things is talking on the phone. Sometimes we have to call people just to say "hello". Ava will bring us the phone and say "I wanna 'Hello' Joey" of "Hello Grammers".  And if anyone at our house is on the phone Ava is crawling all over us to get to talk.  And she is never ready to hang up.  Lots of times we'll say "Okay, it's time to say bye." and she simply says "No!"  She isn't finished talking and apparently has lots to say. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Eli - 3 years Old & Ava 1 year, 37 weeks

I've already shared so much from Eli's birthday party that there isn't much left to say.  So I'll just throw in a few more pictures here to mark their ages and finish this update.

Eli's Toy Story Party

The day after Eli's 3rd birthday, we were blessed with beautiful weather, unseasonably warm temperatures, and a ton of family and friends who joined us for a celebration.

Eli wanted a Toy Story party, so that's what we did.  Fortunately, decorations were pretty simple using lots of bright colors and patterns mixed in with the massive collection of Toy Story toys that live scattered all over our home.  I even found a YouTube video to show me how to create a custom Toy Story logo for the party.

Modified the wreath on our door just for the day!

Rocket blaster toys for party favors

When I got his birthday present I only had this lime green paper on hand before Eli got home from daycare that day... I had to get a little crafty to make it work. 

Andy's room drawings found using Google... just hung them from some twine using clothes pins.

Kids table with toys and homemade candy.

Loved the way the "Happy Birthday" banner turned out!

Cake by the ever impressive Carla Gault and Janie Quick... it tasted even better than it looked.  All I did was provide the toys and a few Pinterest ideas... They took it from there.

I made sugar cookies one day during our Christmas break.

When I got tired of cutting out stars I switched to circles

Used some more toys on the table.

I printed out custom labels for the water bottles.  Eli is still finding "his" waters in the back of the fridge.

When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday", Eli got embarrassed and hid under the table.  Once again we had to sing Happy Birthday before everyone started eating because Eli was dying to get the toys off his cake.

He was less shy about opening presents!

We even got to play outside!

Eli loves to watch and play with Brady

Brady the stunt man.

That face doesn't have me convinced that he knows what he's doing!

Brady is a great cousin and big brother.  He's the best mule around.

Lane hooping it up!

Ava getting a little push from Audrey

And while everyone else kind of ate and played as they went, Eli never slowed down... until almost everybody had gone.  When things finally calmed down some, Eli decided to sit and try some of his birthday cake.  Here's what he had to say about it...