Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Naming the New Baby & Pregnancy Update

Well, we've almost made it to the 39 week mark.  For those of you who aren't quite as up-to-date on the whole pregnancy calendar thing that means we are just 1 week until the due date.  Thank Goodness! We are actually scheduled to go in for an induction on Friday night if this little pumpkin doesn't decide to join us sooner.  I'm not a huge fan of the induction route, but with 2 other kiddos to worry about and Halloween just around the corner (which I don't want to miss) I've come to accept that the induction is the best thing at this time.  Again, not completely happy about it, but it sure makes planning easier. 

Overall, it hasn't been a terrible pregnancy though being huge during the hottest part of the summer was less than fun.  I also think I created a Tums shortage in the North Alabama/Southern Middle Tennessee region.  I eat the things like candy all hours of the day and night.  But now we're just at the ridiculously uncomfortable stage with little to no progress being made.   I've tried everything I can think of to evict this tenant including spending 2-3 days working on the farm moving wood and walking lots, sitting on an exercise ball at work, eating spicy food, walking every day after work and pretty much not sitting down from the time I get home to the time I go to bed.   But so far, nothing has even pretended to work.  So I guess we keep waiting for a couple more days.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Brian and I have been struggling to decide on a name for Baby #3.  In fact, it's been the cause of a couple of disagreements in our house.  Basically, I refused to even think about it until we knew the gender (Baby #3 will be a girl!).  Then because I had refused to discuss the issue for so long, Brian decided that he was not participating in name discussions for a while just to aggravate me.  (Bad news for him... it didn't bother me too much.)  Honestly, between worrying about whether or not we could start building a house, trying to get things prepped to sell the house we're in now, and chasing Eli and Ava around, there wasn't much time to think on it anyway. 

About a two months ago, we got semi-serious about deciding on a name even though we have up to 90 days after the birth to file the social security paperwork. (Yes, I know it's shameful for me to know this.)  And several times we had massive arguments over baby naming.  It's most likely a result of my ridiculous hormone levels and the fact that almost anything can send me into a fit.

Anyway, several times over the past 8 month just as a point of interest I've asked Eli and Ava if they liked this name or that name.  Ava doesn't really show a preference and is pretty agreeable to anything.  Eli, on the other hand, has been somewhat more opinionated.  I'd mention and name and he'd say "No, that's somebody else's name." or "No that's a different baby."  And my favorite when we asked him about the name Bea... "No, bees gotta fly."  Noted - another name off the list.

Then suddenly, Eli became less obstinate about baby names and more open to our hypothetical names. Ava pretty much goes along with whatever her brother says but they both still prefer the name Paisley if asked the open ended question of 'What do we name the baby?".  That is because one of their buddies at daycare has a 3 to 5 month old baby sister (can't remember when she was born) named Paisley. In any event, they love baby Paisley and they want to love their baby just as much.  It's sweet, but we're not naming this baby Paisley and they have been told that.

So about a month ago with 5 weeks until the due date, we still had no name.  Occasionally, Brian and I would exchange text messages during work (because we're too lazy to walk across the building to see each other or maybe because we don't want to forget the suggestions).  Sometimes the suggestions were serious; sometimes they are a funny name we heard on the radio or read in a news article.  But nothing stuck.  That is, until a month ago when this text message exchange took place.

Honestly, even after it was "done" (according to Brian), I didn't really believe that we'd stick with it.  We'd changed our minds so many times already I just highly doubted that we'd be settled permanently.  I actually started this post with the name reveal the day of the text message exchange.  But I've held off this long to be certain that we weren't going to change our minds.  Like I said before, we're really bad at this baby naming thing!

Eli - 3 years, 39 weeks & Ava - 2 years, 24 weeks - Weekend at Grammers

Eli and Ava got a special treat... they got to spend a weekend with Grammers.  As usual they had a blast.

A big hit of the weekend was playing with a LiteBrite that Grammers had around the house.  Apparently that was a HUGE hit.

Later, they got to take a ride on the Pumpkin Patch Express, a local train ride to a little pumpkin patch and back.  I bet Eli and Papa Garro both insisted on riding in the open train car so that they could see good!  This little ride is at the same depot/museum where we took the kids to see Thomas the Tank Engine last spring.  The volunteers there always do a wonderful job!

Eli - 3 years, 38 weeks & Ava - 2 years, 23 weeks

Last Christmas Eli and Ava gave their Grammers some DIY stepping stone kits.  They came with a mold, cement, and some glass mosaic pieces.  She had asked for some cute stepping stones and might have even mentioned something with the kids hand prints.  Well, after we gave her the kits she sent them home with us to do the actual DIY.  They've been in our garage ever since because, let's face it, we're procrastinators and not great without a deadline.

We had our first little snap of cold dreary fall weather the other day and since we didn't have much going, we decided it was time to knock out that little project.  So we tried to get the kids into some warm clothes.  Ava wanted way more clothes on than necessary including a thermal shirt, sweat shirt, and hat.  Eli insisted that he didn't care if he was cold and wanted to hang onto his shorts and T-shirt.  We started out making him wear a jacket if he was outside the garage but he quickly slipped off without said jacket and I tired of being a nagging mother.  I figure when he gets cold he'll learn to put on more clothes the hard way.  Anyway, we grabbed the kids and all headed to the garage.  They played in and around the garage while I poured the cement into the mold and got the process started. 

Too many clothes!

Not enough clothes!

Once the stones were poured it became obvious that they were going to need to set-up for a while.  Eli and Ava enjoyed watching their Daddy pressure wash the tractor and bush hog for a while and I did some picking up around the garage.  Then we all went back inside for an hour or so. 

Next came the fun part (insert sarcasm here)... decorating!  We started by putting each kiddos handprints into the stones.  Ava was reluctant at first but was generally okay with the process.  Eli, ever the cautious kid, wasn't about to put his hands into that wet cement.  We finally held him down and forced his little hands into the cement which resulted in screaming, crying, and a general freak-out.  But, hey, we got his hand prints!   After we washed the kiddos hands, we wrote their names and helped them put the mosaic glass pieces into the stones.  That went considerably better than making the actual hand prints, but Eli still wasn't thrilled when his hands got the least bit dirty. 

Once they were all finished, we gathered up the kids and closed the garage for a few days so that they could cure without having any additional little fingers touching them.   We did take a picture of the finished products before we took them out of the molds.  Overall they turned out kinda cute and once they were dry the kiddos were so proud to give them to Grammers.

Eli - 3 years 37 weeks & Ava - 2 years, 22 weeks

Brian picked up a copy of "Hotel Transylvania" when he stopped at Sams on the way home from work to buy some dog food.  That brought on an impromptu family movie night.  After supper we made some popcorn and snuggled in on the couch to watch a "new to us" movie.  It was really cute and the kiddos loved it! 

Eli is a big movie watcher.  He can actually sit through a movie and watch without getting terribly distracted (especially if he thinks one of us are watching with him and laughing at the right times!)

Ava has a much shorter attention span and was up moving around a lot.  But overall she enjoyed the popcorn and the parts of the movie that she watched.  

Eli - 3 years, 36 weeks & Ava - 2 years, 21 weeks

Yep, almost a month behind again.... Let's try to catch up before Baby #3 makes her appearance.

So a couple weeks after labor day we spent a day with Granny Reba canning vegetable soup.  I'm still working on finishing up the post with the canned veggie soup recipe so for now we'll just talk about the kiddos.  Eli and Ava got to play with their cousin, Brady and Grammers while Brian, Granny, and I canned soup.  I think we've made soup with Granny about 3 times now but until the last time I wasn't smart enough to think to take notes and pictures of the process so that we will always know exactly what to do and what "looks right" means.   But, as I sometimes do, I got so focused on soup making that I completely missed taking pictures of the kiddos.  Fortunately, my kids have a Grammers who is out of this world and provided me some pics and videos to use for this post. She's awesome for many other reasons too but being shutter happy with the iphone was a definite post saver this time.

Eli loves playing with Brady.  These two are having a blast eating marshmallows and hanging out.  They played outside a bunch riding bicycles and playing in the sand buckets.  

Ava loves the little swing on Granny Reba's front porch.  With the boys otherwise occupied, Ava had Grammers all to herself.  They had a few nice long talks on the front porch.  I'm so glad that Grammers thought to capture this conversation on video.  I've never managed to catch a video of Ava just being still and talking before.  So nice to have evidence that she does occasionally sit still.