Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Eli - 3 years, 43 weeks; Ava - 2 years, 28 weeks; Mae - 3 weeks - Host of Christmas Past

We finally got everybody healthy and back to daycare and work for a full week.... a great accomplishment! 

Around middle of the week, I snapped this shot with my cell phone.  We might have all been healthy but by mid-week we were also a little tired.

But after we slept in a little on Saturday morning we were ready for a fun and busy weekend.   We started off with a trip to the town Christmas festival - Host of Christmas Past.  I'm sure we were quite a sight traveling around town caravan style with two strollers and a Mae in the wrap carrier. 

While we were in town we stopped to visit with Santa.  Both older kids were super excited about it before we got there, but Eli chickened out once he actually saw Santa.  So we settled for a picture of just the girls with Santa Claus.

Then we had an afternoon birthday party and a birthday party again on Sunday.  Brian left Sunday morning for a week long work trip so we had some help from Joey.  It turned out to be an interesting week.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mae's First "Real" Bath

Sometime during all of our sickness, Mae's umbilical cord stump fell off.  That meant that when bath night rolled around again she was able to get her first "real" bath. 

So far, none of my kids are crazy about bath time.  Eli and Ava both like playing in the tub but when it comes to using soap and washing hair, that experience is rarely less than traumatic.  Eli screams bloody murder almost every time we wash his hair - though if you bribe him with ice cream he can be quite cooperative and not scream.  Ava's level of cooperation depends on her mood and how much she happens to feed off of Eli's frenzy. 

So Mae's reaction is not at all uncommon in this house, but I felt I had to document her first 'real' bath even though she wasn't a huge fan. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Eli - 3 years, 42 weeks; Ava - 2 years, 27 weeks; Mae 2 weeks

Sunday morning the kids got up and dove head first into their Halloween stash.

Then we took Mae's newborn pictures.

After we took Mae's newborn pictures on Sunday afternoon, we thought we were headed for our first normal week of work/daycare/maternity leave.  Well, that is what we THOUGHT anyway...

You may remember that the day we brought Ava home from the hospital Eli git bad sick with a stomach bug.  Apparently we needed a repeat of that little memory.  Yes, Sunday night right about bedtime, Eli came down with a fever - YUCK!  So Monday Eli stayed home with me and Mae and Brian and Ava did the work/daycare thing.  We decided to just wait and see if this was a little cold or what, unfortunately the answer was "or what".  Monday night Ava started running a fever as well and Eli's fever hit 103.  Well, I'm good and all but 2 sick kids and a newborn was more ambitious than even I'm willing to be so Brian had to stay home too.  Tuesday morning we loaded everyone in the car and went to town.  I took the oldest two to the doctor and Brian had Mae while he ran a couple errands and generally avoided a bunch of sick people at the doctor's office.

Eli was feeling terrible and even fell asleep in the waiting room. We found out that both kiddos had the flu and were sent home with some Tamiflu (which the kids threw up) to wait it out.  It lasted a good 7 to 10 days and was the middle of the next week before we ventured out of the house again... except for poor Brian who ended up running to town multiple times a day for supplies. 

In order to survive, we set each kiddo up a pallet on the living room floor with toys and a portable DVD player so they could choose their own movies.  Then Brian and I could control the main living room TV and be able to keep an eye on everyone while doing the 8 loads of laundry a day that are needed when you have sick kids.  

After a couple days, the house was trashed.  Every now and then, Eli and Ava would manage to get control of the main TV and we'd end up looking like this. 

The good news is that we did all survive and Mae, Brian and I all managed to avoid catching the flu.   Apparently having sick older siblings is just how we add new babies in this house.  Overall, we handled it better this time than we did the last time.  No one panicked, Brian and I handled all three without too much additional support. (Though by Friday we had Joey come help just to get everyone a new face to look at.)  And, once again, we learned that after having two sick kids and one newborn, handling three healthy kids was going to be possible.  I guess we just have to learn things the hard way! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Mae - 2 weeks old - Newborn Portraits

The day after Halloween, we had a fairly relaxed day at home so I decided to try to get some newborn photos of Mae before she lost that new baby look.  Overall, I don't think we did too bad! At some point, I want to update our family photos but it will probably be spring before I attempt that one! 

We also got some pics of the big brother and sister too!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  This year we had a Jake (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) and a Tinkerbell and then a cute little pumpkin who didn't really dress up.  Since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, we didn't have to rush around trying to get ready after work/daycare.  Yay!  I think we should move Halloween to a Saturday every year. 

We started off the day visiting with Pawpaw Frankie and Granny Debbie.  They brought a few treats with them that were much appreciated.

Then we got dressed up. "Jake" was ready to go!

"Tinkerbell" loves "Jake"!  I bet we see these two posed like this a lot more in the future. 

Then we loaded everyone in the truck for out first outting as a family of 5.  The back seat was super full!

We visited the trunk or treat at a church and then stopped in one more place before going to Joey's to visit with our cousins.  Lots of little goblins! It was rainy and the kids were having a blast so we just hung out and had fun. 

Our littlest pumpkin slept the whole time! 
 Hope you had a fun and spooky Halloween!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Eli - 3 years, 41 weeks; Ava - 2 years, 26 weeks; Mae - 1 week

So here we are - a family of 5!  Eli and Ava are completely in love with their new baby sister.  We had a somewhat calm and somewhat exciting first week at home.  We had visitors 2 days, 1 day of doctor appointments, Halloween on Saturday night, and lots of hustle and bustle trying to figure out how to manage 3 kids with only 2 parents.  Lookout! We are outnumbered.

Ava has decided that she's going to be a super-big helper.  The day after we came home from the hospital she mopped the kitchen floor for me... well kinda.

About mid-way through the week, we did Mae's first at-home sponge bath.  It started out well enough...

but soon, Mae figured out what was going on and decided that she wasn't thrilled about it. 

But most of the week she was pretty chill about this whole big new world thing.

Ava is completely in love and completely dangerous.  She is a little like a drunk sorority chick - she wants to love and cuddle Mae but, unfortunately that means laying all over her.  Ava doesn't realize how much bigger she is than Mae, nor how strong she is, and she lacks the fine motor skills to be as careful or as easy.  Our primary goal is to keep Ava from literally killing Mae with kindness.

Eli is super with Mae and can really be a HUGE help.  He's great at going and getting things and is a pro at gently putting Mae's paci back in her mouth without shoving it in too far or too hard.  He loves her lots, but 95% of the time he's really more interested in what he is playing with or doing than checking out what Mae is doing. 

So overall I guess things are about as normal as we can expect them to be.  We really haven't been trying to keep up with our normal schedule yet and we've been pretty relaxed overall.  We've been letting everyone sleep in and taking Eli and Ava to daycare anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour later than normal.  Next week should be interesting as we try to get Brian back to work and establish a schedule.  We'll see how that goes!