Saturday, December 10, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 35 weeks; Ava - 3 years 20 weeks; Mae - 47 weeks

Sometimes my kids really hate each other... they argue they grumble, they whine, they complain, but then there are the other times.  Fortunately, most times are other times even though the grumbling and fussing feel more prevalent in the day-to-day. 

Eli and Mae are the best little buddies.  Eli knows just how to play gently with Mae and she loves her big brother so much you can just feel her heart smile when he's near. 

Mae loves Ava too, but right now, Eli is definitely her favorite.  It's probably because Ava is still just a little too rough with her.  Ava is the clumsiest child on the face of the earth and has no fine motor skills.  So a large part of the time when Ava is trying to play with Mae, it probably feels more like a bear attack. 

Friday, Brian and I took some time off work to go on an adventure looking for some things for the new house.  We drove to Oneonta, AL to look for some stone for the fireplace.  We didn't end up buying stone for the fireplace, but we did get a great deal on stone to build a round fire pit.  After we picked up the kids we had to spend a while at the farm unloading the stone we bought and unhooking the trailer.  Eli, Ava, and Mae managed to entertain themselves by banging sticks on the trailer and having a little percussion concert.  A great way to end a long work week!


Mae's big breakthrough this week is that she finally figured out how to drink from a sippy cup.  We'd tried several times but she never managed to get anything out of it.  Then, suddenly, she managed to get a sip and it was like she'd struck gold.... orange juice gold!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 34 weeks; Ava - 3 years 19 weeks; Mae - 46 weeks

 Thanks to the labor day holiday, we had a short week.  One morning we had to stop by the farm to talk with our dozer man, Mr. Bennie, and the kids got to watch the dozer and dump truck work for a while.  They thought it was awesome when the dump truck dumped a full load of dirt on the hillside.  They begged to stay and watch longer but we had to get to work and they had to get to daycare.  I have to admit that I could have watched them move that dirt for a long while myself. 

I didn't get a picture of Mae watching the dump truck because she is still rear-facing and we didn't get her out of the car seat.  But here is an extra photo of her from our trip to Spring Valley Beach earlier in the week!

The last thing I have to share is a video of Eli singing his favorite song right now - "Shell Shocked".  He's a great little white-boy-rapper. He routinely entertains us the whole way to/from daycare.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spring Valley Beach 2016

Labor day weekend we made our routine family trip to Spring Valley Beach for a day of fun in the sun.  We rent a pavilion for the day, bring food, and spend some serious time enjoying the sunshine.  As the kids get older they seem to enjoy it more and more. 

This was Mae's first trip and she thoroughly enjoyed it!  She loved splashing in the water and watching the older kids go down the slides. 

 Papa Garro had some riders on his back and is the biggest kid of all!


Eli wanted to stay in the water all day.  As long as he has his puddle jumper on he feels super confident going just about anywhere. 

Eli's cousin Brady happened to be there as well and Eli really enjoyed playing with him.

Audrey was quite the dare devil this year.  She was ready to do all the big slides all by herself!  We got very few pictures of everyone because it took all the grown-ups we had to keep up with all the kiddos!

Cousin Reid joined us as well.  I took this picture right after her dad made her get out of the water and get ready to go home.  As you can tell she was having so much fun she didn't want to leave either but her eyes give away just how tired she was. 

Speaking of tired, by the end of the day Mae couldn't keep going either.  We have a picture of Ava laying on a beach towel in this exact same spot during her first trip.  I guess it's going to be a tradition that during their first trip the little ones take a nap on the picnic table!

When we finished up, Eli and Ava went to spend the night with Grammers.  Brian, Mae, and I went to hang out with Uncle Woo, Aunt Lissa, Haddie and Finley one more night before their labor day party.  All too soon, the fun was over and we had to head back to work.  Hope your labor day weekend was awesome as well! 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 33 weeks; Ava - 3 years 18 weeks; Mae - 45 weeks

One day this week, Eli wanted to wear his hat.  He was so proud that I had to take a picture.

Then over the weekend we spent labor day celebrations with Aunt Lissa, Uncle Woo, Haddie, and Finley.  It was also Auburn's first football game of the season so we had to be appropriately attired.

Eli - 4 years, 32 weeks; Ava - 3 years 17 weeks; Mae - 44 weeks

I didn't get many photos this week.  Fortunately, I did get a video of the older kids and one of Mae playing with her cousin Haddie. 

We had been to visit Granny Reba and Pawpaw John and Mae was playing in the floor with her new baby cousins.  Mae crawled over to Haddie to give her a sweet kiss on the head.  Of course, right after this she wacked poor Haddie right in the head.  

Later in the week, Eli and Ava had a dance party to their favorite song at the moment - "Shell Shocked".  They know every word.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 31 weeks; Ava - 3 years 16 weeks; Mae - 43 weeks

This week we took some time out to take a few pictures of the kids.  At first, the kids weren't thrilled about it but once we got them playing we managed to get a few great shots. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 30 weeks; Ava - 3 years 15 weeks; Mae - 42 weeks

 Mid-week this week we had a surprise almost-family day.  Eli had a random little fever virus and Brian was going to run to the office and then take Eli back home.  But Ava didn't want to go to daycare without her brother so Daddy Softie let her come too.  Then we realized that it would be a good day to go pick out stone for the house and I ended up taking the day off as well.  We went and bought a few light fixtures, dropped some things off for work that I had to take across town, and then drove from Huntsville to Phil Campbell to look at stone.  On the way back, now knowing Eli wasn't really sick and the fever was just a random fever, we found and stopped at a Chick-fil-a with a play place to let the kids play and eat lunch.  By then it was time to stop and get my car and go pick up Mae from daycare. 

So what was Eli and Ava's favorite part of their random day with Mom and Dad?  The vending machine at our office, of course! We let them each pick something out before we left and it was the highlight of their day.  On the way out, Brian went to get the truck and I waited by the front entrance with them and snapped these pictures of them waiting. 

Poor Mae, was stuck at daycare all alone... well her and the 20 other kids that were there.  If we'd had supplies (bottles, diapers, and formula) Brian would probably have brought her too.  But it's much easier to do an unplanned day with kiddos who are potty trained and dang near impossible to be super spontaneous with one that is still taking a bottle multiple times a day.  Regardless, Mae was a happy camper at daycare and avoided spending most of her day in the car.  When we got home, this cutie was ready to eat!

Mae's new favorite game is called empty the thing.  She doesn't care if it's the diaper bag, my purse, a bucket of toys, whatever.  She is going to empty it if she finds it!  Now there are 3 kids dragging things out left and right and only one mommy trying to keep things put away... The struggle is real, people!

The last photo I have this week was taken of Eli before Church on Sunday morning... I have no idea why he is sitting like this but it reminds me very much of something else...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 29 weeks; Ava - 3 years 14 weeks; Mae - 41 weeks

Ava and Eli finally got to go spend a weekend with Grammers.  They were super excited to go and had a blast.  One of their favorite things was getting to go to the splash pad.  As usual, it took Eli a few minutes to warm up to the water.  Unfortunately, about the time they got going good, a thunderstorm came up and they had to leave. 

But with grandmothers, things are different so when the storm passed, they went back. 


Eventually, Eli and Ava got tired and were ready to get some dry clothes.  Then they wanted to go to the playground.  Apparently, Eli wanted to wear his pajamas.  So that's what he did! 

After the playground, they were hot and decided it was time to get back in the water at the splash pad.  Again, when your with a grandparent you can pull that kind of thing off!  Love that these two get to have a super special relationship with their Grammers.  She always has something fun planned.

The next day, Grammers took them to see "Finding Dory" at the movies.  Now that's something that I've never done with them.  She said they did great and were very good and still right up until the end and then the potty trips started.  Don't they look excited with their popcorn and drinks?

Meanwhile, at home with Mommy and Daddy... Mae has discovered this barn toy.  She is loving playing with all the barnyard animals and hearing this barn make noises. 

And if she also happens to be playing with a few of Eli and Ava's toys, we don't have to tell!