Sunday, August 21, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 30 weeks; Ava - 3 years 15 weeks; Mae - 42 weeks

 Mid-week this week we had a surprise almost-family day.  Eli had a random little fever virus and Brian was going to run to the office and then take Eli back home.  But Ava didn't want to go to daycare without her brother so Daddy Softie let her come too.  Then we realized that it would be a good day to go pick out stone for the house and I ended up taking the day off as well.  We went and bought a few light fixtures, dropped some things off for work that I had to take across town, and then drove from Huntsville to Phil Campbell to look at stone.  On the way back, now knowing Eli wasn't really sick and the fever was just a random fever, we found and stopped at a Chick-fil-a with a play place to let the kids play and eat lunch.  By then it was time to stop and get my car and go pick up Mae from daycare. 

So what was Eli and Ava's favorite part of their random day with Mom and Dad?  The vending machine at our office, of course! We let them each pick something out before we left and it was the highlight of their day.  On the way out, Brian went to get the truck and I waited by the front entrance with them and snapped these pictures of them waiting. 

Poor Mae, was stuck at daycare all alone... well her and the 20 other kids that were there.  If we'd had supplies (bottles, diapers, and formula) Brian would probably have brought her too.  But it's much easier to do an unplanned day with kiddos who are potty trained and dang near impossible to be super spontaneous with one that is still taking a bottle multiple times a day.  Regardless, Mae was a happy camper at daycare and avoided spending most of her day in the car.  When we got home, this cutie was ready to eat!

Mae's new favorite game is called empty the thing.  She doesn't care if it's the diaper bag, my purse, a bucket of toys, whatever.  She is going to empty it if she finds it!  Now there are 3 kids dragging things out left and right and only one mommy trying to keep things put away... The struggle is real, people!

The last photo I have this week was taken of Eli before Church on Sunday morning... I have no idea why he is sitting like this but it reminds me very much of something else...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 29 weeks; Ava - 3 years 14 weeks; Mae - 41 weeks

Ava and Eli finally got to go spend a weekend with Grammers.  They were super excited to go and had a blast.  One of their favorite things was getting to go to the splash pad.  As usual, it took Eli a few minutes to warm up to the water.  Unfortunately, about the time they got going good, a thunderstorm came up and they had to leave. 

But with grandmothers, things are different so when the storm passed, they went back. 


Eventually, Eli and Ava got tired and were ready to get some dry clothes.  Then they wanted to go to the playground.  Apparently, Eli wanted to wear his pajamas.  So that's what he did! 

After the playground, they were hot and decided it was time to get back in the water at the splash pad.  Again, when your with a grandparent you can pull that kind of thing off!  Love that these two get to have a super special relationship with their Grammers.  She always has something fun planned.

The next day, Grammers took them to see "Finding Dory" at the movies.  Now that's something that I've never done with them.  She said they did great and were very good and still right up until the end and then the potty trips started.  Don't they look excited with their popcorn and drinks?

Meanwhile, at home with Mommy and Daddy... Mae has discovered this barn toy.  She is loving playing with all the barnyard animals and hearing this barn make noises. 

And if she also happens to be playing with a few of Eli and Ava's toys, we don't have to tell!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 28 weeks; Ava - 3 years 13 weeks; Mae - 40 weeks - "Sucking" Corn

It's corn season and Ava was ready to help Joey put some fresh corn in the freezer to have during the winter.   Ava was really having fun "sucking" corn as she called it.  Papa Rick would cut the end off and Ava would peel away the husks. 

While Ava was working up corn, Eli was busy being a great big brother.  He let Mae watch the Ipad with him and play with his Ninja Turtles.  Mae loved the attention from her big brother!  Eli enjoyed the company (I think) and really enjoyed getting to be a good big brother.

Ava loves her some corn and couldn't wait to eat it.  Ava's favorite type of corn is on the cob.  Joey doesn't typically freeze any corn on the cob because we can get the frozen nibbler ears that are fairly decent.  When Joey went to cut the corn off the cob, Ava panicked and hid a few ears back to have her way. 

This week was Mae's 9 month check-up.  We had a pretty good visit with out doctor and she didn't even have to get any shots!  She weighed in a 20 lb 2 oz and measured 28.5 inches tall with a 45 cm head.  She grew 3 inches in 3 months and was in the high 90s percentile wise for height and weight.  So she has definitely had a growth spurt.  The doctor says she is absolutely perfect... a fact of which we were already well aware. I always try to take some photos at the checkup and this time was no different. She looks so big! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 27 weeks; Ava - 3 years 12 weeks; Mae - 39 weeks

This weekend, Joey and Papa Rick are away for a quick vacation so the house is less full than normal.  Eli and Ava were rummaging around upstairs and found these in Joey's office.  They came running downstairs and said "Guess what we found, Mama?"  Then they jump out holding these.  I'm still not sure exactly what they are, but Eli and Ava thought they were fun! 



Mae has more big new this week, she is officially crawling.  She managed to do some wiggling before, but she has finally gotten moving enough to actually call it crawling.  It looks like she's going to be a belly crawler like Eli was.  I love this little Army crawl.  Ladies and Gentlemen, things are about to get really interesting around here... 3 mobile children will be a new and exciting challenge.

Sorry this video quality is so bad, it happened so quickly all Brian could do was grab his phone.  Then he sent me the video via text and it got compressed to a point that reduced the quality. I'm going to do my best to get his phone and upload a better video. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 26 weeks; Ava - 3 years 11 weeks; Mae - 38 weeks

Brian was away for work this week, so I was a little on my own (with help from Joey) with all three kiddos.  While Brian was away he did the sweetest thing and sent each of our children their own postcard telling them how much he missed them.  They each responded with their own letter back, which we mailed via text message because there wasn't time for snail mail.



While Daddy was away over a weekend, I took on a small bathroom upgrade I'd been promising Joey for a couple years.  Aunt 'Tace and Uncle Scott stopped by to help with some things and to entertain kiddos.


Since Mae is in a very clingy stage, she went with Aunt 'Tace and Uncle Scott for a few hours to give me some extra time for working on our project.  It appears that Mae had a blast!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 25 weeks; Ava - 3 years 10 weeks; Mae - 37 weeks - Happy 4th of July!!!

4th of July festivities arrived and included our bi-annual family reunion.  Eli and Ava got all dressed up in their red, white, and blue.  These two are thick as thieves. 

Ava makes the best faces sometimes!!!  I'm seriously going to turn this into a meme. 

I got to be super-popular at the family reunion!  I had Eli and Ava in line for food and Ashton and Callie decided to join us too.  That's a total of 4 kids to get through the food line.  I accepted the challenge, handed each kid their plate to hold and said a little prayer.  We were at the very end of the line when somebody dropped the plate.  We almost made it; oh, well, maybe next time.

After playing for a while, Audrey and Brady stopped in at Joey's for a rest with Eli, Ava, and Mae while the grown-ups did some things.  We turned on some movie, settled the kids on beds and couches and then got some grown-up things done.  We put Mae in the bed with Brady who wasn't napping but was definitely up for some TV, Ipod, and Mae cuddles time. 

After naps, Audrey wanted to hold Mae.  Someday, Mae will be the one begging to hang out with Audrey.

I have 3 more videos of Mae to share this week.  The first is her having fun in the tub.  Mae has discovered that she can splash and she likes it!

The second video is Mae bouncing in the jumper toy.  I'd been meaning to grab it out of the storage building for a  while and finally remembered to get it.  She is loving being more mobile and jumping around.

The last video is Mae playing with some of the baby toys we have.  She is getting so big and finally beginning to show interest in playing with her toys.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Eli - 4 years, 24 weeks; Ava - 3 years 9 weeks; Mae - 36 weeks

This week we began prepping for an started our 4th of July festivities... This, of course, began with cooking.  Ava loves helping in the kitchen.  One of her favorite things is licking the bowl and spoon after we've mixed up brownies or a cake or something.  She's really good at it too!

After we had our treats made, we headed to uncle Robbie's house for some fun in the sun and a blow-up water slide.

While the big kids played on the slide, our smaller kids played under the shade tent.

Then when the big kids took a break, our kids took over the slide!

Mae loved spending some time outside and got to see lots of her favorite cousins!