Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Letter to Mae on Her 1st Birthday

Hello there, sweet baby girl! 

Do you have any idea how much you are loved? Well just let me show you...

Your brother and sister were smitten with you the first time they saw you.  Well, we all were, but this is by far my favorite picture from the day you were born. 

There was no lack of attention for you as a newborn.  You see, as the 3rd kid, you don't always get the one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy that Eli and Ava did as babies, but you are blessed with two extra people who will fight over you and hang on your every move. 


It didn't take you long to find your smile.  You light up a room with that grin. 

The other good thing about being the 3rd child is that you don't have to wait until you're older to have adventures.  For instance, you went to the circus before you were able to really even know what the circus was. 

And, did I mention that everyone loves your smile and fights over who gets to hold you.  Ava is still learning how to be gentle enough with babies, but she hasn't managed to kill you yet!  And sometimes you even seem to enjoy spending time with her. 


At just 4.5 months old, we made a big move, we sold our house and moved into Joey and Papa Rick's basement.  Here we are on the last day in the old house (your first home).  As always, things were crazy but that is just a way of life for use know.  Adding you took things from rambunctious to crazy and we love that there is rarely a dull moment. 

During our days living in the basement at Joey and Papa Rick's we fear we may have stunted your development just a little.  With 5 people in 750 square feet there wasn't much room for moving around and learning to roll or crawl or walk.  You pulled off rolling and crawling while we were living there even if it was a little later than your brother and sister did.  In any event, you were so loved and doted over that I don't think it did too much harm.

 During the long process of building our forever home you got to see and do a lot.  You enjoyed the swingset during the earliest part of spring and throughout the summer you got to see our house built from the ground up.  


And when Eli and Ava weren't around, you got to play with all the toys.

And you get to eat all kinds of yummy foods!

You also have some big cousins who love you lots. 

But what is most amazing to me is how much your big brother loves you.  He watches after you so closely it's scary.  I hope that he continues looking after you.  He is a worrier so as you get older you'll have to forgive him if he has trouble letting you grow up.  He may not always seem very fun but I promise he will always do his best to keep you safe.  

Your favorite things right now are any kind of food, especially sweets, and belly tickles.  You love to giggle when somebody gets your tummy.  You and I have a rule that if I see your belly button while changing your diaper or something that you have to get belly tickled.  You love it when I say "I see your belly!" because you know it means tickles are coming. 

I hope from all these pictures you can see that there are some real advantages to being the 3rd child.  You have so many more people to love you and look after you and you get to go and experience all kinds of fun things.  There isn't anything Mommy and Daddy wouldn't do for you, sweet one.  We can't wait to watch you grow and start keeping up with Eli and Ava.  We know you will and that one day you'll probably be ring leader.  For now though, just enjoy being little.  Time moves so fast and I'm sure one day I'll turn around and you won't be a baby anymore... you're not really a baby now, but I can still pretend. 

Love You to the Moon and Back,

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