Friday, January 13, 2017

Eli - 4 years, 36 weeks; Ava - 3 years 21 weeks; Mae - 48 weeks

So Brian was out of town for the week this week so I was single-momming it up.  Have I mentioned that we are trying to sell my car so it is on a car lot in town and our family is down to one vehicle - Brian's large diesel truck.  I'm not thrilled with having nothing else to drive much less only having one car between us.  But it's what we're doing right now and it's only temporary so we're making it work.

With Brian out of town, this week got interesting fast.  I was on my way home from work one night and noticed the truck displaying the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Low message.  I texted Brian and asked if it was a problem and apparently it is.  It seems that if it runs out or gets to a certain point the truck either won't run or will limit you to like 10 mph or something.  So I had to rectify that situation PRONTO!  Since we live in the middle of nowhere and there wasn't a place to stop on the way home, that meant an extra hour of driving after picking the kids up.  So after I got the kids we just stayed on the road and headed into town to pick up some of this DEF stuff.  The kids were less than thrilled with our little excursion so to make it better we grabbed some Cheetos at the gas station on the way into town and a milkshake after our errand was done.  I think it helped improve their attitudes and I didn't have to feed them supper after that! See what a good mom I am?

It was this day that we learned that Mae really loves Cheetos!  She ate quite a few of them and did just fine getting them down with her couple of little teeth. 

Later in the week, Eli had a doctor's appointment so he had to travel with me to work first thing in the morning.  We had a few extra minutes to kill and Eli loves rockets.  So I stopped by the Space and Rocket Center just to let him get a quick look from the parking lot.  He loved it!  We'd looked at it from the interstate driving through town a few times before and he's always very interested.  Getting up close was even better!  Some day we're going to have to go back when we can really spend some time looking at all the exhibits. 

Well that's about it for this week.  Be back soon with another update.

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