Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mae's 1st Birthday Party

For Mae's first birthday we had a farm-theme party at Uncle Woo's lakeside pavilion.  It's really a neat setup with plenty of shade and even a TV so we could have the football games on.  It was a gorgeous day (although a little windy) and everything turned out wonderfully.  Aunt 'Lissa even made her a cow shirt with her name on it!

Because we were so far away from home, we couldn't use our regular birthday cake lady :(.  However, Brian's wonderful mom found someone to do our cake and it was adorable and yummy.  She even made a separate smash cake for Mae.



Our menu consisted of veggie straws, homemade bread (made by my mom), pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets, chex mix, a fruit tray, and hay bales (Rice Crispy treats). 

Of course on a warm day by the lake we had to have some water bottles to match our theme.


Mae enjoyed her cake but wasn't a huge fan of being messy when it was cake time.  Probably because I still tend to feed her rather than let her do it herself.  So after a few minutes we moved on to presents. 


After a few minutes we had to enlist the help of the older kids to get all the gifts opened. 


After presents, most everyone left and we hung out by the lake for a while longer and watched the Auburn football game.  Sometime early in the game, Mae decided that she was ready to eat some more cake.  So that's what we did!

It was a great day.  Thanks to everyone who came and to all the grandparents for helping get things ready.  And a special thank you goes out to Uncle Woo, Aunt 'Lissa, Haddie, and Finley for letting us invade their home for the weekend and use their wonderful pavilion.  It made for a very special day.

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