About Us

Our first Iron Bowl together... Nov '05

Brian and I met in August of 2004 while attending Auburn University (wow that seems like forever ago now!!!). One of my wonderful sorority sisters introduced us and it was pretty much love at first sight. From that moment on we took every opportunity to spend time together. In August 2007 we married in my home town of Fayetteville, TN.


At our wedding reception.
We've pretty much covered all the bases of the marriage vows (better, worse, richer, poorer, sickness, health, etc.) in just 7 short years.  All in all, we've shared a college experience, found and lost jobs (more finding than loosing thankfully), welcomed multiple nieces and nephews, and even survived a brain tumor and subsequent surgery.

Vacation cruise to Mexico

We've gone to countless Auburn football games, watched our team win a national title (though we were in separate states while watching the game), we've been on vacations and getaway weekends, we've been whitewater rafting, coon hunting, and on multiple other adventures. Hey, for us, going to Home Depot can even be an adventure (but that's a story for another day!).

Brian and I are both Civil Engineers who are currently working for the Army Corps of Engineers. Brian primarily works in range design and I specialize in explosives safety. We frequently travel for work, though never together, but are very happy and content to have such wonderful jobs that provide us the opportunity to see new places. Plus, occasionally, I get to blow something up!!!

Project time - Brian likes the
rented skid steer

We find lots of projects to keep us busy outside of work.  Brian has a collection of old cars that he loves to work on, I'm always doing something around the house or in the yard (gardening, cooking, cleaning, scrapbooking, crafts, etc.), and just when we think we're going to spend a quiet evening at home, something comes up and we hit the road again.  Did I mention that we love Auburn football and try to get season tickets every year? We have 4 dogs (2 inside, 2 outside) and
enjoy spending time with family (which keeps
us on the road to Birmingham a good bit), and,
occasionally, we like getting away for some
much needed alone time.  

Our first two "babies" the inside dogs, Spankie (back) and Rocky (front)
In January of 2012 we welcomed our first child into the world, a baby boy named Eli.  We quickly followed Eli up with a baby girl named Ava in April 2014.  Becoming parents has changed our lives in ways we never could have imagined. 

Our lives are incredibly chaotic with two little ones running around.  We rarely sleep through the night, we are at the constant beck and call of the pint size dictators (they think so anyway), and our hearts are more full of love than we could ever have imagined before.  Our house is never clean (the kids make sure of that) and things that seem perfectly crazy to other people are completely normal to us.  Very little is surprising to us anymore.  Raising two very active children who are just 15 months apart in age will do that for you.


I often say we live a pretty normal life and am reminded by Brian that with us nothing is ever normal.  Who wants to be normal anyway?

So that's us,...just a couple of people trying to figure out how to balance life, love, work, parenting, and everything else as we go and enjoying every singly minute.